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The Simpson Legacy 5.4

Last time, which actually wasnt too long ago, The family moved into a new house. Emmett and Edward grew into kids and Bevin was awesome.

Look at the crowded house, its sooo crowded that theres 2 people missing LOL. Poor DJ and Ethan.

Greeeeeeeeeeat. Not only do i get the ugly ass painting, but i get it in stereo too. Wheres my little artist anyway?

Awww hes playing chess with his grandfather, cuuuute.
Emmett: Grandpa, cant i got to bed?
Carter: Shhh! Im concentrating.

Mind you it was like 3am.

Eliza here though, well shes been hitting the gym all the time. Not only is it her OTH, but shes still working off the excess pounds. Damn birthday cakes.

Bevin and Dave here still go at it like rabbits. Good thing neither one of them can get pregnant.

No reason for this picture except to show off Marlon.

Eliza here is taking extra care of the children, because the adults seem to like hopping into bed with each other. Dave also just came home do you get demoted from being Mayor?! seriously!

I dont think i was ever prepared for this moment...Its tooo heartwrenching.

Marlon, you know youre my favorite, but im tempted to kill you for that comment.

Bevin: WTF bitch!! Dont ruin my day by telling me that im dead!!!
Grim: Its not my call lady, i get my orders from my boss.

HOLY FUCK?!! 48 people, i think thats the most ive seen to date.

Dave: *has breakdown*
Ya i turned off his platinum for this. I wanted to have someone actually break down in this legacy.

Dave: Thanks for coming so fast doc. I dont know what i would have done without you.
Doc: Still been crazhy, yah.

Dave: OMG Bevin!! I cant believe youre gone. What will i ever do without you?!
Me: Awww my poor Dave!!

Eliza: Emmetts gonna be an emo brat his whole life isnt he?!
Me: Considering today is his birthday, theres a really good chance of that.

Emmett: Great Grandma!!! I miss you *cries*
Edward: Geez and i was supposed to be the emo one.

Birthday Time!!

Edward: WOW i have raging hormones now!! Sweet!!!

Rolled family...i just tend to keep the same turn on/offs they get randomly.

Emmett: Wow I got a nice hard bicep!! Im ripped
Me: Uh! No you arent.

So i forgot to do it like i did with Edward but heres Emmetts. Fortune with turn on/offs.

LTW for them both, Emmett..Uh...Lets check that there randomizer.

Ahhh so Emmett is gay, well then the LTW isnt strange.

Cliff is wortking his way up the Criminal track...i had re-rolled his LTW cuz i wasnt doing a 20 love want again right now.

Marlon: Come to me, my faithful servant.
Emmett: What the fuck, grandpa?! Get away from me with that shit.

Marlon: What about you, Edward?!
Edward: Oooo Sparkles!!

Edward done got bit!! One down and one to go.

Marlon: I shall sire you?!
Emmett: Wha?! Grandpa if you wanna turn me into a vampire just say so.

Ya, i focus on Marlon turning them into vamps, and Eliza jumps into bed with Dave...Thats just sick!!

I sent Edward (and Emmett) out to the Kiddie play house thing. Apparently Emmett didnt wanna get into the car. Edward here greeted everyone, because i wasnt passing up any opportunity to find a mate for everyone.

LOL No way Edward, me here or not, i am not marrying into the family.

Edward, with his miraculously spawned cell phone, called up Emmett and invited him out, and of course Emmett accepted. They are like super close.

Then Emmett went around and greeted every eligible bachelor to check for himself. Here is Oren Manning (from rikkulideas Laurinces).

And here is leenylands incarnation in my hood...she needs to change her clothes though. She hasnt come home with Dave in ages and is still in the same outfit.

Emmett: I am so not marrying her, i want a man!! Grrr!

How on earth is it possible to fit more now than when Emmett and Edward were kids. And still poor Ethan.

So I decided Mr Aidan would be perfect for Emmett, Hell i just love looking at Aidan. But Aidan left before Emmett showed up, so I had Edward call him, threw Emmett on the phone and kicked Edward off the phone.

Edward here was stuck to the wishing well to help find him a lover.

There will be no Simpsoncest here, get lost Brandy! And arent you a lesbian anyway?!

Cliff is slowly working his way up the criminal track....i have no idea how far away he is.

I dont remember whats going on in this picture, but theres a whole bunch of vampires up during the daylight. Wonder whats wrong with this picture.

Marlon breaks in LTW #8 i think. And he brings home Javi Valenzula...

which apparently doesnt please the butler too much.
Butler: More fucking people to clean up after!!

Aidan here is looking to go out on a date, so i have him call up Aidan to bring up the relationship before he asks him out.

Aidan: You probably live in the industrial part of town.
Emmett: What are you talking about?! Theres no factories around my neighborhood.

Gratuitous Edward in the shower shot.

Gratuitous Emmett shot.

Emmett: So Aidan, what do you say? Wanna go out on the town with me?

Aidan: No i dont think so.
Emmett: *pouts*

Emmett: So randomly glowing walkby lady, I love meeting new people.
Christie: What do you mean randomly glowing?!

Emmett: Well its not everyday you meet someone who glows?
Christie: Oh i guess your right.

Christie: Ill show you what its like to glow and glitter.

Emmett: Oh Shit, Im a warlock!! Sweet!!

Cliff: *teaches Elizabeth nursery rhyme*

The main reason for this picture is that i finally figured out why my vampires were blue with my invisible skin hack, and fixed my vampires look like normal sims.

Emmett: I summon the powers of Gaia, Make the rain fall from the sky.
(ya i wasnt gonna actually search up something creative so bite me.)

Marlon: Blah!!
You go working that tight ass up the entertainment career path...its like LTW #9?! I actually had a list somewhere but i cant find it anymore.

Poor Dave has been so non-existent this update, but hes just being sad and crying all the time and trying to sleep with Eliza. He needs a new wife.

Teenage chicky: Daaaaamn, hes fine.
Me: Um chick, hes married to another man. He loves the cock.

OK, the house is too full and i cant keep you away from screwing your great grandfather so off to college you go Eliza.

Dave: Damn, who beat the chick with the ugly stick? *barfs*
Me: Shes not THAT bad looking, she could use a makeover though.

Im sorry, i just love him.

So i have a bad witch, why not have a good one as well. I dont plan on keeping Cliff and Marlon here forever.

Emmett my little artist has been super busy painting my heir wall..the first picture though is Gen 0...Its Daniels parents, from leenyland.

How on earth could a game be that interesting with 3 teenage girls and a gay old man...probably talking about how sexy Kellan Lutz is i bet :p. Ya you see what i did there.

Marlon: Logan can you say Daddy
Logan: Daddy!!

Cliff: Marlon, you look soo sexy in that suit.

OMG! The sun reflexes are go. Now theres 4 vampires in the house to make it funnier.

Dave here has really just been lonely, he just mopes around the house and cleans the windows, mops up puddles, etc.

Since Daves days are numbered, i have him call up his grandkids and boot up their relationship...hey, the more there are, the more benefit.

The study squad do their homework in style...hell if they are vamp teens they gotta be like the Cullens then.

This seriously is the most awesome shit ever...Emmetts benefit is raking in 25 grand a day...hes gonna make $100000 in no time.

Birthday time again!! time for twins part 3 i think. Its funny how basically everyones birthdays matched up.

Heres Elizabeth...isnt she a cutie!!

and Logan, hes gonna be a charmer.

Dionysuss ghost: Im sooo mad about nothing.

Yet Rochelle is the one whos pissy and scaring everyone.

Awww Chuck forgave Carter for kissing his husband, cuz god forbid he does that?! I totally thought they had woohooed though.

LTW #9 for Marlon, and Emmett is painting the next portrait on his list, Carter.

LTW #10 is actually feasible, im highly tempted to fill this want.
(Remember Marlons kids are Drew, Drake, Dallas, Diane, DJ, and Logan)

So ya i have absolutely no idea who or what is fighting here, i really shoulda kept track when i played this part.

Edward is starting to get his body points up!! I like having fully skilled people.

Marlon: Did you have a good day at work hunny?
Cliff: I had a great day, i wish we could celebrate.
Marlon: Carter is almost dead, then we can run away together.

So i finally sent Dave to the well to get him someone to love...

except after being married for 40+ years/days i doubt he wants to get some action from a guy.

I teleported the Countess here because apparently she has high chemistry with Dave, and i wanna get him some nookie, but Dionysus apparently didnt like that idea and scared the shit outta Dave.

And apparently his dead departed wife decided to scare their kid. But Emmett is almost done with the portraits for the wall.

Dave got the countess in the sack, but then dawn came and she plan b, get him someone who can be out in the day.

This here is Karen, shes also from the crystal ball, and i kinda cheated their relationship, so they got a nice head start.

Dave couldnt bear to be alone for another nite, so he proposed to Karen, who of course said yes, and moved in.

LTW/Asp picture.

Now, she needs to start getting some connections of her own, after all, Dave doesnt have much more tread on his tires.

I finally cleared up the bug with the headmaster, so i invited him on over...may as well get the kids in private school if i can.

They have a nice family dinner, or if thats what you wanna call it with Edward and Emmett eating in their underwear.

Edward: You know DJ, with your birthday coming up, i could totally turn you into a vampire. youd love it.
Headmaster: WTF he just say?
Karen: EDWARD!

They totally got in, I couldnt be happier.

DJ grew up and well shes ready for the rodeo. Yippee-kai-a cowgirl.

Asp/turn on/off shot.

Dave here is macking up his new bride...not like they had a formal wedding or anything.

Dang, Emmett is just raking in the cash. $50 grand and he is barely a teen...i think its only been 5 days.

Its now college time for these 2, well see them soon though.

Dave here decided to go step out on his wife with the Contessa. They were damn proud about it, but Karen was due home any minute so she went goodbye.

And Dave here was ready and able to jump in the sack with his wife. No fear of ED for him.

Hai Cole Fox, care to bring back my invisible paper?

And apparently nothing interesting happened on this day, because next thing you know its 6pm and there goes Dave, on Ethans birthday no less.

Dave: OMG! I get to see Bevin again! Im coming hun!

31 people, not too shabby, but then again no one could ever top Bevin in my game.

Karen: Oh Dave died..

Karen: DAVE DIED!! *has breakdown*

Karen: *goes nuts*
Carter: Whats wrong with her?!

Carter: Oh shes gone insane.
Therapist: *flies in and cures her*

In the meantime, Ethan grew up. Asp shot.

Mrowr. He definitely cleans up nicely.

BAH! Bad Contessa!!

Carter: *cries* My parents are dead, im so heartbroken.

Karen: *cries* My husband died.
Cliff: I dont know her.

Bevins ghost: God why did he have to die?! I was so happy in the afterlife, screwing random guys.

DJ: OMG! Great grandpa is dead!!!
Ethan: eating here, not caring.

So apparently i missed the picture of DJ being bitten, but she got Ethan!


So i sent him out on the trying different places. Ethan gets the arcade.

To kill time til the young ladies show up, because hes straight and all, he decides to play pool with a CAS of mine thats sitting in a house waiting to be played, Xander Mulligan.

Ethan: BLAH! That chick is ugly!!
Me: I didnt ask you if you liked her, i didnt do anything with you for her.

Ethan: Hey gorgeous, Im Ethan, Ethan Simpson. Nice to meet you.
Pretty townie: Teehee!

Ethan: If you were a parking ticket, youd have FINE written all over you.

Me: Ummm Ethan, if youre straight, why do you wanna dance with a guy?!

New family shot...DJ had been sent off to Uni and thats why she isnt here, but look at how uncrowded it is...everyone in the house is in the picture.

HDU CLIFF!!! You have a love of your life you are going to marry when his husband dies.

Karen: OMG! I cant say goodbye to Ethan whos in front of me because theres a wall in the way!!
Me: o.0
Marlon: Bye Ethan, have fun at Uni!!!

This leaves the newly teen Elizabeth and Logan to sit around the house and ponder life til they go.

Karen: I think i may be pregnant!!
Me: Which one is that father?! Thats for you to decide.

Cliff got a promotion, Karen is teaching Logan how to do his homework, and a shitload of money just came into the house.

LOL Yup shes pregnant alright!!! Damn her!

Carter: Marlon you are just drop dead gorgeous.
Karen: Hello, im tired.
Cliff: I smell really bad.

- 5.5 is coming up, i have it capped and uploaded
- founder by leenyland
- teaser by dothesmustle
- family tree has been updated to include generation 5
- cut line by rikkulideas Randolph Legacy 3.4
Tags: simpsons, simself

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