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Wow there are just some people who need to turn off the fucking computer and realize that their whole world shouldn't revolve around something irrelevant to their lives.

To those who don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, its a laugh and a half!!

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katu April 27th, 2009
Hope it's not my recent rant. :P

kingmike1224 April 27th, 2009
When did you rant on your journal?! I haven't seen a rant in like the past 2 days...I'm talking bout sim_wank/simsecret drama and how people are getting so bent out of shape

katu April 27th, 2009
Oh, yeah, that. :P I just ranted about PMs in my sims journal yesterday, right before you posted this. Just bad timing, lol!

flirts April 27th, 2009
<3 ilu and everyone else sux

kingmike1224 April 27th, 2009

Ilu 2 <3

They can't even get my name right in the wank post, and some troll doesn't like me, boohoo!!

I'm so tempted to post that they need to unplug the computer and actually go outside, but I know ill get roasted

skittlebox April 27th, 2009
Don't these people have families to raise? ffs.

There's a thread of a few of them bitching about you guys and how you take it too srs or w/e because secrets r srs bsns. AND WTF YOU PEOPLE ARE THE ONES ALL OMGGGGGGGGGGGG OUR LIVES ARE OVER THE SECRETS ARE /RUINED/FOR/EVER/WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


kingmike1224 April 27th, 2009
I find it funny that one of the threads that some troll girl said that I rubbed her the wrong way, kinda like how kristin did to me.


sinthe April 27th, 2009
asdfdjsd fuckin' tell me about it.

kingmike1224 April 27th, 2009
This is so retarded and what's worse/funny about it is the one who put together the whole retarded post has 2 kids she should be playing with/watching rather than type up a retarded post like that

sinthe April 27th, 2009
JFC she's FORTY and should have a life beyond her idiot box. Shit, go to work or something.

beachwee April 27th, 2009
It is very lame and i agree shanshan

feenie April 27th, 2009
How do you keep getting into these dramas!?

sinthe April 27th, 2009
He "rubs people the wrong way."

Better practice those handjobs, Shan!

lauriethemuppet April 27th, 2009
<333 ILU MIKE :D

leenygirl April 27th, 2009
I seriously can't believe how BIG the wank has gotten.

Which is why I'm sticking to my hibernation. ^.^

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