TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

The Simpson Legacy 5.2

Me: Ummm guys, youre both married. Why continute on with the affair?!

So game, you tried to bring an ugly butler into my house!!! Ill show you what happens when you do that.

Go Bevin!!! Maxing creativity, all skills and enthusiasm in music all at once. You is the bitch to beat!!! Also note, Britney is popping in the background.

Bevin: Well, Im awesome, bring me a hott man!!
Well: *drops off Chase Fox*

Chase: Babe you some fine piece of woman
Bevin: *plays grab ass*

Marlon just rocks my socks...Hes hott and the most successful sim ive ever had!!!

Me: Dave, I wouldnt do that. Cliff may cause you to have a heart attack.
Dave: Cliff would never do that to me. We have a special bond.
Me: Both of you banging Bevin is not a bond!!! Half the town has had her.

Party Time..its also Edwards birthday, so why not invite their other parents?

This picture would make a great wallpaper. Four generations of Carters for one party.

Elizas pretty awesome. Not Gonna Lie!!!

And heeeeeeeeres Emmett. Total cutie!!! No ugly sims yet for me :)

Great Britney!!! Way to ruin a fucking party by dying!!!

Dionysus: OMG! Grim, please dont take my wife!!
Craig: Daaaamn, Dionysus is fiiiiine!!
Britney: *is dead*

Dionysus: SWEET!!! I WON!!!!!
Grim: Damn, she deserved to die. Damn womanizer song.
Bevin: Excellent, my plan is working!!!!

And Edward grew up too!! He has a unique hairstyle.

LOL i dont even know whos in this photobooth....thats how bad ACR is.

Emmett looks 10 times better with his makeover, wouldnt you agree?

Marlons second trimester starts, happy aint he?!

Edward, post makeover. Now he looks all emo.

And Eliza looks adorable while she hangs out with Emmett. :)

Me: Hey Cliff, whatcha doin?
Cliff: Fucking piece of shit needs to step off!!
Me: Say wha?!

Eliza here brings home some random townie slut kid who flashes her goodies to anyone who wants to look.

So i moved them to a new house. The old one was getting a bit laggy for me.

Cliff: HAI!!! Im kinda smoldering here!!!
Me: Why cant you be quiet like Marlon...i still need to put your coffins on the lot.

Bevin hit up the well again, and gets Hott Hyde Emery!!!

And woohoos him fast!!! Hey, shes the one who wants the 30 loves, not me.

Marlon here only used his coffin for like 2 hours til he popped out in labor.

GOD!! Finally a green eyed baby. Her name is DJ (ya i was watching Full House :p)

Me: You know what happens when you peek through that telescope, right?!
Britney: I see the hott blonde cop stripping in his apartment?
Me: Well yes, but that leads to the hott cops wife to come over and bitchslap your ass.
Britney: She can bring it. Ill bitchslap her ass to Strangetown.

Britney: Say mommy hunny.
Emmett: No you bitch!
Me: o.0

Dave: you know i used to feed you the same way when you were a baby!!
Dionysus: Thats great grandpa, if you dont mind, Edward needs a bath.

And needs to become radioactive as well apparently. But he knows how to walk now.

I swear, at this point i dont even remember whos woohooing unless i see a picture of them beforehand. I think this was MArlons birthday gift to Carter.

cuz its Carters birthday today.

Of course we all knew, hed grow up awesome, Mr midlife LTA platinum.

Cliff: So id really like to have more kids
Marlon: You could talk me into another kid.

And talk him into it he does. Go Cliff.

Bevin: Say grandma, sweetie.
Emmett: FUCK NO!
Me: Be nice, Grandma is awesome!!

So Britney, the dim bulb herself lost a logic point, however, EA loses like 12 because seriously, I doubt Britney is a man!

Emmett and Edward are celebrating their birthday again, and where is Dionysus you ask?

Screwing Craig Dorsey in the hot tub, sounds fair. The Roberts/Simpsons have a history of birthday woohoos.

Emmett grows up cuter...i cant wait until he hits teen.

And DJ grew up too. Shes precious.

And heres Edward...happy little fellow isnt he?!

DJ: I love my daddy!!
Cliff: Thats my little genius.

Me: Wait!! A Romance sim wants a kid?@! Since when!!!!

Craig: I remember when you took my virginity back in college.
Dionysus: That was awesome!!!

Awwww Carter is paying attention to his grandson, more attention than he got from Daniel, or Bevin did to Dionysus.

*purrs* Hes hott!!!

Britney: Awww arent you adorable??
DJ: DADDY!!!!!!!!

Even with me, I dont even wanna know whats going on here in the picture.

Edward: You know im going to be heir right?! Everyone loves me!!
Emmett: Well see Edward, Well see.

Marlon: God, I think im pregnant again!!!

Dionysus: ...the end.
Emmett: Read it again daddy!!
Dionysus: Ive read it 4 times already, no more tonite.

These two would run a functional household by themselves, wouldnt they?

Britney: Im hungry.
Me: Well go cook yourself a meal and eat!!!

Apparently before this shot, Britney had given birth....The baby Dionysus is puttin in the crib is Ethan.

And Dionysus dies of starvation because he was too obsessed with the baby to actually eat.

Oooo ya, this just screams win. Britney laughing that her husband is dead.

Not surprisingly, she lost. Just look at the horror on her face. I know your secret bitch!!!

Well that explains your hunger...but ummm WHEN THE FUCK YOU GET PREGNANT!!!!!

Bevin cant believe that Dionysus is gone. She burst out into tears. I didnt think you guys were that close Bevin.

No Bevin!! Bad Bevin!!! Please do not go pedo-ing!!!

She done went pedo-ing...God i wish the cops would arrest her...shes some sort of sexual predator.

Eliza: I cant believe my dad is dead. My witch of a step mom wont let me go live with my other dad either. *smaches dollhouse*

Bitch, can you lay off the drugs til the kid can actually ask someone for his food?

Britney then suddenly died...i dont know why though. She came home from work and poof she went.

Do you see how sad she is to be leaving my nutty houses?!

DAMN!!!! 32 people...i cant wait to see what Bevins pays out when and if she passes on.

To keep Cliffs mind at ease, Marlon drags him to help teach the kids how to do their homework. He hasnt burst into tears yet.

Though my poor Bevin has...Shes crying over losing her sister. :'(

Me: Cry Softly?! WTF!! Why are we crying for Britney?!

Oh cuz the bitch starved to death. Good job there, Britney.

No one could get to grim to plead for Britney either, so she was an unfortunate accident. Shes been interred in the family graveyard next to her husband.

And Ethan finally gets to have his birthday!!!

And grew up into that heinous hair?! Why is that in my game?!

Eliza: OMG!! I dreamt my baby brother grew up into a heidious outfit and hair
Me: Nope: He did, but i took care of it!! You can go back to sleep now.

Me: Thanks for the free shit, but who the fuck is Joanna??

Emmett woke up to find out that his mom died. Thats gotta be a heartbreak for the poor kid.

Cliff: How dare you leave me Britney? How am i supposed to live without you here.
Me: Well you could just continue screwing Marlon if you want.

Carter: Arr! Matey, shiver me timbers. Show me your booty!
Marlon: Ya that never gets old! Leaving now!

Cliff: Peek-a-boo I see you!!!
DJ: Daddy!!!!

Isn't he just awesome??

Emmett: Hey Ethan!! Want the horsie!!
Emmett: Nope you cant have it.
Horse: you will be killed.

LOL Carter gets stuck pottytraining his grandson...Well his dad woulda done it if you had saved his ass!!

Carter: What smells so bad in here??
Me: No clue dumbass!!

Marlon: I think im pregnant.
Me: Didnt we establish this somewhere before?

And the belly proves it. Marlon is the father :p ILU Maury.

Me: I see you sneaky bitch...dont go tiptoeing on my property to give Ethan a lamp!!!

So, Bevin rolled the want to have a bad reputation. Where else can you have one than downtown. I kinda have a fixation for this place...i think i need to change it up though.

And in walks Lucifer Darwin,

David Peet,

And this hott bitch here...i dunno if she is anyones or not though :p.

Waiter: See that old bat over there, I totally had sex with her in the photo booth!
Old Guy: So did i!!
Bevin: I think ive been around here a little too much!

God this dude is still alive...i need to kill him off one day. He was Rochelle and Daniels enemy back in 2.1...and Britneys blind date in like 2.3 or 2.4, and you know, all three of them are dead. Bevin is keeping with the tradition of hating on him though.

Bevin: I SAID DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME!!! *throws drink in his face*

Onto seducing Lucifer, hes hott and she hasnt met her 30 loves yet.

Oooo the photo booth...theres some sexing gonna happen.

or not.
Bevin: What happened?? Whyd he kick me out?

Marty: HDU try to get it on in the photobooth?
Lucifer: *is oblivious*

Whore: WTF! you were trying to get it on in the photobooth!!! HDU!!
Marty: *whistles* Dammn bitch is fiiiiine!

Im missing a bit of timeline here.. Bevin went on over to the evil witch's castle, and summoned this skank over. She kept poking Bevin so i had Bevin summon the invisa-witch on her skank ass.

LOL Bevin got her want though. Shes such a bitch, but i love her anyway.

Wait...they already have like 3 or 4 discounts on furnishings...does this counteract it and make it normal or does it actually increase the price *is confused*


Whore: *attacks* I wont take a slap without a fight!

And the BITCH OWNS the whore...How can you not love Bevin?!

And to make it worse, Bevin humiliates the chicken whore.

Bevin: And heres a bitchslap for the road! Im outta here!

And even in my game, Edward has to take center stage from Emmett. Damn you Edward.

Can i goose him? He may be heavily pregnant, but hes still damn hott!!

Cliff: Awww Hunny! You were close, but its antidisestablishmentarianism, not baba.
Me: o.0 WTF?! Shes 3 Cliff!!
Cliff: The SATs are only 14 yrs away. Gotta start em early.

Dave still loves his wife enough to serenade her on the couch. He was pretty good too.

And we leave off with some toddler skilling.

- Thanks to leenyland for My founder.
- Thanks to dothesmustle for my teaser
- Thanks to skittlebox for my cut line
- Family Tree is updated to include generation 3 right now
- Request thread is updated with every sim in the Simpson family lineage upto and including generation 4.
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