TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Sim Experimenting part 1

So I decided after much ideas from quintcia/rikkulidea to have my self sim have some babies...but which one to have a baby many men that i absolutely adore. Theres Ivan Laurince, Brent Deline, Rhys Laroux, Aidan Roberts and River Nota. So i decided, with the help of the insim, that i should have a baby with each one.

Heres me..after popping out my 5 kids

Here's Aidan with our son, Donovan

Ivan with our daughter, Hannah

Brent with our daughter, Naomi

River with our daughter, Natalia

and Rhys with our son, Landon

Top to bottom, left to right:
Landon, Naomi, Hannahs profile, Natalia, Donovan, Hannah face shot

Top to bottom, left to right
Hannah, Natalia, Landon, Naomi, Donovan

Gotta say, they are some damn cute kids
Tags: experiment, simself

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