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Sunday fun

I read yet another Trickyfish story *swoons* I am such a huge fan of them *swoons* I think i should write my own Trickyfish story.

EZboard is being a whore...not letting me post...i'm even getting a new error
Request Error - Peer communications errorAn error has occurred executing your request.

Peer communications error

This error has already been logged.
If you feel you may have information which would be helpful in determining the cause of this problem, please post a bug report here at the ezboard bugs help forum: Report Request Errors!

What the fuck is that about?!

I think it might be down though :\

Matty has kept me company most of the day on MSN....its just been a long drawn out day

Tomorrow starts the last week of class before Easter Break YAY!!! I think i will spend Easter Break writing my Trickyfish story ;)

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