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The IDK Legacy 3.2

For those of you who dont remember this poor baby whos been stuck like this for 2 months is FTW. Poor Otis has been holding him for quite some time.

GTFO: Hey mom, can you kindly GET OUT of my room, i wanna get it on with my hubby.
DIAF: Thats nice hunny, but mommy needs to sparkle!!

WTF: OMG! Dads naked!!!

The poor kid decided to paint his life away, and found his one true love!!!

OH JOY!! We all know that i tend to get pregnancies from this shit!!!

GTFO: Damn Otis is hott in those skimpy underwear!!
FTW: OMG! Grandpa! SAVE ME!!!!

Otis: Here you go hunny, hungry?

River: Fucking Sim!god!! Where does he get off?!
DIAF: OMG! Bad painting!!! -1000

Otis: OMG I think im pregnant!!
GTFO: YAY big family!!! +500

Barrett: Damn boy!! Youre smokin!
GTFO: Please dont let Otis be home.

Barrett apparently wanted GTFO, cuz they went right to the bedroom, and got naked...

...and woohooed their brains out.

And GTFO is gettin kinda slutty, cuz i have no idea who this is, but they went and got into bed together.

Random Bang Dude (RBD): I love you!
GTFO: Huh?

RBD: Im gonna talk up your reputation!! You are the best whore around!!

Otis: Baby you are smokin hott
GTFO: Shit! Does he know ive been sleeping around?!
RBD: Oh hes sooo sexy!!

And then Barrett walked into the room, and GTFO shit his pants.
GTFO: Wouldnt you if 3 of your lovers were in the same room!?

Now this is just getting extremely awkward!!

But heres putting a stop to that!!
River: Hmm if we get the baby roaster, we can get rid of the population boom. + cooking
GTFO: *is in labor*

And despite me always hitting random, we only got one baby again.

Its a baby girl named FAQ. Eyes and skin of Otis, and GTFOs hair.

LOL GTFO is trying to get it on with Townie front of Otis...and no jealousy...its gotta be my lucky day!!!

And this is where the computer went screwy. GTFO tried to continue his seduction of the teen dude and the old hag...then when it hit 7am, the dumb game crashed...then it came back up...and i got to the point of quitting and the dumb computer froze.

- FAQ and FTW grew into toddlers
- DIAF grew up into an elder
- Otis gave birth to FOAD
- nothing else really happened.

Otis: Look bitch, i just gave birth, and am in hormonal rage. BACK THE FUCK OFF!!
DIAF: What the fuck did I do to him?!

So i sent her to go make some robots, since she had the OMG Get bench, get bronze badge wants so badly!!

Otis: Hestia, chica. I havent heard from you in a while. Whats up?
Hestia: *sounds like Charlie Browns teacher*
Otis: Ya i have 3 kids now, and one is almost a teenager.

Ya, this is for me. Isnt he just hott!!!!

Otis: Hey Mercedes, i know youve been stalking my husband, why dont you come in and we can hang out?!
Mercedes: OK! :))))

Mercedes: OMG GTFO is hott!!!
Otis: OMG That old hag is still here *rage*

GTFO: Ill be your best friend if you let me sleep with you
Mercedes: OK!! *besties*

Oh ya some way to get your first kiss there Mercedes!! Harlot!

GTFO: Its a good thing we dont live in Alabama, i could go to jail for 5 years for devirginizing you
(Seriously, its an actual law there!!!)

And he had her...and doesnt she look drunk as hell here...she prolly got boozed up before she came over!!!

Mercedes: OMG! I LOVE YOU!!!
GTFO: Oh, i guess iloveyoutoo.

Discount guy: OMG get your furniture cheaper now!
DIAF: I rule!!

DG: *tries to molest DIAF*

Poor WTF is just been painting...hes been kinda dull...maybe it will change when he becomes a teen.


Me: Oh great!! You broke the bed!!!

Look at these two being all adorable!!

DIAF: OMG Why did you yell at me like 3 weeks ago
Otis: What the hell?!
GTFO and WTF: OMG fight *runs*

WTF: Why are you fighting with Grandma?
Otis: Well Grandma is an evil bitch and I hope she dies.

WTF: I want DADDY!!!!
DIAF: Maybe i shouldnt fight with Otis in front of WTF.

Heres WTF at the easel again...I do love these replacements though.

Otis: So thats how you do that position...i should try that in bed with GTFO tonite.

Me: Hi Hestia, who said you can waltz into the house and play with FTW?! Kindly GET OUT!!

GTFO continues seducing Hestia, in search of your 20 love want GTFO?

Birthday spam!!

I dont even remember what the hell is going on here, but its a good picture right?!

Toddler trainign time...they grow up in like a day, so why not!!

LOL You take your own interpretation of this picture!!

Me: Otis, you did not teach the toilet how to talk!!

Otis: Feed Me!!
Me: Turn the fuck around and get out some leftovers!!!

DIAF: Im not sleeping in a bed with Otis
me: I didnt ask you to, now greet the hottie and go find somewhere else to sleep...i swear stupidity!!!

DIAF: Shed be great for River, wouldnt she?!
Me: o.0 River is your spouse!!!

Otis: HOLY SHIT! Shes right behind me, isnt she?!
Me: Yup :)

Even more birthday spam!!

And heres FOAD, hes kinda adorable!!!


FUCK! Not more babies!!!

OK, ACR needs to be turned down a bit, wouldnt you agree?


NO MORE CHILLUNS!!! *birth controls them both*

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