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The Simpson Legacy 5.1

Dionysus: Damn my fiancee is hott

So, all my heirs have had an evil witch/warlock as the heir...Dionysus will be no exception. Bevin will make sure of that!!!

Me: OMG!!! Belly Rub!!!! Sweet!!!

So, i just couldnt handle all the sims making the lot drag so much...Since Carters kid is heir, Catalina and Callum and spouses...GTFO!!

And Carter scores LTW #2...i dunno, i cant remember his third LTW.

Carter: Welcome home son, it looks like college has been good to you.
Dionysus: yup, youre gonna be a grandpa.

Dionysus: OMG hunny, come move in with me and have my children.
Britney: OK
Britneys brain: *OMG! What have i done?!*

Dionysus: Look hunny, im still flexible.
Britney: Daaaaamn Hunny thats great!!!
Britneys Brain: OMG im joining this family o.0*

So im obsessed!! I just love this action. SUE ME!!

*cute wedding spam*

And labor!! Dionysus goes and gets his birth on.

Its a girl, Ivans skin, Dionysuss hair, and both their eyes. Her name is Eliza.

Awwww snuggling. He loves his baby.

Everyone: OOOOOO Baby!!!
Bevin: GOD im a great grandmother and im still kickin. Im awesome!!

Ok its not often a pleasure sim rolls THAT want, so get busy guys!!

And good thing Dionysus is a romance sim, he just rolls wants to woohoo...which just leads to try for baby!.

So, no career LTW...She gets something i havent had yet...and i wasnt going to get another media magnate!!

Britney: There is some kinky porn on this computer..Is that my father in law?
Me: Probably, hes bedded a slew of the town.
Britney: Damn i need sex!!

Bevin finally accomplishes her mission of turning Dionysus evil, and im happy.

Dionysus: Sweet! Im a warlock...and i know a spell!! *is giddy*

Not to be outdone, and to have the epic romance of my founder, Britney is turned into a good witch. They better be as epic as Daniel and Rochelle...they are my OTP!!

Witchcraft really is rampant in this family. I love how i have good witches and evil witches and everyone gets along...even with Ms 0 nice points cackling over there.

Heres the happy witchy couple, studying to get their magestivism spell, notice Dionysus has the evil witch tone.

So i was trying out different skin tones, and you will probably see them change in this and the next update. Craig Dorsey is totally strutting his stuff.

Dionysus: So you know i totally wanna kiss you..
Craig: Is that all you wanna do?

I guess not, you have no shame do you!!!

Bevin also moved in her woohoo-buddy Clayton, and they just hang out and play games all day, meanwhile they both OTH sports.

Carter: Dont you think that you can just walk into my house and get my son pregnant?
Craig: I dont plan on him being pregnant.

Marlon just continues to show how awesome he is by LTW-ing again. this is LTW #5 for him. His next one is to be Media Magnate. God damn everyone wanting to be a Media Magnate.

Britney pops...

...while Dionysus hurls. Greeeeeeat~ 2 pregnant sims in the house at the same time.

Britney: OMG! Theres so many positions we havent tried yet!
Ghost: OMG!! I hate Clayton

(LOL so i dont know who the ghost is)

LOL she can't take care of herself, and shes pregnant...we have issues people!!

Annnnd she wakes up to pee herself. Good Job!! You are going to be a wonderful parent.

Bevin: So this is the bearer of my great grandchildren?? She cant even control her bladder.
Orlando: God, isnt she housebroken yet?!

LOL yet Dave cant find a bed. Every bed in the damn house is empty, and he passes out in the bathroom.

Bevin: There isnt enough puppy dog tails to make the little boys yet
Me: Yo, Bevin...totally wrong thing to be saying...make something useful, like a lamp.
Bevin: Ok i guess

Dionysus pops, its official...Craig Dorsey is gonna be a daddy too.

Britney: OMG! My gay father in law is hott!!

But he just loves to watch his mother dance with her ~lovah~

Pregnant man walking!!

Christine was stuck in eternal adult hood anyway, so i made her a vamp as gave Cliff some asp points :)

Marlon did me a favor though. With my new vampire hack that will kill people, this fuggo who is given the last name of Carter, must DIE!!!

And well, Cliff kinda lightened up the house by killing off Clayton...Bevin didnt seem to broken up about it.

Gene, however, isnt happy about being dead, and her being alive. So he kinda likes to scare her.

Bevin: Why cant i feel my pulse

He saved her, and they had woohoo.

Awwwww Eliza looks adorable y/y? But still not what im looking for.

2nd pop for Britney, cant you tell shes excited
Britney: OMG! THAT HURT!!

Bevin: Say baba
Eliza: FUCK NO!

Eliza breaks down with her bad self though.

These 2 are pretty close. How could you not be?

I totally forgot about the voodoo doll, so i have Carter here use it on Orlando...

...with nice results...damn Carter you dont need more lovers.

Remember this guy here, he's the legacy bike. Every heir has gotten it on with him. Thats a small challenge i will be sure to win. 4/4 so far.


Dionysus pops too...making me realize its close to 2 baby times.

Ummm interesting...

Marlon: I want another baby, and Carter hasnt touched me.
Cliff: Damn hes better in bed than my wife.

Marlon was always a great parent...I guess thats why i love him sooo much.

And Legacy Bike gets down with another Legacy sim...he gets around fast.

Carter: Thanks.

Marlon: Oh Shit! Can i be a pregnant vampire?! I thought they couldnt have babies!!! DAMN YOU SMEYER!!!

Baby Time!!!!

Heres the winner of the genetic lotto. Emmett Cullen Simpson has alien skin, brown hair and brown eyes. The only genetic i was waiting for was MALE.
Me: Hey Brit, you may wanna lay off the drugs there hun.

Marlon: *gags a lil*
Cliff: Hey you want some scrambled eggs.


Dionysus: So i know im pregnant and all, but can i fertilize your eggs.
Britney: I was waiting for you to ask.

Again, thats for me!! MMMMMMM!

Me: Good Boy Dionysus...get your little girl potty trained.

Me: Probably better if you showed her that you could use a toilet though.

Labor time, and Ball Of Stink has come to help!!!

One boy, named, of course, Edward. He takes all after Craig unfortunately.

And Marlon officially pops. So this is baby actually has no link to Dionysus at all.

Cliff: So youre pregnant again Marlon. What you hoping for.
Marlon: a baby?!

Dave: Hi little grandbaby!! I cant wait to see you!!
Marlon: *shit he thinks its Carters*

Its getting full again!!! Thats not a good sign!

Marlon finally caught Carter cheating with the butler and decided to take care of it (i was actually getting tired of him coming around anyway)

We end as Death comes for Orlando. What will happen next time?? Who knows.
Marlon: God Can this be over yet?!

- Thanks to leenyland for my founder
- Thanks to dothesmustle for the teaser
- Im sory the update sucked, but I had started to get tired of the house and its been sitting on my computer for like a month.
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