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Survey stolen from Martini!!

Last Cigarette: The one cigarette i smoked was Nov 21st was definitely a bad mistake too
Last Alcoholic Drink: Last nite...i drank a smirnoff *blushes*
Last Car Ride: I think it was Tuesday...i drove to the mall!
Last Kiss: I kissed my mom good bye on Sunday..does that count...And ewww there was no tongue!
Last Good Cry: Its been a while...maybe i should watch A walk to remember...that always gets me going
Last Library Book checked out: Li-bra-ry...what is this li-bra-ry??...actually it has been a while...i dont think my card is valid anymore LOL
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: American Wedding I went with friends from work when it opened
Last Book Read: This is a joke question right LOL
Last Movie Rented: Chicago and Uptown Girls....2 good movies...though Chicago i thought would be better
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Probably Fuck...cursing my brother out on the phone
Last Beverage Drank: Diet Pepsi
Last Food Consumed: Reeses Pieces i think...not sure though
Last Crush: No crushes...just people who i have the hots aint a crush cuz they know it!
Last Phone Call: My sister...calling to annoy me :p
Last TV Show Watched: Mad TV...great show!!
Last Time Showered: This morning...if anyone answerred something else...EWW!
Last Shoes Worn: Filas...i got em from the US Open
Last CD Played: In This Skin by Jessica Simpson
Last Item Bought: DVDs at FYE!! Princess Diaries I WANNA WATCH NOW!!!
Last Download: The clip of JC on TOTP...ditto...looks hott :)
Last Annoyance: People thinking I'm nothing
Last Disappointment: I dont dissappoint often...i have low standards
Last Soda Drank: Diet pepsi
Last Thing Written: A smilie to Martini!
Last Key Used: !
Last Words Spoken: Na my sister on the phone
Last Sleep: 5:00ish am to 12:00ish am
Last IM: Tie...Martini on AIM and David on MSN
Last Weird Encounter: What is considerred a weird encounter?
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Cookie Dough Ice fancy ones
Last Time Amused: Watching the Trailer to Garfield earlier
Last Time Wanting To Die: Its been a while...but nothing outta the ordinary ;p
Last Time In Love: Never been in love
Last Time Hugged: Sunday :\
Last Time Scolded: Sunday
Last Time Resentful: today
Last Chair Sat In: my plastic computer chair right now
Last Lipstick Used: Halloween like 3 yrs ago...was dressed as Britney Spears
Last Underwear Worn: AE blue designed boxers
Last Bra Worn: No bras for me :p
Last Shirt Worn: This really cute light blue one from AE
Last Webpage Visited: This one!

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