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The IDK Legacy 2.1

Last update, we left off with DIAF peeing her pants, this update starts with her showering from said pissing her pants.

DIAF: OMG! I peed my pants.
Me: Dont you go being emo about missed the toilet by inches cuz you are a spaz!!

River: Hi, Im River. You look like a fellow Leenyite.
Savannah: Im Savannah Roberts. Pleased to meet ya.

Well, its time for Skyler to get a bit of companionship.

We see a few familiar faces at the pet store. And one flamboyant gay man in a leotard.

We adopt 2 cats...theres an adult male named Noah and a elder female (what is in the cage) named Pongy.

David Peet: Hey good looking, Im David.
DIAF: Nice to meet you David, Im DIAF and im married.
FGG: I wanna talk to the hott blonde.

River: Daaaaamn hunny you are hott.
David: *stares* She will be mine!!

DIAF: Oh Hey, Im DIAF IDK. Im kinda new here.
Rafe: Rafe Roberts, and ive heard things about you already.

Public Woohoo FTW!! Also...LOL Lesbian Townie.

So they return home, and Savannah takes to going after one of the new cats...Ya, Pongy and Noah look exactly alike besides Pongy has a lil more white fur.

Noah: Om Nom Nom Bird
Savannah: *starestarestare*
Me: A bit creepy there Savannah

Oh and to refresh your memory, shes pregnant again.

The twins grew up, here is GTFO playing around with one of the cats...i really shouldnt have bought 2 of the same exact cat lol.

and heres STFU. Arent they precious?!

And Skyler is gonna gimme some kittens too...

Me: Oh you better be having just 2...i dont think i could handle with 3 cats and 7 kittens.

Haha GTFO is just going cat..

by cat...hes a man after my own heart. The kitten is named Bella.

Isnt this picture just totally awww worthy?!

Its kitty training...hey, someone has to get promoted around here.

*squees* OMG totally adorable!!!

DIAF:..and then Mater says to Lightning.
GTFO: cars are cool
STFU: When am i going to get any attention?!

LOL sweet with the chance card...things are looking if i could only find their LTW careers, they would be set.

New Family shot...lookin a bit crowded yet?

Constance: Hey congrats on boning your wife in public!
River: Thanks, it wasnt much.

Constance: But you're, like, really pretty.
River: Thank you.
Constance: So you agree?
River: What?
Constance: You think you're really pretty?
River: Ya, I am!!

Constance: So can I give my girl, Diane, your number?
River: Damn straight!

LOL Noah got promoted, go cats go!!

LOL you two are supposedly straight guys, why on earth are you kissing your greeting??

Aidan: What the hell is going on here?
River: A really really bad dream, and im sticking to it!!


River: Im sick and cant come to work today
Rivers boss...who apparently is himself: Ok, take the day off and rest!!

LOL Bella is a creeper...stalking River in the shower.

Smart Milk time, we all know what that means...

means Pongy gets to eat the pancakes
Me: Pongy, bad Pongy, shoo!!

DIAF: So, did my milkshake bring you to my yard?
River: No, remember, i thought you were a cheap whore

LOL DIAF potty trained GTFO...cant you tell shes excited.

Me: Wheres the drugs? Did Jane give you some at work?

River: I wish our cats shit gold...

River: Then our stock portfolio would be on the rise!!


I dunno...the kids are super adorable!! Also, thats Gina in the background, the other kitten.

LOL these 2 can never do anything seperate, they even go to the bathroom together.

River: Bad Noah! Do not claw up the couch!!

River: OMG! I smell!!
DIAF: OMG! My water broke!!
GTFO: Trying to sleep here.

Single birth FTW!!

Gray eyes, dark skin both their hair. His name is STFD.

River: OMG! I just had another baby, maybe I should earn some more money.

River decides instead, to study cooking...maybe cook a little better. LOL and DIAF is teaching Noah to play dead.

DIAF: Good kitty.
Skyler: OMG please help me, im choking to death!!!

River: Say bear!!
STFU: Whore!
River: Yes, thats what youll be when you grow up.

GTFO needs to stop cuddling cats...i have enough spam of it!!

LOL They grew up into matching PJs. Gotta love it!

They are still adorable!! I think GTFO has elf ears, either that or huge fucking ears!!

Haha!! I was smart enough to put her on the pill, no more babies for them.

GTFO: Can you read to me Mom?
STFU: I was gonna ask her to read to me!
DIAF: Which one do i pick?! Which one do i pick?

River loves games!!! Well thats good to know...not!

The Chilluns are learning stuff on their day off, while mom learns to be creative. Not like that is gonna happen.

The kitties grew up's Bella

and heres Gina, the kitty heir...if i decide to continue with pets.

River is yet again made of awesome with his great chance cards!!!

and the chilluns sleep in the only bed in the house...i wish i could build better so they could have their own rooms.

River does some bonding with his son, while the girls are doing something LOL.

- founder by katu
- spouse by leenyland
- teaser by dothesmustle
- cut line by wut
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