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The Simpson Legacy 5.3

Last update, which unfortunately was waaaay too long ago, Britney died of old age abruptly short. Dionysus and Britney Spears Simpson welcomed Ethan into the crazy nutty home, and Marlon and Cliff welcomed DJ into the house. Emmett, Edward and Eliza all grew up into kids, and Edward proved his name true and upstaged everyone! Dionysus and Britney Spears Simpson were both stupid and starved to death, and Bevin, being super awesomest sim ever, got the baddest rep for fighting with random people downtown.

Family shot of the nutty house, this is just getting to be fun :p Carters 2.0 anyone?

The family breakfast is fun. Its even funner when Cliff and Marlon were supposed to be in a coffin about 2 hours ago too.
Dave: But they are nice to look at.

Me: Look at the fatty jumprope
Eliza: I like fitness, its fun.
Me: Then exercise more you fatass.

Pop #2 for Marlon. I bet it will be a cute baby.

Dave: I dont care what you say, my wife has not cheated on me.
Me: *giggle*

Bevin: Why is Dionne in my house? Should she be at school or something?!
Me: Well you do have the power to send her ass back to school.
Bevin: Oooo right!!

Dionne: What is going on here?!
Bevin: Back to school you go!

Dave: Im sooo bored, theres nothing to do on my day off!!
Me: I dunno, you could go skilling.

Eliza: Edward could you leave now, I wanna so to sleep
Emmett: But it was my turn :(
Edward: I guess so, *saves game*

Birthday spam

...lets see how well DJ turns out!!

LOL Swoonfest 2009. But ya i love Marlon!! Not bad for a Maxis townie eh?

Dave: Wanna dance around Emmett?
Emmett: Um no great grandpa, Id rather read.
Dave: :(

You know, i have no idea what is goin on here. Carter is going after Cliff apparently though.

Townie: Hey cutie, you got beautiful eyes.
DJ: Really, what color are they?? Just as I thought, another money grabber. GTFO my house.

Me: Marlon hunny, what are you doin?
Marlon: playing sims.
Me: Could you do me a favor and use the genie to ressurect Dionysus?
Marlon: Lemme just save this game.

Genie: I am the all powerful Gen-
Marlon: Ok none of that crap. Listen buddy can you resurrect Dionysus for me?
Genie: Anything for you hott stuff.

Dionysus: Hey Dad, thanks for resurrecting me.
Marlon: No problem, happy to do it.
Genie: How come i cant get a hug?

And ummm Dionysus apparently pops to his second trimester. Wow its been a while, forgot he was pregnant.

I kinda needed some regents for spells and stuff, so i had these two going on it.

And then Marlon here decided it would be a great time for labor. Also note how Bevin and Dave are all over each other.

And its a boy, named Logan...i realized later that i wasnt keeping theme but gave up. Hes not in bloodline of Daniel anyway.

I hoped that i fixed the headmaster bug thing so i decided to try and get the kids into private Cliff and Marlon both wanted for DJ.

But after being greeted, the dude just stood here and did nothing. *shrugs* Oh Well.

Me: Ill forgive you if you pee on the rug Dionysus, but i will not resurrect you again if you starve to death.

Eliza: OMG i have boobs.
Me: Thats nice, but i have more birthdays to do hun. Go self explore yourself inside the house.

Me: Ummm no more babies please...Dionysus still needs to deliver his random babies.

Ethan: OMG! Im a real boy!

Go on off that pudge!!

Dionysus: Im hungry
Me: Go eat then, im not resurrecting your ass again.

Or apparently go into labor right now..whichever works for you.

Heres Elizabeth, Dionysuss hair color, Craigs eyes and skin.

Oh i see how it is, give birth and then starve to death, leave me screwed with yet another baby in the house!!

LOL apparently no one really cares that Dionysus is dying again!!

Oh wait, Ethan actually does care that hes dying, and Carter cant get to death to plead...greeeeeeat.

Me: Oh im sorry that Logan is like a quarter bar full, not like anyone just DIED or anything?! Pop ups really need to STFU!!

Awwww again Bevin is starting to care that Dionysus died again...its sad when my 0 nice point sim cries more than his own father.

Carter would rather sleep with an ugly old guy to hide his grief...Poor guy, he must be in such pain.

LOL Simultaneous OMG the sun poses for the win!!

Me: Thats cute and all guys, but seriously GET THE FUCK IN YOUR COFFINS!!!

LOL That bitch finally got over herself and i can go back to paying my discount prices for furniture.

Dave and Ethan here are having quality time. The others are off doing other things.

Like cackling about being awesome!!
Bevin: I totally am the shit!! Im the oldest sim youve ever had!!

LOL Again everyone goes for Edward and completely ignores Emmett. Its just like the fandom. Emmett is more awesome than Edward stupid people!!!

DJ here wants to be a pirate..i see someone getting into the adventurer career if she ever gets out of Uni.

LOL I needed to write down some of the regents needed for spells, and Bevin here just strolls outside in her underwear to go to the 'crypt' where i have Marlon and Cliffs coffins just to see it.

After i decided to move them to their new and permanent house by rikkulidea/quinctia, I sent Bevin for a date with none other than Alejandro Valenzula...Damn hes hott still :p

Alejandro: Oh Baby, you know exactly where to grab to turn me on.
Bevin: How could i ever forget?!

I love the duel easels...lets see what comes out from these 2.

Bevin, meanwhile, is the only one who can give homework help to Ethan cuz i made everyone else and no one wanted to do it.

She also catches up with some of her grandchildren at Uni. I made sure to try and keep her relationships high with family.

These two will not stop going after each other...or rather Cliff wont stop going after Marlon. To be honest though, Cliff doesnt have anyone else to go after that hes in love with. And surprisingly Carter hasnt caught these 2 cheating yet.

Hmmm Emmett paints me a picture of his great-great-great grandparents with their first kiss way back when, Edward paints a really ugly llama thing. Isnt he supposed to be the creative one?

LOL and Ethan finds out he loves sports. So Emmett got Edwards talent, Ethan got Emmetts talent, what does Edward have?

Sweet Kareoke machine...i can definitely use it. Might throw Edward on it to boost creativity.

Awww Emmett painted his dad, he looks sooo proud of his painting...right now i have them hanging in the living room...theres still 3 more pictures to paint.

Emmett: Hey grandpa, come look what i made.
Carter: Not right now kiddo, why dont you go watch TV or something?
Emmett: :(

Emmett: I think i like history. I just finished watching the first episode of the Tudors.
Ethan: Oh Hell man!! Dont watch tv why didnt you play the wii!?!

Kids: *play red hands*
Marlon: *my kids always get As in school*

LOL ACR always loves these 2...poor Carter is clueless

really clueless about them.

Carter: Cmon mom, cant we finish playing already?
Bevin: No way, not until i have all your money.

LOL Emmett is a kid after his mother...she was scared shit of playing chess too.

DJ: OMG! I hate myself, why dont i just die?!
Me: Suicide watch is on for you missy.

Edward: I dont like her anymore. Shes too weird for me.

Time for a butler...they cant keep this house clean to save a life.

Oooo hes kinda a cute butler. Well take him.

Eliza: *I wanna have a baby*
Me: Not a chance on your life sister.

Kinda Ben Long-ish but still cute.

Bevin: By the powers of Konichiwa, i summon Chuck to my presence.

Chuck: Where am i? *stares out window*

Bevin: OMG! You are totally my bestie now!! *+4000*
Chuck: Is she nuts?

Bevin: Heres 100 bucks, wanna sleep with me?
Butler: Thanks for the tip, but ill pass on sleeping with you.

Birthday Spam...My lil Emmett is gonna be a teen!!

Awww Logan is sooo adorable!!! *pinches cheeks*

I think Emmett is calling someone he wanted to be friends with in his panel...i cant remember TBH.

Bevin: HDU slap me for sleeping with my husband!!! WTF is wrong with you?!
Adam: Damn shes hott when shes mad.

Bevin: Heres a rose to show you that you are my special someone. I had to keep face in front of my husband.
Adam: I see, youre truly amazing!!!

LOL sooo much swooning in this room, and none of it for kinda shocked!

Me: I dont think so Eliza!! Cliff has his own lover.

LOL I havent seen this one before...but Damn, poor Dave gon get demoted!!

Heres Elizabeth...she kinda looks tired, and the hair is laughable, but it can be good for now.

Bevin: OMG Diane i totally remember walking you to the school bus when you were younger.
Diane: No you didnt Grandma, it stopped outside the house. You and grandpa were always locked up in your room.
Bevin: Youre right, i was a horrible grandmother.
Diane: No you were the best, but you were an unconventional one.

Uh oh!!
Chuck: OMG!! How dare you cheat on me with your hott husband!!!

LOL Id be thinking how hott he is if he strutted in his underwear in front of me too.

Carter: I love you sooo much hunny, heres a flower to show you how beautiful you are.
Marlon: OMG!! you are so romantic!!!

- teaser and cutline by dothesmustle
- founder by leenyland
- i have about another half of an update done...i could either do a mini update tomorrow nite or i could do a full update tuesday, your call
- sorry its sooo delayed but FC3 kinda keeps me playing the IDKs
Tags: simpsons

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