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(no subject)
from masheek2

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post or comment about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, religious leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, hairstyles, sports, etc.

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Gay marriage - how do you feel about what's going on? Do you think you'll get married? Do you even want to? What about kids?

LOL your icon makes me giggle...someone had the graphic on their journal and i actually saved it :p

The whole situation right now is absolutely retarded...people just really need to wake up.

As for the rest...im not wholey gay...im bi, just with stronger feelings for guy...prolly about a 65/35 type of deal...so i do picture myself getting married one day, whether its a guy or girl is a different story....

Kids, oh i will have at least one...either by surrogate or sign up for some experiment where they try to have a real guy get pregnant. if they ever had it, i would sign up in a heartbeat no matter when it was.

Idk why I didn't know you were bi. Where have I been? lol To take a quote from Queer As Folk - You love who you love and genitalia is just God's way of accessorizing.

You can be my surrogate lol

you know our kid would be die hard sexy!!!

but which celeb kid would we pair our baby with?

Good question. I have no clue lol

ooo if its a girl we can set up marriage with britneys kid

That works - her boys are totes adorable!

and we can get some cash too LOL

well we will need money in our golden years

LOL you want me to talk about federal unemploymet taxes??

Is that what that means to Americans? No, I was talking about the anime/manga porn :D

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