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The IDK Legacy 1.2

We start off with the mailman coming by while DIAF is at work. Hes modelling some new geneticized eyes i did. Awesome arent they??

Awwww my little fortune sim got herself a promotion.

Skyler here is just as nasty as his owner apparently...picking on wolves is not a smart thing to do!!!

Ahhh i see, the kitty drugs did it!!

DIAF: I dont wanna look for my dream job, im in a bad mood.
Me: Well if you had your dream job, wouldnt you be happy?!

So we head down to the Crypt o Night club. Waitress, female chef...

female bartender...

female dj...

and a female what an estrogen-fest. This is going to be a hard task.

Especially when the first visitors are all female...GOD! This needs to stop.

And the fact thats shes talking to no one...Hello Schizophrenia.

Random Townie: Do i really have to go in there with her?!
Me: Well i cant control you, so its your own choosing.

DIAF: Heeeeey, Mr Brick...How U Doin!!

DIAF: Why are there no men here?!
Me: I dunno, maybe they know youre here!!

Ooo Love the it the new Farrah/Rachel?! Cus you and the host have it.

WOW now thats a keeper...too bad our dear founder isnt wanting the womens.

HELLO Alejandro Valenzula!!! Please to be marrying into the legacy.

OK lady...i dont care about bout your taste anymore.

So, with count them...3 men on the lot, and a shitload of estrogen...Time for DIAF to scan the room...she finds River Nota hiding in the corner.
DIAF: DAMN!!! Break me off a piece of that hunk.

Me: Hai simplicist's founder. Looking sexy, i must say
Katrina: Thank you, i know i am!

Farrah Hair: God! Why does she get to be a founder?!
DIAF: Why is she staring at me?!

River: Hey, welcome to the club. Whats your name?

River: Ya baby, your brown hair is really sexy
DIAF: Is it really?! *OMG HES TALKING TO ME!!!*

River: Oh HELL NO!!! I wont go out on a date with you...i thought you were a prostitute.

And here we have James Farkelberg, hes quinctia's FC3 entry.

DIAF: So you have a big pocket rocket i hear.

River: Ill show it to you.

River: How much are you for an hour?

Mmmmmmm hott evil warlock guy!! Too bad this is a pixel_trade or youd be a shoe in for spouse.

James: Hey beautiful, Im James...nice to meet you
DIAF: Hi!! Im leaving now!

But not without scoping to see if she likes James...apparently the hottie witch man is hotter, though he hates the bugs he conjures up.

DIAF: So ya River, when i was in Uni, i totally made deans list.
Me: LIAR!!! you never went to Uni!

The leader of the pack decided to drop by for a visit, Skyler here is afraid. I would be too Skyler...look at those eyes!

WTF?! That bitch knocked over the trash can, then is all happy to be greeted. Fucking whore.


DUDE!!! Hes hott!!! I wish i could marry him into the legacy!!!

Ooooo cute jailbait!!! but just that, jailbait!!

BAM!! Fortune sim is just rolling in the promotions...heck we actually have money.

So she called up her OMG!! FAVORITEST PERSON EVER!!! River Nota. He says no to the date, but yes to just coming over...well we can work on that.

River: Why did you poke me you little asshole
Teen: Step off old man, shes mine.

Haha ACR kicked itself up a notch

Or 3. She moves fast...daaaaaaaaamn.

LOL lets all laugh at fashion challenged townie!!

LOL so Teen decided to clean the cat bed on his own
Teen: DUDE i get to see boobies!!!
Me: real mature dude.

And they got it on, much to the dismay of teenie here.

River: So i kinda dont have all the money to give you for tonite.
DIAF: Dont worry, i know youll be back for some more of can pay me then.

River: Til tomorrow then hott stuff


LOL Cat chance card...cuz we all know a guard cat is gonna scare away the crazies!!

So i kinda want DIAF to be a vampire, so she needed to befreind him...except he never came over. BITCH!

Me: Well thats a bad sign then. Youre damaged (damaged i thought i should let you know) goods now.
Skyler: Fuck I hate her.

DIAF: So i think i may be pregnant
Mailman: Why does she think i would care about it?!

LOL Damn sure, you are a gold digger...Ms. I wanna marry a rich sim.

Me: LOL you fail. you got demoted
DIAF: I am smelly here, HELLO!!! I wanna shower!!

*explodes* We has gen 2 on the way people.

DIAF: Hey Sweet Thang, come on over...i got something to show you!
River: Ill be right over.

DIAF: Im pregnant *smooch*
River: *Ahh shit*

Well i guess he figured in for a penny, in for a pound.

DIAF: Move in and help with the kid
River: I guess so.

Rivers stats/skills. He brought 3 grand.

And nothing in his inventory...GOD DAMN IT!!

River: So how about some fried eggs for breakfast?!
DIAF: Sure right after you do me!!

Yes i bought a bed for them...they are still dirt poor.

LOL renewed townie virginity. So River gets a nice first time video.

River: OMG!!! You were the bestest date ever!!!! You are sooo much fun with my kid in your belly.
DIAF: HAI!!!!!!

DIAF: Why is she kicking over my trash can?
Bitch: Cuz you suck for being a founder.

Sporty Townie: Hey, Im Sporty.
Bitch: *stares*

River: *makes salad for DIAF*
DIAF: *looks stoned*
Me: Please dont damage the baby.

Teen: Ima gonna teach that bastard for stealing my girl. *steals yesterdays newspaper*
Me: K thats nice byebye now!

DIAF: So do you know of any childrens toys that are good?
Bitch: Damn her boyfriend is hott
Sporty: *is a moron*

DIAF: You do know im pregnant with his kid, right?
Bitch: Say what?!

Sporty: Congrats on knocking up the whore
River: Ya i know, totally didnt mean to do it though.

Animosity much?!

*explodes* Well that means baby is coming soon.

With Preggo unable to train the cat for its promotion, River has to take on the responsibility.

But the cat knows all their secrets!!!!

Even Ball of Stink guards Skyler while he/shes sleeping
Ball Of Stink: :D

Wow, The bitchy fortune sim cleans up her own barf impressed.

River...well ya for me...look at how happy that face is :D

This shows whos boss in the house...He cleans the cat bed before work...

But hes faithful to DIAF....ummm no blind date please.

Engagement/marriage spam...maybe this way he wont get any dates anymore.

Yummy...i <3 him.

LOL So close...just missed, i forgive you though DIAF, cuz youre pregnant.

Co-worker: OMG its a roach.
River: OMG! My wife is in labor
DIAF: OMG im gonna kill him.

And its twins...I hope im not starting the simplicist trend of twins at the beginning.

I believe this baby is a boy, named GTFO

And this is the girl named STFU.

Wow, the babies were just born and youre already complaining. just wait til later.

Awww Co-worker is worrying for DIAF...or is she worried about the well being of the kids in her care?

AT least i hired a maid to help keep the house in order, though snuggling the cat is not helping.

*giggles* Traditional man, drinking out of the carton.

Me: OK now you dont have an excuse, there was no reason to miss the toilet.
DIAF: It wasnt me, i swear!!!

- The founder here is made by the wonderful katu for legacy_writers Founder Challenge
- The current spouse is leeyland's River Nota
- This update took 8 HOURS to write because i just couldnt concentrate enough to sit and write it
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