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Writer's Block: Celebrating Friendships

Over the past ten years, many friendships have started and/or been renewed on LiveJournal. Of your current LJ friends, who have you known the longest?

Well on my list theres Dana who has been a BFF since i got an LJ, and then theres heather who ive talked to for like 14 yrs...then i think my best friend from my childhood is on my FL...but everyone is special to me :p

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feenie April 24th, 2009
WHAT!?!?! No me!?!? :-(

Seriously, how long is it now!?!?

kingmike1224 April 25th, 2009
i think its 5 yrs now...it doesnt feel that long

feenie April 25th, 2009
It doesn't!!! And yet it feels like we've known each other forever.

sparklediamant April 25th, 2009
*hug* I think we got our LJs around the same time, we were probably eachother's first friends (or close to it). :)

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