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An entry...duh!

So since my last entry, nothing exciting has happened...a shock?!

Went home last weekend, sorta spur of the moment. And i went home to...guess....Thats right do nothing...I did get a haircut though, and beat Buffy: Chaos Bleeds.

Came back on Sunday..stayed up til like 5 am talking to Dana and other people...slept til like 2 oclock LOL...O well no classes :D...sat around alll day and did nothing exciting...I talked to Heather forever and like 130 this morning I decided to watch Pirates of the Carribean...went to bed

Today i woke up late again, but was allowed due to no classes on tuesday/thursday. So i was talking for like ages with some friends online...then i went to Michaels and bought more lanyarn for keychains =p...went to FYE and bought sone cds and DVDs =)...came back and did nothing =) time to do nothing =p

nothing else planned for the week...I need excitement

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