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Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?

my first entry

Well I decided to sit down and write my first real journal entry. Where to begin with this entry??? Hmmm...Well how about I start with how much I hate my life. 2 of my closest friends and I are fighting right now because one of them is a bitch, and the other is just rude. Although the rude friend claims to be neutral, it can be obviously seen that she is not. Well this wouldn't be soo much of a fucking problem but one of my friends went behind my back and is telling the bitch everything I have been saying..which is making it worse. I feel that all of my friends have turned their backs on me...and boy do i mean all...I hvae only like 4 people i talk to now because of this whole situation. I just can't seem to trust anybody anymore...I even had to change my AIM name because of it. It agrivates me to have to go to such lengthsjust to try to lead a normal life..and this is just all online...I feel that my friends online (with exceptions of a couple) hate me.

On top of this whole thing, i have been depressed about school and from my real "friends" are giving me the cold shoulder to boot. I mean almost everyone knows that is why I am planning on transferring to Stony Brook next semester (if i get in).

I mean seriously...I have to be the only 20 yr old who has a life like mine...never had a girlfriend...basically all my friends hate me...and suffering from depression...ooo fun life. All of this has me thinking terrible thoughts to myself that i just don't wanna think about...you know the standard...should i just stay offline for a couple of weeks...suck it up and apologize for their wrong doing...feelings of worthlessness....suicide...etc etc.

Anyway...this whole thing gets worse day by day...I guess that is enough for now...I'll try and write in here tomorrow!!

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simsforaranya April 14th, 2009
I'm pretty sure my first entry was something along the lines of 'lol hai, I have an LJ now and I'm not sure what to do with it hehehe." XD

Personal journal, that is. Sims journal was a sims update, lol.

quinctia April 15th, 2009
Here's mine...getting close to nine eight years ago. I was 18!!:

I made a blogger on Xanga, and I'm finding it kinda interesting.

But I saw some of the features on here, and I thought I would try livejournal.com .

If nothing else, at least I claimed the username quinctia for myself at one more place. (It's all part of my plot for world domination.)

Thing to contemplate: Is it a bad sign, when you argue with your boyfriend over whose plot for world domination is going to work better?

Another thing to contemplate: Aren't I already in the lead, considering that most guys think with a certain organ...and I happen to be well endowed?

Edited at 2009-04-15 05:40 am (UTC)

simsforaranya April 15th, 2009

Also, as it seems that being well-endowed is part of success for evil villainesses (tangent: WHY IS THIS NOT A WORD), looking at all the ones in cartoon history, I SHALL BE ABLE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. >:D

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2009
Darn You!!!! i wish i was that wise to think of world conquest

leenygirl April 15th, 2009
I don't have my first entries anymore. :( But it probably would have been bitching about college. ^.^ I went completely emo once and deleted two years of journal entries because I was like. "I FAIL AT LIFE KTHX."

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