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The IDK Legacy 2.3

The last time we left off at the IDK lot, GTFO and STFU grew up into teens, STFD grew into a child. River finally found his LTW career in the paper, while DIAF keeps getting screwed over. GTFO went out and about on the town and ran into Otis Lambert by selzi. They had a date and Otis managed to knock up GTFO, so there were married and GTFO was declared heir.

Otis: You know, youre sister is really hott. Maybe we can have a threesome?
GTFO: WTF was that?! Im not having a threesome with my sister.

Townie: You know Otis, You are sooo awesome, heres a big screen TV for you to sample.
Me: WTF?! I wish that happened in real life.

GTFO: Bye STFU, have fun in college. Dont come home anytime soon.
Me: Thats pretty harsh man. What did she ever do to you?
GTFO: My hubby wants to sleep with her, just eliminating any option there could be.

Otis: You know, you are totally hott hunny, i would never cheat on you.
GTFO: you know ill rip off your balls if you thought of it.

LOL Townie re-de-virginized.

Otis: You know, random townie guy, my husband is smoking hott
RTG: I dont care, im trying to have a conversation with him.

Me: No, GTFO needs to start thinking about the spawn growing in his Uni for him.

LOL Pregnancy hormones making them sex-maniacs.


LOL the house is sooo crowded with cats and people that STFD has the weird stance. Sux to be you STFD.

Me: GTFO, why are you doing all the chores?! Doesnt everyone else realize youre pregnant?
GTFO: Have you met my mother? At least im still able to do chores.
Me: Good point.

Otis decides to be some eye candy though by taking a nice bath. Mmmmmm.

Me: Wow they just left you everything to do, didnt they?
GTFO: I wish they wouldnt, the stains on the cat bowl are hard to get out.
Me: Did you try the dishwasher? I hear that works wonderfully!
GTFO: Damn it, i knew i forgot something.

Me: You better hurry, that cats are getting antsy and hungry...they may just eat you.

Me: Awwww Otis, you came to help GTFO clean?! Thats sooo sweet.
Otis: Well the faster he finishes, the faster i get sex.
GTFO: Mmmm i can smell the sex already. Smells like Astroglide.

Otis: I can feel him kicking already. Hes gonna be a soccer player isnt he?!

After woohoo, GTFO was feeling a bit hungry...cuz we all know woohoo gives you munchies, not like being pregnant means you need to eat more.

Haha, so theres no underwear morph for pregnant teens, so he looks perfectly normal, and hott, but waddles around. Its funny to watch.

o.0 I wonder why Otis would be thinking of scary little children?!

GTFO: Im gonna kill him for making me pregnant! I cant believe how much food ive actually eaten in the past day and a half.

I finally caught these two snuggling...i think the only thing thats taken longer is DIAF finding a business career...cuz we still havent come across that yet.

Otis: Damn my hubby is looking fiiiine pregnant with my kid.
Me: Care to talk about your dreams last night?
Otis: I was just imagining what our son will look like.
Me: But what if its a girl?!
Otis: It can be a girl too?

Still no business job...SERIOUSLY!! i think i may have to cheat a job for her...but im not..I will be a good boy.

I mean after all, the cats are bringing in more money than she is anyway.

And it will be even more...its time for the kittens to grow up. Shaniqua here just grew up to this wonderful cat, and if you notice lazy Boris in the background.

I dunno why, but for some reason GTFO had a want for Shaniqua to learn to DIAF can teach it to Shaniqua.

GTFO: Gotta get in shape for Otis. He doesnt like the fat on me.
Me: You arent fat dude, you are pregnant...thats two entirely different concepts.
GTFO: Gotta get fit...gotta get fit.
Me: Oh forget it, whatever. Get fit for Otis.

Boris grows up too..and is a complete clone of Shaniqua.

I love always winds up getting me free shit...what am i getting now??

Constance: OMG! You are sooo cool, im telling all my friends.
Me: Are you fucking kidding me you whore?! Wheres the TV or computer?!

Me: Otis, you wanna get pregnant wanna get stretch marks?
Otis: I wanna see how it feels.
Me: Cant you wait until after GTFO has his baby?

*bump* #2

Otis: Awww soon my son, then we can teach you soccer and you can be rich and i can live off of you.
GTFO: Hunny, you reek, please go shower.

HAHAHA! Cheesecake is great, but no matter, random will be hit anyway.

Otis: I cant believe he trapped me into marriage.
Me: Ummm you shoulda used protection mister, then we wouldnt be in this situation.

LOL DIAF, dont play with the mailbox, theres no fun to it.

SWEET!!! Otis rakes in a nice chunk of change, and some points...even sweeter.

LOL GTFO also brings home some money. I thought i would be struggling in this legacy.

GTFO: I brought home some entertainment from school.
Me: Why is she entertainment?!
GTFO: Shes gotta be a clown, look at all the make up shes wearing.
Me: Harsh much?

Awww even GTFO wants twins. Its still random mister.

Me: Hi Genetically Diverse Teen, where would you be going with the newspaper?!
GDT: Just reading it til someone says hi to me.

DAMN IT!!! Seriously, is there like a vacuum of business jobs...I havent come across one YET!!

Otis: Im totally a stud, look how ripped i am
GTFO: Shaniqua, come on girl. Sit up for me.
Lesbian Townie: OMG DIAF is sooo hott *swoons*

DIAF: Have you ever gotten a pearl necklace before?
GTFO: Ummm *is she watching me sex up my husband?!*

Hahaha Otis got pregnant and GTFO is in labor...seriously, the chances are slim to none.

Random like i said.

Welcome to the world WTF IDK, a girl with eyes of Otis, and GTFOs everything else, including ears.

Then went and got his ass abducted.

River is being a good grandfather...caring for his granddaughter while GTFO is being probed.

STFD: GTFO, where are you?! WTF is crying for you.

Haha are you waiting for Otis GTFO?!

and then the game crashed.

I had STFU actually get into a dorm room, then dropped her out of college. I figured that there would be no Uni at all.

Me: River, sweetie. Otis is not blocking the bathtub from use, your wife DIAF is in it.

Me: Hai random Teen townie that came up in CAS. What lovely eyes you have.

I seriously created him just for his eyes.

Otis: I would be willing to show you my rocket, would you enjoy that?
Nice Eyes: Totally, Id love to see it.
Me: Oh no you dont, there will be no cheating!!

GTFO: Im the luckiest guy in the world, pregnant and i have a loving husband.

DIAF: How dare you not take my son on a honeymoon!!
Otis: If you didnt notice, hes kinda pregnant with your grandchild.
Creepy Townie Kid: *stares*

DIAF: When do you plan on taking him on one? *pokes*
Otis: Ow that hurt *cries*

Otis: What business is it of yours, you bitch?! *shoves*

Of course you knew this was coming...the sad part is i didnt even have to say anything. They just hate each other...its the new Zoe v. Ulric

LOL its always Katu v. Selzi i see.

And then River has to be fought on, he seriously ran right into the middle of the fight.

And GTFO gave birth again...WTF is now a pale skinned boy with Otiss skin, GTFOs eyes, hair and ears.

Awww cuttte (lol the crib has to go in the living room because theres no room until STFD grows up).

Someone got abducted AGAIN!!

Me: Hey Otis, maybe you wanna check up on your know the one you wanted so badly.
Otis: Hes fine, his grandfather is looking after him.

I always seem to catch this part of the cut scene..its kinda funny, y/y?

LOL some romance for the kodak moment.

Then some fighting.
River: Come back you little bitch!! Its your husband!!!

- founder by katu
- Gen 1 spouse by leenyland
- Gen 2 spouse by selzi
- tagline by beachwee

Im actually trying to start work on the IDK tree, just been busy with stuff this week. Next update will be a Simpson one, and it should be up like tomorrow or monday nite.
Tags: idk

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