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The Simpson Legacy 6.1

Last time, which has been a while due to work, the evil Sims 3, and the hog of my time, my new nephew. Our heirs Edward and Emmett graduated from Uni, and both popped out 2 kids. Emmett and his fiancee Aidan had Forest and Fawn, and Edward had some alien babies with RHEM as PTOwen.

Edward and Emmett have moved back into the homestead, which means its wedding time!!

And of course, everyone has to get stuck in the fucking smallest room in the house. Sims really are stupid, arent they?

Edward: The wolves paparazzi neighbors are in the bushes
Nora: Hes hott when hes psychotic

Edward: Heres 40 bucks, be my wife
Edwards hair: *attacks his brains*

Edwards sooo romantic, he sweeps Nora off her feet.

Emmett: The neighbors really are in the bushes *grr*
Aidan: can we get married now?

Aidan: You totally are my true love, never mind Ronda, Tom, and Nicky. They didnt mean anything.
sim!God: Oh no you didnt!!

Awwww I totally love them together.

Its also Fawns birthday, shes gonna grow up to be a beautiful redhead!!!

WTF!! SHES BALD!!! Wheres my red hair DAMN IT!!

Much better, isnt she just so adorable!!!

I totally love them...Aidan relost his did Nora, but she was a whore and did it in the photobooth.

Marlon: Hey Forest, want a bottle?

Surprisingly, these two are still getting it on, despite Marlon having 2 kids with Cliff, and Carter sleeping with any man with a pulse.

sim!God: Carter, what are you doin with Mr Mickles?
Carter: Youll see.

sim!God: Wooing the butler? You are aware thats how your mom met your dad, right?
Carter: Well, im not having anymore kids, and Marlon is off somewhere doing something, probably studying.

LOL, I guess the butler likes the idea of hooking up.

Wow, seriously, the butler didnt give it up, so you went to the well for some nookie? Have you no shame Carter?

sim!God: o.0 Carter!! This is not what i could totally be his grandfather!!!
Carter: Whatever, just another notch on the bedpost!

Awww the toddlers are hanging out with each other.

God this action is the most fucking pointless EVER!!! why the fuck was it thought of?

Oooo Network...what did she roll this time.

Meh, A raise would be awesome normally, the the house is worth like 2 million, with a million in usable funds...helps when i get pension checks everyday and Emmetts little lifetime bonus thing.

Carter finally is getting some nookie from the butler...I dont even know why he keeps sleeping around anymore.

Isnt he the most adorable sim EVER!!! I gotta admit it, i love him a lil too much.

While the gym pack is building up some body points and getting fit. Its a bit of family bonding!

Emmett: Forest, can you say daddy?
Forest: NO! FEED ME!!

Its time for Forest to become a real boy, and yes Karen, im aware youre still knocked up!

Forest: Ewww Grandpa.
lets get a close up on that face.

Someone looks a bit preturbed there, doesnt he?!

Cliff: Guys can you kindly GTFO, id like to wash myself.

LOL notice how nobody listened...Cliff has a hott ass though.

Marlon seemed to think so, cuz after the bath, they ran to the bed.

Nora: Excuse me, i think i have something growing inside me.
Know for sure that the 'honeymoon' was successful.

Apparently both of the honeymoons were successful.

Carter: So mom, im gonna have a baby brother or sister soon, arent I?
Karen: yup, any day now youll be a big brother
Carter: I already am a big brother. I have 4 other siblings.

Congrats you cheery, gold digging STFU!

Karen: I totally love my job, its the best ever
Fawn: Grandma Karen, i need a diaper change!!

These two are sexaholics...but i love them for it.

Karen: Hello!! Water breaking here!!!

I picked original for her, and i get multiple births...i cant win, can i?

She moved upto the landing to give Nora the baby, and then had baby #2.

Carter however, just couldnt care about the baby...hes getting his mack on with the butler again.

Smart move there Nora...put the baby on the floor so you cant get downstairs. The names are Carlisle and Anna.

Oh and its also birthday time for Fleur and Fallon.

This little cutie is Fleur,

and this one is Fallon. They really are adorable.

Gene: Hello, my son Dionysus is in the way
sim!God: Umm hes dead and hasnt been out haunting in a while. Stupid ghost!

Well since i was sooo rushed with Forest, i didnt wanna do the same thing twice. I had Emmett start working on Fawn...not like both of them had the want locked in their panels.

So i decided that Cliff wasnt the Playa type and rerolled his LTW to Criminal Mastermind.

Oh and Emmetts a day closer to havin a baby...i guess thats kind of important too.

LOL So i guess you figured who would be main heir...I just love them sooo much!!!

Do you have any idea how boring this house is during the day? I have 6 vampires and the non-vampires are at work all day, so thats why you never really see any daylight pictures.

But it helps cuz that means i grow everyone up the night before. Fawn here is about to join her brother in kidlet time.

Still adorable, and i love how in both Legacys i have someone in this outfit. Its ringmaster-y.

Wow, i dont think there could be anymore studying in this room...and WOW Nora is lookin kinda huge there.

I guess a good reason for that was her getting up like 2 hours later going into labor...why cant she go to the hospital like in sims 3?

LOL Not as nuts as oh say the Carters, but 15 sims in a house is alot.

And we have a cute little girl, grey eyes, black hair named Faith.

And not to be outdone, Emmett got up about 5 minutes later and went into labor.

Again, we have a single baby birth.

This adorable girl who looks like shes stealing Cindy Crawfords look is Ferrari.

Nora got promoted...but ya thats not her LTW so i dont really know why i took the picture.

Oh and its Carlisle and Annas birthday!!!

Stop trying for baby damnit!!! 6 kids is enough for the generation.

Birthdays...and yes i always make sure the boys get blue candles LOL.

Heres Anna, shes sooo cuute but cant be heir anyway LOL

Awww Carter is being a good big brother to Carlisle.

Awww Carlisle is cute too...damn her not coming along sooner.

Is this a hooker party?? Why is everyone in their underwear?!

Marlons home doing the most fucking useless garbage the game has to offer...but whats with the cabs...well Karen, Carlisle and Anna are going to find their own place. Theres really no need to have them around.

Emmetts slowly going up the Dance career track...I dont know how much longer he has til the top though.

LOL yup i got the warning message about them, so speed skilling LOL.

Awww gym buddy is all alone...her other 2 are doing some cardio workout if you catch the drift.

Grrr!! Youre pregnant again!!!

Emmett, well i love him LOL. I had him paint some more family portraits.

Carter just gets a bit boring after a while, so thank god the well is around for least it keeps him out of the way.

Emmett: Hey grandpa, can you move Fallon, i gotta get to work.
Carter: The poor child, why is she asleep on the floor??
Emmett: Seriously, gotta go to work.

Aidan: Thanks Dude, but im not must have the wrong number.

Birthday Spam again...and the headmaster. Apparently he loves when we use Mr Mickles on him.

LOL without dinner, the kids already get into private school...I love Mr Mickles.

Some birthday pics...Fallon and Fleur turn into kids, and Faith and Ferrari turn toddler.

Fallon: Mommy, theres some ghost ruining my birthday
Nora: Hello ghostbusters, we need you here stat.

- Sorry for the delay, real life got in the way of actual updates.
- I have another update ready to upload, i hope it will be up by Sat
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