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So my awesome dad went out today and got me a laptop...so of course i nopw need to customize it to my own liking

Can anyone either make or point me in the direction of either a Kellan Lutz or David Beckham wallpaper???

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lauriethemuppet January 19th, 2009
Point me to some pictures you'd like and I'd be happy to oblige Mike <33333

kingmike1224 January 19th, 2009

its_davy_baby January 19th, 2009
Must be nice to have an awesome dad. :-/

feenie January 19th, 2009
I can't believe your daddy bought YOU a laptop for no reason. How much whining did you do? lol

kingmike1224 January 19th, 2009
none, he saw i didnt come home with one on sat and saw a good deal one on yesterday

feenie January 19th, 2009

which means you whinged & whined when you got home without one. lol

kingmike1224 January 20th, 2009
lol i didnt have enough time to, i came home, got changed and went to work :p

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