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Writer's Block: Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did your paths cross?

Well are you talking random meetings or staged

i met Mandy Moore at a record signing when her third album came out

i had the unfortunate privledge of seeing Beyonce in the street...i was walking by her...thought i recognized her, then had her security shove me out of the way because she needed 'space'...she was a fucking bitch

i met the Jonas brothers before they were famous...the opened for the Veronicas years ago...i have Joe's autograph somewhere...The Veronicas were great to meet too...they were soo happy to meet their fans...and i gave them chocolate..and on my signed CD it says Thanks for the Chocs.

Ive also met Tony Lucca a whole bunch of times...hes down to earth...he sat there and talked to me and diggybear and some of our friends one time.

i dunno if i really have met anyone else
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