TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Stolen from Sexy Stud Puppy who took it from his friend Michael



1. Name: Thomas Tom, Mike or TomMike
2. Single or taken: If i was with you think I would even be filling this out?!
3. Sex: *checks groin* I be a boy
4. Birthday: Christmas Eve present Mom ever got =p
5. Starsign: I'm a Goat...Baaaaa!
6. Siblings: 39 yr old Chicken (my sister joyce), a 29 yr old pain in my ass that I HATE (brother Eugene), 26 yr old sister Katie whos like a second mom, and my 25 yr old sister Christine who isnt around enough to be called a sister


1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?; See above!
2. Did you send this to your crush?: I have a bunch of them...not like I'd ever act....well I would with one of em ;)
3. Did your crush send this to you?: *looks at title* what do you think
4. Longest relationship?: Not available cuz i never had dont be askin me about first kiss and shit like that!
5. How many actual relationships have you been in?: *cries* None
6.How many people have you kissed?: *cries and runs outta survey*
7. Are you shy around your crush?: Online...i talk a whole would be interesting to see what i'm like with him in person
10. Do you indulge in random hook-ups?: Ewwwww this is a very nasty question...Hook-ups are evil!
11. Still have feelings for anyone you've been in a past relationship with?: *cries*
12. Do you know what it feels like to be in love?: Depends on the kind of love you are talking about...but in the sense of the

Fashion stuff:

1. Where is your favorite place to shop?: American Eagle is like my all time fave store *swoons*...I shop in other stores too
2. Have any tattoos or piercings?: I dont have any yet....not sure if i will get one yet or not
3. What is your favorite thing to wear?: I dont really have a favorite thing to long as its comfortable
4. What is a must have accessory?: My Cell phone...ya never know when you will need it!
5. Do you match your belt with your hair color?: I dont really wear belts...but when i do it has to color co-ordinate...if not *shudder*
6. What are you wearing right now?: Fila sneakers, American Eagle socks T-shirt and boxers Old Navy sweat pants and a gap sweatshirt!
7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?: WOW i have 3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of dress shoes, 4 pairs of sneakers...take a count :p
8. What is the worst trend you see today?: Ewwww how about all the dumb white people who wanna dress and act like they are black...that fad needs to go out the window!

1. Do you do drugs?: Only prescription...Drugs are bad :p
2. What kind of shampoo do you use?: Right now I am using Herbal Essences...but when that runs out...i have VO5 Pear mango shampoo *smells it* mmmm
3. What are you most scared of?: probably winding up all alone one day
4. What are you listening to right now?: Jessica Simpson "Underneath"
5. Who was the last person that called you?: According to my was my that means The last person i called was my sister Katie but Asshole picked up and yelled *roll eyes*
6. Where do you want to get married?: I wanna get married in a beautiful park....thats ideal for me :)
7. How many buddies are online right now?: Do you really want me to answer...i say Tons...just they arent at their computers
8. What would you change about yourself?: I am waaaay too shy....and i have acne Ewwww...but nothing major
9. What are essentials in your life?: Friends are the only thing i need besides the 3 necessities!
11. What nationality are you?: 75% irish 25% english/german/scottish/french and american...I'm a sue me!

Have you ever:

1. Given someone a bath?: Not that i know of...but if i have...EWWWWW.
2. Smoked?: Yes. didnt enjoy it the one time i did it Ewwww
3. Bungee jumped?: Oooo YAY!! I wanna do it...haven't yet!
4. Skinny dipped?: Yup...will only do it again if a special person is with me
5. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: *throws on innocent face* Does it look like i would do something like that?
6. Cried when someone died?: Yes...if you said no to this need help
7. Fallen for your best friend?: NEVER!! its baaaad to do that...i want a person who i love to wind up being a best friend
8. Been rejected?: yup....stung a bit too
9. Rejected someone?: Yup...but they were all old people ewwww
10. Used someone?: No...i would never do it!
11. Been used?: Yes...*thinks of evil bitch* I think i need to run her over with my jeep


1. Hair: dirty blonde hair...cut short :)
2. Music: Listening to Jessica Simpson - In This Skin (the song on the album)
3. Make-up: Ewww NO!
4. Annoyance: Dumb ass suitemates!
5. Scent: my acne smells good =)
6. Favorite group: Simple Plan or Evanessence....both good bands
7. Desktop picture: Its a drool worthy pic of Will Young...but i need a new one...hes getting a lil boring to look at
8. Book you're reading: bo oo ok....what is this booook you talk about :p
9. CD in player: Jessica Simpson - In This Skin
10. DVD in player: YAY for Princess Diaries *jumps up and down* I wanna watch I wanna watch I wanna watch
11. Colour of toenails: nails stay their natraul color


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