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Wii Fit-ting

So i got Wii Fit for christmas, which i was extremely happy about...and ive been working with it alot...so far since christmas i have lost 4 lbs from the 13 i wanna lose, have a healthy BMI and apparently have a Wii Fit Age of 24!!!! Im sooo excited about that!!

I need a wii fit icon, and then maybe i should start reading the Nicholas Sparks book i got for christmas!!

Simpson update is coming up in a few minutes

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simplyn2deep January 9th, 2009
that's awesome! I want the Wii (and Wii fit) but the only way I'll get one is to buy it myself :(

leenygirl January 9th, 2009
Me and my sister are thinking about going halfsies on a Wii, then I want to get Wii Fit for me and Mom. I think it would be fun and better then just the treadmill all the time.

bartinigirl03 January 9th, 2009
I have been trying to find one everywhere.

timberho January 9th, 2009
try: www.itrackr.com It updates when stores in your area get them. You can track wii and wii fit.

bartinigirl03 January 9th, 2009
I actually was able to pick one up today.

minotaurus January 9th, 2009
I got a Wii Fit age of 33. :(((((

I like how you can set really fucked up goals like losing 100 pounds when you're below 200, or gaining 200 when you're above that. YES WII FIT I WANNA BE ANOREXIC AND/OR A FATTY

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