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The Simpson Legacy 5.5

Last time, which was like 2 days ago, All the kids grew up and went off to Uni. Bevin died and Dave remarried because he was being useless, and then Dave died leaving a brand new widow named Karen. Cliff decided to bed the new widow and i was kinda skeeved out.

So before this i actually had a picture of Ivan bringing Eliza to Uni and then moved in all the kids. The kids all went to the first day of class and Emmett and Edward made friends with the frat-holder Drake. Emmett and Edward were both named as heirs and moved into the frat house...then the comp crapped out and i didnt save the pictures and here we are. Drake here is wishing on the well for another lover.

Its Aqua Murray...its actually dothesmustles FC3 entry in this neighborhood.

And Edward and Emmett are here to enjoy their time at Uni!! Dont they just look excited.

Aidan here has finally succumbed to Emmetts wyles. Thats gotta be the sexiest face i have ever seen Aidan make.

LOL tickling Aidan made the house level actually go up to level 5 from a level 3...awwww how cute do they look?!

Emmett: Aidan, you are just great to be around...

Emmett: you do have a nice ass too!!

And with a little kissing,

some best friending,

Emmett got to see what Aidan looks like naked. They are two of the cutest sims together i have ever seen.

Aidan: OMG! That was the bestest time ever!!!

Emmett: WTF!! I had a long night, why the fuck did you disturb me while im sleeping?! Asshole!
Drake: Holy shit you are a vampire!!

Emmett here likes fitness, no wonder why he thought he was buff when he turned into a teen!!

Now this is a scene right out of Twilight, isnt it?!

Skill my pretties!! Skill til you max each and every one of them.

Emmett: Sorry to interrupt my skilling, but i think theres something wrong with me.
Me: Whats wrong with you?!
Emmett: Im pregnant!!
Me: God Damn It!!!!

You bet your ass he took his pregnant ass and waddled over to the bookcase and went back to skilling. No breaks for him now.

I dont remember why i took this picture, but isnt Drake just dreamy looking in this picture?!

Emmett: Hey hunny, i got ne-
Aidan: Holy Shit youre pregnant!
Emmett: Howd you guess so fast?!

Aidan: Awww I love babies though

Aidan: Hai baby, its your daddy. I cant wait to see you!!

Emmett: Aidan, I love you...Will you marry me?
Aidan: Yes, I will. Ill be with you til the day that I die.

Emmett: Who says you have to die?!

And thus, Aidan was turned into a vampire, and greatly enjoyed it too.

Prof ghost: Boo!
Emmett: Holy shit, its a ghost
Aidan: Bored now, can i go woohoo my fiancee?

LOL Apparently we gotta get the important questions asked first...like money, job and skills.

So i decided that instead of Edward using the well for a love, id use the crystal ball. Edward here happened to have Nora Snyder from the Roberts Legacy. I figured hey, its someone...til BAM! 3 bolter.

And thing progressed really quickly...

and i mean REAL QUICK!

Nora: That was amazing Edward.
Edward: I know Bella Nora

Well seeing as they are 3 bolters, they get to live together forever. So Vampire bite!

And apparently i missed stuff cuz Emmett is in labor...i picked Random.

And we have 1 baby...Its a boy with Aidans everything. His name is Forest.

Emmett is awesome as a dad, hes always holding the baby, cuddling the baby

..tucking the baby in when its sleeping..

and thinking about giving Forest a baby sibling...wait a minute!!!

Drake here has been a bit boring...all he does is write term papers, study...

and go to the well for easy lovers.

I dont remember anything about this lovely young lady, but shes definitely good looking.

I dunno...does the streaker look better with this tone, or with my old one? i kinda like him more like this.

And Drake led her right to the photo booth for a quickie. The vampires kinda are boring during the day because they are basically locked up except for class.

Edward finally rolled a want to go on a date with Nora, so I invited her on over for a date...Edward liked my idea :p

Though going to the photobooth right away really isnt romantic.

Edward: I love you with all my heart Bella Nora, will you marry me?
Nora: Oh hell no. I dont know you like that, and you need to stop calling me Bella in bed mister.

Emmett is totally unaware of his brother failing at getting engaged, hes too busy maxing his body skill.

and thinking hes pregnant. Thats his second baby in Uni already...he wants to be the new Nicky Carter...i wonder if this has anything to do with people getting involved with Aidan Roberts.

And we have a pop!!

Emmett: Hey buddy, youre gonna have a baby brother or sister in a few months days.

Another day, another love from the well. Its not like im actually playing Uni all out either...its you fill the grade bar, you GTFO.

But Drake has been really awesome by changing his diaper, i dont know if i really want him to actually leave my poor heirs.

Drake did eventually get around to his lady friend. He is a romance sim after all.

Pearl: Stick it in Stick it in waaaaaay in....Go SEX!

Lady Friend: So i love the way you were able to handle my curves.
Drake: Thats nice *stares at Pearl*

Hi Tank!!!! Thinking about joining the legacy!?

Drake: Take this rose, it isnt as pretty as you are.
Pearl: OMG! You are, like, totally romantic.

She apparently shows her affections well.

Haha Drake, the shameless flirt has gotten the frat upto Level 6 with his woohooing.

Oh, hey, thanks Emmett. Just what i always needed, a craptacular table thing.

Pop 2...yay another day til yet another baby!!

Drake here still loves taking care of his great-nephew. Romance sims make the best parents.

Birthday time for baby Forest.

Drake: Say Pearl, why dont you come on over and we can have some fun?
Pearl: Sure, ill be right over.

Meanwhile, Emmett works on his term paper and Forest plays with the creepy bunny head.

But thats kinda interrupted when he decided to go into labor.

Random of course...if i go crazy, i want it to be with like 40 kids in the house.

Booo!!! Only one baby.

Its a girl, same coloring as her brother, and shes named Fawn.

Drake: Please let me get someone as hott as Edwards girlfriend

LOL soooo didnt happen.

UH! No please stop calling him.

Drake reminds me of his awesome by playing piano in the zone.

Ahhh my Gen 5 frat holder is calling, ya ill make Emmett get up for this.

LOL So yay, these two finally got their relationship to boost up again.

So much so, they are in love now...yay! You know what that means.

She finally said yes!! Damn straight!!

I also had Emmett invite over Ethan..i need to make sure he spends enough time here to move in before they move out.

He agrees to join, like he had a fucking option anyway :p

Poor Emmett, hes been non pregnant for like a day and hasnt seen Aidan in like 4 or 5 days, so i had him call up Aidan for some hang out time.

Aidan: Hey beautiful, i havent seen you in a while.
Emmett: ya about that, i got stuff to tell you.

Emmett: Hey Ethan, i wantcha to come meet your new soon to be brother in law.
Ethan: Youre gay?! since when?

Ethan: So youre the dude that won my brothers heart. Im Ethan.
Aidan: Pleased to meet you Ethan, i guess you could say i won his heart... he had 2 of my kids. *damn Ethan is fine*

Drake: Fair Marion, would you do me the honor of being my lawfully wedded wife?
Marion: *giggles* Of course.

And then they celebrate. (in case this picture gets deleted, look at the teaser).

Nora decided my very well off frat needs more extravagance. She brought by a telescope, which her new fiancee decided to use...

and apparently get abducted by. Ooooo Different alien genetics!!!

Bye Edward, pick a nice alien to get probed by!!

Emmett: OMG! Edward get abducted :(
Drake: OMG! Edward got abducted :)

And Edward comes back a bit fast for my taste.

Edward: OMG! They put what in where?!

So Drake graduated, and instead of actually, i dunno, calling up his fiancee, he calls Pearl...i think he wants me to change my mind.

That is the most perfect graduation picture i have ever gotten. Im so upset i have no where to actually use it.

OK, so heres a story about Elizabeth. This GOD DAMN bitch would not stop calling, like EVER. every 5 minutes she was calling for anyone in the damn house. Im definitely happy i didnt pick Elizabeth for heir, shes fucking annoying as anything.

This picture goes two-fold. I was going on and on trying to get Emmett to make 100,000 bucks before the end of college because stupid me thought it was his LTW...not that i ever checked or anything. It also is showing that Ethan has finally moved into the frat house, and i had to cram yet another crypt in the attic.

And Edward here popped...i still dunno which PT of mine is daddy (well i do at this point but ah forget it)

I swear, he was just trying to win my favoritism by doing this...do you know how much i LOVE this action?!

Nora here i dont think was ready for the surprise that Edward just delivered on her, and im not talkin about the kiss.

and this is Ethan actually moving into the house...i finally got my place holder in the house...but never fear...Ethan will actually get a spin off legacy from this one because i like his looks sooo much.

Pop 2 for Edward...so close to aliens!!!

Um ya...so theres actually no supervision for these children for the whole day...but yet i cant have them all leave the house for like 5 minutes, social worker never comes to check up on anyone does she?!

Ethan is bringing a new meaning to FIERCE!


LULZ while i wanna be fun and actually get quad alien babies, i still like the random option.

o.0 It says more than one...im kinda scared.

And its Fleur and Fallon. Their PT daddy is PTOwen...you all may know him as RHEM, or Founder Challenge 1 sim!

Edward had himself a graduation party, where like nothing happened, and i didnt even get a good picture at the end, sorry Edward.

But Emmett at least got the picture reward!!!

- Founder and Influx of Roberts clan is brought by leenyland
- teaser which i love, is by dothesmustle
- downloads post is updated to include all Gen 5, Though Aidan and Nora link to leenylands download post.
- feel free to ask for anything/request anything..ill try my best to actually get it up for you.

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simsforaranya April 14th, 2009
"Thats his second baby in Uni already...he wants to be the new Nicky Carter...i wonder if this has anything to do with people getting involved with Aidan Roberts." IT IS. It is Aidan-caused. XD

Now I'm really afraid of sticking him in my game. >.>

The idea of twilight!Edward getting abducted by aliens MAY have caused me to get water up my nose. XD

I am jealous of Edward's belly-rubbing. My sims don't do that enough. ;_;

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2009
LOL well to be honest, i totally love Aidan...i nagged leenyland to make him the heir, then i nagged her to have him take my sim as a lover :p

I know, i was typing it and i was like this sounds too funny...and then the whole Nora/Bella thing came into my head when she denied him.

leenygirl April 14th, 2009
LOL at you turning all my Sims into vampires. ^.^

wonder if this has anything to do with people getting involved with Aidan Roberts.
Hey don't blame your over fertile Sims on Aidan. lol.

Booo!!! Only one baby.

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2009
LOL of course...i got Vampirism into the house now i need to figure out how to deal with all the vampires :p

I will blame your AIdan for making everyone have babies...or do you not remember the risky woohoo pregnancy of me.

Well i was actually planning three babies per heir...so if Emmett had twins there woulda been no more pregnancies for him.

I really need an Emmett Simpson icon LOL

quinctia April 20th, 2009
In that first pic kiss with Aqua, girl looks like it's the most physically paining experience EVAR.

Hey, that craptacular table will be PRICELESS if they ever bring back a giant wad of yarn.

I read this:
Drake reminds me of his awesome by playing piano in the zone.

As this:
Drake reminds me of his awesome by playing piano in the oven.

I'm missing fabulous new actions by not having FT, obviously.

I like Pearl's name. And Uni NPCs still act like fucking spazzes even after being married in, I hear!

kingmike1224 April 20th, 2009
Well I was playing Drake a bit after Uni and he kept rolling wants to do stuff with Pearl, so I had him invite over his fiancee and have her catch him cheat and they broke up. Then he smooth talked her back to love and had her move in as a roomie (I didn't even know that) and he's engaged to Pearl now

katu April 20th, 2009
LOL @ "I'm not really good at anything yet..."

kingmike1224 April 21st, 2009
LOL hes good at impregnating people!!

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