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The Simpson Legacy 4.4

Incest #6: Hitting on your cousin is just plain nasty!!

Drew: Thats why i should be heir, no hitting on cousins for me.
Me: Really nice try Drew, But Dionysus won the poll!

Its a kicky bag Delilah can play in those shoes is beyond me!!! Whats the prize in this anyway?!

LOL So i get the gypsy ball for the "heir" dorm. Darcy is rolling all the kiss wants, flirt wants blah i take a spin on it. This dude has hit up 3 generations of Simpsons. The guy on the end however is an aged up townie kid, so lets give him a spin.

Incest #7: I will not hook you up with your cousin, no matter how much chemistry you have!!
Me: Plus, i already have your spouse picked out!

Damn Drew moves fast...already talking about handcuffs...i can only imagine what hes actually saying.

This beauty is Marion Flynn. I had mates all picked no matter who won the heir poll, except for Dallas. Marion here got assigned to Drake.

Random Dormie: Why does he get the pretty girl?
Me: Cuz Im SIMGOD!! My sims get who i want, Dormies get crap!

Taylor: youre brother has some nice curves on him.
Drake: Thats a bit TMI for me, but hes inside if you wanna go tell him.

Taylor: Can you help me think up some creative lines for him?
Drake: *gives flirt tip to Taylor*
Darcy: Om Nom Nom!

Me: No way buddy boy, you did not just get a crush on your cousin!!
Dionysus: *looks away*

Darcy got her first kiss from Peter!! I always feel bad that they didnt get their first kiss in their teens, but i just wanted them in the dorm...damn house started to lag with so many sims.

Drew: Say sexy, what do you wanna do tonite?
Taylor: I wanna study with someone. Especially if its with Topless Tutors!

(a/n: If Delilah had won, the blonde behind Drew woulda been spouse.)

Marion: I totally wanna kiss you, and do other things.
Drake: Do go on!!
Delphina: Why cant i call up the hott guy from my childhood and get it on?!

Dionysus here is on the phone with the frat placeholder, Christine...get the relationship up before we ask to join...

..but i also had him call up his future wife, Ms. Britney Spears!!

Dionysus: Hey girl, totally dialed you by accident, but you wanna go get some alien love?
Me: Real smooth there Dionysus.
Dionysus: She said yes!
Me: *checks bolts* Damn, she does what you!

Time to join the frat and get the fuck out of the dorm.

Well gee...theres a shocker folks! Dionysus was successful in joining the frat!!

I love it, he lands on the lot and goes "I Want a Date!!" So i call up Britney for a date.

Dionysus: *pimp walks*
Britney: *waits to be macked on*

Awww First kiss!! I love this cut scene.

Dionysus: you look beautiful tonite!
Britney: I love you too.
Dionysus & Britney: Wait what?!

Christine: *mumbles* I will marry back into that legacy house! They are loaded!! *goes to poison food*

This bitch fucking stalks her man!! (A/N: If photobucket becomes a tool and takes down this picture...Britney stalked Dionysus into the bathroom...hes in the shower.)

Dionysus: Hey hun, want a backrub?
Britney: OMG! Yes! Touch me!!!
Me: OMG! Shes psycho!!

Hey buddy...youre doin it wrong!!

*cues up porn music*

Dionysus: Hey hun, i had a bla...
Britney: OMG! I Love You!!! *smooches*

Me: What do you think youre doing?!
Dionysus: putting out a TRO against the psycho you had me go out with last nite!
Me: No TRO!! You call up your future wife and get her back here!! I promise you will get lots of sex.
Dionysus: So if i marry her, ill get alot of sex? Ill do it!!

Dionysus: Hey giiiirl!! Damn i have a package to deliver to you...
Mail woman: Thats nice, but do you have your cousins phone number..shes really hott!
Dionysus: Oh....OOOOOH! ok!

Dionysus..he may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but i love him.

Dionysus: OMG! *smooches* I MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH!
Britney: Damn, i figured i scared him off already!!

Dionysus: So i was thinking about the last time you came by...
Britney: Ooo ya baby...

Dionysus: you definitely look better with your clothes off.
Britney: could say the same for you

(So im not good with the cheesy pick up lines, sue me)

Christine here is chatting up some strange girl on the internet...i cant for the life of me remember.

Red Hearts...Thats a really good sign
Britney: He showed me his cock on the sidewalk...its really big

Wow a want for engagement, well you dont have to ask me twice.

Dionysus: Well the guy over there is really hott too.
Britney: You want a threesome?! Can we videotape it?

Dionysus: You boobs are perfect!! Lets get married!!
Britney: Uh ok?! You are rich right?!

Eat me Photobucket!! This picture isnt showing anything!!

She looks terrified, doesnt she? Shes learning cleaning LMAO!!

Dionysus: Hey Hott stuff, wanna sit on my lap?!
Ricky: OMG! RAEP!!!
Dionysus: :( *emos*

Dionysus: Have you not heard how big my pocket rocket is?
Ricky: Its big eh? ++

Eating moldy food = food poisoning...Christine apparently didnt get her fathers brains!!

Christine: OMG! You bitch!! You broke my fucking nose!?
Maggie: I know, im awesome right!!
Christine: if you dont leave now, youre gonna become hamburgers!!

Britney: *cuddles*
Dionysus: Damn im one hott bastard arent i?!

Apparently Christine does wanna turn Maggie into hamburgers, or at least grilled cheese.

Dionysus: Diane, you look wonderful, and youthful.
Dionysuss brain: *OH SHIT! IM ENGAGED!!*

Well the romance sim needs to stay fit i guess?!

Diane: You really are too pretty. You sure you dont have any friends?

Britney: Well i have Ball Of Stink!!
Ball Of Stink: :D

Dionysus: Ball of Stink, why am i engaged to a psycho?
Ball Of Stink: D:

Me: Bitch, you better haul hoof before Christine finds you! And WTF, GO HOME!!

Will you come join my legacy one day, and bless me with red hair?!

Like i said, the bitch will stalk him everywhere!!! Except when they are at class.

But when shes at class, he has the golden opportunity to go macking. He gets Bodie Lynn from the good old wishing well.

And Bodie returns the favor by grabbing a hunk of Dionysus.

*puts on track 2 of porn music album*

Sweet! he finished his term paper just in time for his final.

He came back with an A+ for the semester and released some fireflies that i found hanging out on the lot.

The following day, Britney goes to class, and Dionysus takes another shot at the well. Damn didnt Callum bang him in Twikki Island?

BV Townie: Its getting really hott in here.
Dionysus: Nah! Thats just me.

Yes, Dionysus is getting more ass than a donkey farm, can you blame him?

So Britney has a LTW for 50 Dream dates...hello Daniel Simpsons LTW... same asp as daniel and everything. I think this may be #3 of her Dream Dates.

school spam.

Dionysus: So Drew, you wanna join the frat?
Drew: OK do i get my own room?
Dionysus: Yup you can invite over Taylor!

Well #3 brings us Craig Dorsey!! I do love him!

He even comes with could you not love Craig with braces?

Then he beds his fiancee...god damn hes getting action.

Another dream date for Britney.

So i decided that Drew was gonna graduate, and Drake was gonna be frat holder. So he joins the frat too...but DAMN! My game makes up some pretty townies.

Dionysus: Hey Daisy, i dont really care about your idea to kill dad and get an engaged!!

Me: Excuse me Dionysus, what do you think your doing with Ivan??

So apparently Dionysus took out Ivan's virginity...then i finally found out about an inteen update with i saved and installed it.

Dionysus: you are just really hott, wanna do it again?
Ivan: Absolutely!!


Me: DAMN IT!!! Dionysus you better be prepared, you have 2 days to do a year and a half of Uni!! you will not give birth in Uni!!!

Dionysus: I think i may be pregnant?!
Ivan: Well i see im not gonna get any more tonite.

Drew: Is she almost done? I wanna type up my term paper.
Britney: Sorry just started typing mine.
Me: Sorry Drew, but she needs to speed up her coursework too.

Ivan: *thinks* Damn Dionysus has a great ass!!
Me: D: youve been deflowered!

Dionysus: By the way hunny, I think im pregnant with our child
Ivan: Thats nice. Damn is that David Beckhams armani spread?!

Happy streaker came by just to remind me that he needs to be married in soon.

Britney: Why is chess so hard?
Me: Cuz it requires you to think, which you really havent been doing.

Christine: Hey president of this frat here, and was just wondering if you had met Dionysus?
Random Dormie #3: No i dont think i have, but nice to meet you.

So, Dionysus had pesky wants to fall in love with Christine, woohoo Christine blah blah Christine. So i gave in...rampaging sex for him.

Ricky gave in finally too...Dionysus got himself some more tail. I want his damn skills.

Professor: you know, if you sleep with me, ill give you an A!
Everyone: *study study study*

So Dionysus finally became a senior... he pops.
Dionysus: Damn i am pregnant! Im gonna be a dad.
Me: Well you always were gonna be a dad.

I had Drew here call the matchmaker, just to see if we could get soeone else besides Taylor.

Matchmaker: I need money for a date.
Drew: *gives 5 grand*

Matchmaker: I can see your loser date.

Drew: Shit hes ugly, isnt he?
Professor Ghost: Booga Booga!
MM: *has heart attack*

These 2 are just sickeningly cute!! I love em.

Drew finally caved to Taylor too...

...really caved. Geez i need to turn down ACR.

Sweet, no uni babies!! *moves Dionysus back home*

Britney: So i finished my term paper, can i graduate yet?
Me: Gotta go to your last final but sure

Drake shows what he can do, for my viewing pleasure, and yours!!! Go pin him up on your walla now ladies!!!

Britney transitions, and wow its actually a great outfit for her.

- Thanks to leenyland for the founder of my wonderful legacy!!
- Thank you to all my readers. I know i havent commented on the last 2 updates, but the words mean alot to me!!
- Next update...gen 5 WOW!!!
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