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so Kris won!!!
im happy for that

im actually installing sims 3 now

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Poor guy will have to record that SONG OF DOOM now, though. Hopefully they'll let him write more songs than Kara, the most idiotic AI judge ever. Or even ANY songs. D:

I like how people are saying "Well, now that Adam came in second he won't have to release a crappy AI album," because they must not realize that 19E OWNS both of the people in the final. I don't know if they signed Chris Daughtry, but I think they got him, too. I think Elliott Yamin is the only top 5-ish AI contestant to get an album deal independent of the show AND be successful.

LOL i bought the Winner pass from itunes cuz i had some store credit i could use...and was listening to no boundaries and was like this really really is a shitty song...its also a song probably more suited for a rocker style like David Cook than Kris.

Oh ya, Idol owns your ass if you get to the final 2...i think they only dont sign people they dont think will be big...they didnt sign Blake i think...and i know i remember reading that Simon fuller or Nigel went after Chris Daughtry after he got the boot

See, I thought they did sign Blake because his album kinda sucked. (And I liked him.) There were a couple good tracks on there, but I think for the most part he did more creative cover songs on the show than the "original" songs on his album.

The only reason why Blake was great was his take on the original songs...i mean i still love his rendition of You Give Love A Bad Name, he also did pretty good with This Is My Now, but that song everyone figured Jordin would slam dunk

Right now im trying to get the Kris and Keith Urbans duet of Kiss a Girl

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