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The IDK Legacy 3.1

Last time, which was a long time ago apparently, GTFO was declared heir and married his baby daddy, Otis Lambert by selzi. Photobucket was a tool and deleted the picture of GTFO waddling around in his underwear, twice. Otis and DIAF started fighting, resulting in alot of ass kicking, and GTFO got abducted by aliens.

Whats this?! DIAF actually consoling STFD after he ran from the fight?! Thats a new one for me. But enough of tis, he isnt heir, so out he goes.

A few quick age transitions will speed up the process...

You know, unless he goes insane or something. If anyone actually cares, he rolled romance.

Therapist: Ahh i see we have nothing up in the noodle.
STFD: Duh...duh
DIAF: Daaaamn Otis is hott!!

So thats why they are constantly at it. Its hidden sex i bet!!

And WTF grew into a toddler. Ill be honest and say i totally forgot he was a boy and thought he was a girl.

The taxi has come for STFD to move into his place...

and he took all the cats with him. There goes the lot lag, and free money.

Teenage hooker: GTFO is a fine piece of ass, no wonder i followed him home?
Barrett: *birdwatches*
GTFO: Why is that hottie birdwatching and not flirting with me?!

LOL you think this would be Otis, but its actually Shane Roberts from leenyland, and Otis is sick with the flu...FUCK!!! You better not pass that shit around Otis!!

I dont remember the flu ever throwing up, the damn game surprises me sometimes!!!

Teenage Hooker: So would you show me your pocket rocket for some money?
GTFO: You have my attention, how much are you talking
River: Hi son!! *waves*

LOL i wonder if GTFO sold out for that 191 bucks?! And damn theres a perv staring at River in the shower!!

And ACR kicks up a notch and these 2 start going after each other, well dang, thats fast.

Katrina: I totally wish that GTFO would pay attention to me!!
Shane: I wonder what shes thinking about?!

GTFO: Hey youre pretty hott, would you wanna sleep with me?
Boris: Are you talking to me?

LOL The magnetism of the bike, GTFO just cant escape it. Hes like super addicted.

Katrina: Have you totally met this dudes sister? Shes smoking!!
Boris: Oh shit does she have a nice ass?

I apparently have a whole bunch of Bi sims.

Barrett: Hey, id really like to get to know you better.
GTFO: Me, really?

GTFO: Your skin is soo soft.
Barrett: OMG! Youre amazing!!

GTFO: Bitch do you not see me getting my groove on?! Leave me be!!!

GTFO: See how flexible I am, you know you totally want it!!!
Me: Dude, bi-polar much?!

Oh shit youre pregnant, that would explain the vomiting.

GTFO: I think i hear more than one baby
Me: He better only have one!! You dont have money for twins?!

Gotta admit, he is being a good dad though. I dont even have to direct him to change diapers.

Otis: Hi, i need a shower.
Me: Well theres a bathtub in the next room, and a shower upstairs. You pick and do it.

Oh YAY another abduction.

As we can see, DIAF is just absolutely ecstatic about it.
DIAF: Duh, which way did he go George?!
Me: *points up*

He returns a couple of hours later without a baby jingle so i dunno if hes preggo with Alien spawn or not.

Otis is happy to see him though, going out and singing to him.
Otis: You are so beautiful to meeeee...
GTFO: *swoons*

Awww building a snowman together is cute, its my first autonomous snowman.

Then Otis destroys it with his big belly while GTFO emos about being abducted, sound about right to you?!

Otis: Im happy youre home hunny
GTFO: So am i, so am i

YUM! Hello Rhys Rowan!!!

LOL Even GTFO agrees with me that Rhys is the bees knees, though the mailman wants a piece of action too.

So i figure that since GTFOs LTW is 20 loves, he could start sleeping around. Here is the random CAS townie i made with the eyes i love. Gretchen is watching with intruigue. Gretchen here is dothesmustles FC entry.

GTFO: Mom i really couldnt wish for a better life!! People wanna be with me left and right, im happily married and have a child, with another on the way.
DIAF: You have a better life than i did.

GTFO: Hey baby, maybe i could get your number, and we could go out sometime.
Hestia: Oh absolutely *swoons*
Ava: I wish hed ask me out.

Hestia: You are totally the coolest person ever!!!
GTFO: OMG! you are sooo nice.
Rhys: Damn baby be fiiiine!!
skittleboxs FC entry: *plays hacky sack*

GTFO: So how much is this gonna cost again?!
Townie: Im gonna get laid!!

And he suuure got laid. GTFO is happy.

Red headed co-worker here asked River if he wanted a blind date, and well i decided why not...DIAF is at work. He gets this chicky, while GTFO tries to pick up the co-worker.

Apparently, everyone is perving on River hooking up with the blind date.

River got down wit his bad self.

Otis: Hunny, Im so happy you married me *that will teach them to try and pick up my man*

Otis: You know, im totally having his baby. It will be our second kid together.
Ava: I dont really care, hes still hott.

Ava: But if you want, you can come work for me *and hopefully die*
Me: o.0 My game is getting vicious!!

Hestia Randolph got taken by the charms of GTFO too. Thats #3 woohoo!!

GTFO: Come on WTF!! Walk to daddy.
Otis: I have a happy family.

*bump* #2 for Otis

LOL Penguin talking criminals with the evil snowman...hes prolly like Bitch I am a criminal.

But GTFO continues to teach WTF his skills...i mean WTF grows up tomorrow so its kinda scary.

o.0 I bet youre pregnant you bitch!!!

I guess i was right...How come you didnt show me any signs!!! Last time i had the damn thought bubble like 5 times.

GTFO: You know im pregnant right?!
Mailman: Have you heard Kelly Clarksons new CD?! Isnt it awesome. *rejects GTFO from Woohoo*

GTFO: Whos special day is it today, its yours, yes it is
WTF: *giggles*

Cake time. PLEASE dont be ugly.

Sim!Me: Listen bitch, dont fucking spy on me when im in the shower.
River: That totally wasnt me dude, i have a wife.

Well hes a cute kid, but makeover time!!!

MUCH BETTER!! Isnt he totally adorable?!

Then Otis goes into labor...well at least they are well distanced apart.

And its only one baby *phew*

Ya i dont remember what sex it is, but its name is FTW and has Otiss eyes, GTFOs skin and hair.

- This is the farthest ive played til, i have been so wrapped up in the simpsons and trying to figure out why the lot crashed on me all the time when i loaded it. Probably deterred me from playing them.
- founder by katu_sims, Gen 1s spouse by leenyland, Gen 2s spouse by selzi
- i added a bunch more townies, which is why you saw bunches of P-T townies in the main house.
- possible Simpson update tomorrow nite.
Tags: idk, simself

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