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linear_flower March 28th, 2009
Well if she didn't alienate the ones she already had...

Seriously, she goes on to praise me in that post slamming Jo and Kyra, and then defriends me two/three weeks later.

Only thing I can think about is that someone tipped her off that I capped her entry and showed you guys.*

*Edit: Not that I give a fuck if she knows that. Jo and Kyra > her anyway. I'd rather have their friendship.

Edited at 2009-03-28 04:30 am (UTC)

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
both Jo and I called her out on her shit in the rant post, i bet shes all like OMG kingmike is sooo mean and an immature twat

linear_flower March 28th, 2009
Oh, I'm sure.

Though I have to ask, what post were you referring to?

Not that I don't believe you, I'm just curious.

Edited at 2009-03-28 06:56 am (UTC)

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
I made a rant post last nite bout kristen deleting my post in sim spam, I think you even commented on it. I deleted it though cuz seriously it was being nothin but a pain in the ass

skittlebox March 28th, 2009
I think Erika is referring to the post you were talking about in your rant :P

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
LOL it was a stupid post about how the tv show ONe Tree Hill had Sims 3 in it

skittlebox March 28th, 2009
I remember seeing a post like that in the sims 3 comm... not sure if it was you who posted it or not. But aI saw a post about it somewhere :P both her comms anyway :P

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
nah im not part of her sims 3 comm...she just needs to die

linear_flower March 28th, 2009
lol yes. That's what I meant. XD

skittlebox March 28th, 2009
Oh, God. When I saw her agreeing about the "talk to someone before you name call them" thing and I was just... WHAT.

~lol sekrit flocked post~

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
LOL i dunno if you got to read it, but i called Sarah out on it too, and Naughtydolphin was like OMG HDU say shit about her personal journal..and that i was venturing on rule breaking o.0

the post got sooo intense i had to delete it...they started going on about my use of whore for kristen

but the big thing was how they all said i was like crazy cuz i didnt post my post even though i linked it and triple checked it

skittlebox March 28th, 2009
I was tracking the post, so i saw it. I lol'd rofl.

It's funny though. Because it seems like it's ok for them to write shit in their journals, but I had made a post about stuff in mine, and Belle told Kristin. And then Kristin started threatening friends cuts etc for ~telling~. What's good for the goose isn't goo for the gander o_O

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
apparently not...oh well screw them

sinthe March 29th, 2009
Would they prefer "filthy, unwashed prostitute"?

LOL Kristin's e-peen is hurt!

simsforaranya March 28th, 2009
ARMAGADS SHE CAN BE SO ANNOYING. She friended my personal journal back in November, during the whole simmers-who-are-nanoing-unite. I ended up getting so ticked off by constant (and I mean CONSTANT) posts, and lack of cutting of stuff. But then I like to be able to easily skip stuff that I don't want to read. >.> I'm sure she's a nice enough person and all, but I honestly don't want to see her exercise playlist twice a day. >_< *is exaggerating...slightly*

Actually, what I really need to do is grow a spine and inform people that they are annoying. Or defriend them.

Any idea where I can get a cheap spine?

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
oh no, i actually have evidence of her being a nasty two bit whore...shes a little freak and needs to be banned from LJ altogether.

lol i dunno, my spine comes and goes, but its really strong when im pissed off.

leenygirl March 28th, 2009
lol, Okay, things are a bit more clearer now, Apparently there are deep seeded stuff I didn't know about. ^.^

leenygirl March 28th, 2009
P.S. I totally remember your post in Sim Spam about OTH and The Sims 3 now that you said what it was. I caught it when I woke up really early one morning.

kingmike1224 March 28th, 2009
but i totally didnt post it..no one saw it...stupid people

leenygirl March 28th, 2009
Yeah I totally remember it now.

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