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So lets have a run down of the past week and a day

Last wednesday, they found a dead body on my block at about 530 in the morning...you know..just as i was about to go to work.

On Saturday, there was a guy shot on one of the corners nearby during the night.

And now today...There was a huge fire on the block near mine...it took out 12 HOUSES One couple had been living there 70 yrs, and lost absolutely everything... there is a suspicion that one of the houses that was For Sale decided to do this to get out. If it was, i wish to god that they come down with some incurable disease and die a horrible death!!!


Read More if you want...i think my picture may be in the paper tomorrow...so i gotta check it out.

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inkspottedtea February 13th, 2009
gosh that sounds suspicious D: how was the fire set again? oh - looks like they don't know. jeez, hopefully it wasn't arson, right? YOU DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD WANT TO HURT YOU, RIGHT?? <3

showercapfrog February 13th, 2009
At first I thought you were talking about your Sims neighbourhood.

That sucks :( I hope nothing happens to you!

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