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I have been a member of this site for a few years and have generally been a happy customer when i pay for my subscriptions. I came across a thread stating that you had hacked a creator on Modthesims2, and deleted, or rather tried to delete, all of their creations. This greatly upset me and i was mad. You, as the website, stated that you had been hacked 3 months prior and someone else had logged into their site on modthesims2 and deleted everything, and well that really doesn't sit well with me.

If you had been hacked 3 months ago, when i was a paying subscriber, why did I not receive an email/message at all saying that you had been hacked. This was not only jeopardizing my account password here, but also my financial records/transactions with you as well. I am agrivating that when you even try to say that you didn't hack them, meanwhile you hacked simsecret on LJ, we all know you did, but by trying to cover yourself with failed logic is unfeasible.

Please delete my account from your systems as i will not come back to this site as I am too disgusted by your business practices.

A good old FUCK YOU to you all!!

their reply


Not one thing of the things you have read and seem to believe in are true, but i doubt you care.
I have deleted your account now.

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