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The IDK Legacy 2.2

When we last left off, River was being a great dad to his son GTFO and everyone kinda ignored STFU. DIAF was trying to get promoted but the cats were doing better in their careers than her..and neither one of the happy couple had found their LTW careers.

So we start this update with me putting DIAF on birth control...i figure 3 kids were enough for her.

DIAF: Still no culinary or business jobs.

River here teaches the boy cat named Gina to shake...yes thats right i named a boy Gina :p

Awww Family shot!!! I gave Pongy and Bella to my simself so thats why theres only 3 cats.

I also moved them into a new house...the kids were kinda needing a bedroom.

Me: Oh Please dont be pregnant...please dont be pregnant.
She wasnt and i put her back on birth control.

Awwww STFD is a toddler...with purple hair. Starting the rebellious stage early are we?

DIAF: Wah! I got demoted. I will never be that business tycoon!
Me: Hun, youre in the wrong field for that anyway.

But she brought Jane home with her...and Jane is high on some more drugs.

LOL see, the cats are getting promoted more than the humans...thats kinda scary.

River: So what if we do it doggy style, would you have another baby?
DIAF: Are you kidding me?

Again, River gets to teach the kids...its not DIAF actually wants anything to do with her kids.

GTFO: OMG! Why am i not having any fun?!
Me: I dunno, maybe because you dont do anything to have fun?!

River is actually a great dad...more to STFD than the other 2, but never the less, i never direct him to actually do anything with his kids.

He even sits there and plays with STFD...i think River is trying to breed an heir for the legacy!!

Meanwhile...DIAF is sleeping with Gina instead of her husband...that may be an issue.

And River again gets child teaching chores....i think DIAF only taught GTFO to use the potty...that is the extent of her rearing.

River: Say daddy

LOL Poor Gina is crying out for mercy or something. Not used to the toddler bits.

Awww YAY!!! More kittens...i named them Boris and Shaniqua.

So GTFO did great...maxed cooking and food enthusiasm all at once. I love him and his big ears.

Awww Boris and Shaniqua are getting along...better than when Gina and Bella were kittens and Bella stalker River into the shower.

River got married and brought home Aidan...At least the P_T townies are starting to become more prominent around here...despite the 60 regular townies.

And Lucifer Darwin loves to walk by for some reason.

but STFD grew up into a cute little kid, but sadly, no ears :(

GTFO: OMG! Hes ugly get him out of my presence.
Lucifer: You want me to marry into this psycho ward?! youre kidding me right?!

River is just loving the salmon the nanny made, but isnt eating it.

GTFO: Im gonna be heir right?!
Me: of course sweety, you know i favor you!

Why is there cat litter coming out of the book?!

STFU: I wonder how dad became a great cook?
STFD: I wonder if dad is an alien?!

Still no business openings...

...but finally there is a culinary opening!!

LOL skill time for the family...hey even cleaning the litter box gets you skill points :p

DIAF: Hey there, are you new to the neighborhood?!
Pomegranate: Yup, just got here last nite...pleased to meet you.

GTFO: Seriously, get out of my house STFD. We dont want you here.

STFD: Youre so funny GTFO
GTFO: Ya watch how funny this is gonna be.
Pomegranate: *pedos*

WOOT! Birthday spam...im off to teen hood on IDKs.

River brought home this delicious hunk of man, and its a shame hes not P-T or he sooo woulda been spouse material.

DIAF: What is Skyler doin?!
Me: Using a toilet, you know something you need to learn.

River just keeps scoring awesome points...he brings home Katrina from work...we soo could work with that.

GTFO grew up awesome, rolled romance.

and he has elf ears...ooo he is sooo heir.

GTFO: I totally knew i would be heir. Can we get rid of the other now?
Me: Well i dont know yet...lets see how things work out.

STFU grew up too...and apparently is bored.

She rolled Pleasure...which is definitely a strike against her as i HATE that asp.

We can totally work with that...i have alot of the men walking around.

This is what the Crystal ball gives me...She gets P_T townies, he doesnt...fuck this.

They are going out on the town.

So i had them walk on down to the Kiddie Castle, cuz ive never been there and its 'walking' distance. We can meet family oriented people too.

Me: OMG!!! HI ELLE!!!
Elle: Everyone just has to stalk me, dont they?!
Me: Anyway, onto other prospects.

Its Aidan Roberts...I love him to death...but he had no chemistry with either one of them.

STFU happed to take an extreme liking to this random townie...which is just another reason why she shouldnt be heir.

Now this here townie has a story behind him...hes one of those i opened up CAS and random hottie is staring me in the face...i named him Sean Hale (i think thats his name anyway). i know hes not P_T but i just wanted to show off those random happenings you get.

James: So i am totally not going to jail for pedoing.
STFU: Well i can wait for you. I love you!!

While STFU is hitting up James, GTFO is introducing himself to Rafe Roberts...yes its another Roberts, and yes its another guy with no chemistry...and the P_T townies are thinning out here.

So i sent our heir GTFO off to the grocery store. Its a great place to pick up people apparently, just ask Kelly Kapoor. Here I had GTFO scope the room, and hes finding selzis Philip Riley kinda attractive, but he just couldnt get a positive conversation with him.

GTFO: So Pomegranate, would you like to scramble my eggs??
Pomegranate: No way, not a chance. DNW!!

GTFOs luck just seems to be upturned...Hello Otis Lambert (by selzi).

GTFO: Say sweet thing, you wanna hang out with a stud like me??
Otis: *swoons*

Then we start to ask some important questions...like job and money. Apparently Otis here is on the city council.

I think we may have found our spouse. GTFO is smitten...

...or devastated. Apparently Otis denied our heir his first kiss.

The date just seems to get more adorable...i love that they added this interaction.

GTFO: OMG!! I was denied my first kiss!! *cries*
Otis: Im sooo not on a date with this kid?! He needs to learn to play hard to get.

Otis finally gave in and they got their first kiss. Everyone say it...awwwww.

They wind up having a dream date (mainly due to GTFO having his first kiss)...

...and then they have fun on the couch. Seriously, you couldnt even do that ON THE DATE?!

LMAO...best friend woohoo buddies. Thats an interesting time to become best friends.


Oh then they decide to 'network'. It turned out to be the discount furnishings, but i was waiting for it to be a blind date.

GTFO: OMG! Im hungry, i hope dinner is ready when i go home.
Townie: Ewwww hes ugly.
Me: No one asked you blondie.

Me: Great, you think youre pregnant...we all know what that means...no Uni for you.

GTFO: but look at how fit i am *flexes*

GTFO: But i still think im pregnant
Me: Shotgun wedding for you then. Go call up Otis.

Otis was surprised by his greeting...coulda been worse.

Engagement/move-in/marriage spam...Apparently Otis couldnt just marry in, so i had to move him in first.

And i leave you off with a cute cake feeding. Next time...well who knows what will happen.

- founder by katu
- Gen 1 spouse by leenyland
- appearances by sims of selzi, simplicist
- cut line by hidden_kitten

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Omg shanshaaaaaaan i loved this update! Gtfo is so cute!

I know, at first I thought he just had big ears, didn't even think they were elf ears

I keep seeing "so and so is trying to get pregnant", and the odds.
Which hack is that one? I know I don't have it, and I want it!

Its ACR actually, there's an option for the dialogue to show

(Deleted comment)
Haha ya, it was funny to see them all strolling around, Savannah was also walking around the kiddie castle, but again, no chemistry. Plus I didn't wanna use you up completely, I can marry someone in down the line

Hey think I can try out your alien default?? I wanna see how it looks on my sims

(Deleted comment)
Ill download it in a few, gotta run out to CC, babies r us, and target :p

(Deleted comment)
Would you happen to be playing sims?? I could sure use an update from you :p

(Deleted comment)
lol i got back and ran around trying to get stuff together. its funny...i went to CC and there was absolutely nothing left...i got an ashlee simpson cd for 3 dollars

ahhahahahahaha I love how he got pregnant so he couldn't go to college xD BE READY FOR SIM!MONTHS OF BAAAW.


I know, but since its P_T I don't wanna use uni anyway, so no one is actually goin to college even though GTFO was funny enough to get knocked up

Hahahaha, GTFO has hardly become a teen and wants to have a baby already. Well, he'll see what his life will be like from now on with a much older spouse and a baby on the way ... *LOL*

LOL we need to watch this though...last time i had a teen pregnancy the person wound up having 20 kids...it was psycho but he kept having quads and it killed me.

Oh my goodness! :O Well, he's young enough to be pregnant five times in his life, so in worst case this could be happening again. But no, you will take care of this ... *plots putting GTFO on birth control then*

Lol well I'm really only planning on having three or four kids per generation so thankfully he's ok for now :p

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