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So i was playing the IDKs last nite for an update and as i was saving the pictures for it, the computer froze and i lost all the pictures from the update...it wasnt alot of pictures, but it had alot of stuff...ill post in text what actually happened though

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where did you lose them? in the game or the puter?

the comp froze so i had to turn it off thereby losing the whole thing

That sucks! That reminds me of the five or so times I thought I paused but didn't and walked away to only come back and miss the big fight between Lorene/Nathan/SUZI. GAH. I was so mad. ^.^

LOL Well i had played and was actually in the middle of saving the file when the computer froze...i thought it was being slow so i went to bed and figured that the morning would have it working again, but i was wrong

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