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(no subject)

If you'd like to delurk and say hi, do so! This will not cause me to expect comments all the time either. XD (...the grammar of that sentence is somehow screwed up but I cannot figure out how! D: D: D:)

Also. I do not bite. ;)

And I have to say that that image makes me think of stripper day instead of delurk day. *shifty eyes*

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Also. I do not bite. ;)

What a shame! :-P



Well why wouldn't I!?! They rock!!!


I don't lurk! I just use my other journal. It's weird posting when I can't post with a purty man icon. :/

Haha well, I do have lots of pretty mens that you made me so we can have some eye candy

I'm making Narnia icons while I play Sims. I'm multi-tasking like you wouldn't believe. So moar men! w00t. Then I'm going to make some McSteamy icons because I need some.

Haha narnia icons LOL, I much rather prefer kellan and eric dane to narnia tbh

haha, well I agree. But I really love the Narnia movies so I'm making Prince Caspian icons. I need to screencap Grey's Anatomy yet and I can't do that until I'm done with the Sims for the day.

Lol you aren't allowed to stop playing til you get an update together

Lol then I guess I have to

(Deleted comment)
I actually have not yet, I need to go trolling your journal anyway

I wonder if that dude is naked under his coat.. ;)

Sure doesn't make me think of delurking day lol

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