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The IDK Legacy 3.3

Last time on the IDK legacy, DIAF became an elder, FAQ and FOAD were born, and GTFO turned into a complete whore sleeping with a guy he didnt know. Otis got pregnant and i put them on birth control.

So I installed M&G after having it for a few months...and moved them into a bigger house cuz with all the people in it, i need more room. Its a cute house, cant lie about that.

Oh hell no...seriously?! I move them in and shes gonna be a little bitch. Just wait til WTF grows up and kicks your butt.

Yes GTFO that will be the last baby in this house til gen 4.

Birthday spam...My heir is finally gonna be an adult...and thats a lil scary to think about.

WTF grew heres his stats. Hes taking after his grandmother so thats a good thing right?

WTF: Thanks for being my best friend dad.
Me: Dont you think its weird being the same age group as your son?

WTF: Noogies for the old man.
GTFO: Im not old, ill be going to school with you tomorrow.

River came home with a promotion...and a birthday was waiting for him. He grew up great, which is surprising in this house.

Everyone comes racing to see River after the fact...i guess if he got wrinkles theyd send him packing?

Otis took it upon himself to teach FTW how to do his homework, not that i forced him to do it or anything.

Otis: Just cuz i helped you with your homework, what makes you think you can touch my belly?!
FTW: hello in there little brother or sister.

Otis: Why did my hott husband and I have this kid for...hes so annoying.
Me: Thats what pregnancy hormones do.

The next day WTF brought home Trent, and apparently GTFO wants some of that ass LOL.

Trent: Damn baby, youre fine. When can i get a piece of that?

Its birthday party time. My little heir is gonna be a real man.

THATS ALOT OF CANDLES!!! Put the fire department on standby please.

Its a party, Family, friends, and lovers all in attendance.

Why must you grow up into gym clothes? Couldnt you grow up into something else?

I decided to grow up his two loves of teenage life, Trent and Mercedes, who coincidentally are also at the party.

No were gold for your birthday....ooooh uni makes you psycho.

Trent: *ages up*

Trent: Damn hes lost his bloody mind. My life is on the right track though.

GTFO: Bwak Bwak Bwak!!
Therapist: OK i had my fun now!!

Trent: I love you GTFO!
GTFO: I love you too hunny.

Barrett: I know your married to my lover, but do you wanna come work for me Otis?
Otis: Sure, I can be a star! Baby needs to sparkle.

(LOL i had to host this on LJ cuz Photobucket deleted it)
Dang GTFO just likes sexing people up doesnt he?

OK even im getting you want Mercedes, Otis or Trent? stop wooing each one.

YOU BASTARD!!! Stop impregnating people!!! (kinda my fault...when i made them over, they were 'added' to the family so they got pregnant)

Back to the husband now...what did your harem leave you?


Hey Mercedes, wanna kindly LEAVE? its like 4 am!!!

GTFO: *vomits*
Me: Serves your ass right!!

Otis: *labors*
DIAF: You stay here FOAD, grandma is gonna go be helpless.

Its a green eyed brown haired boy named JAS.

River takes to him like nothing..I think River is getting used to being a grandpa.

DIAF seems to think shes in Sims 3, cuz here she is learning charisma while holding FOAD. Bad glitch...dont give me hope for sims 2.

WTF decided to do some fan service by walking around without a shirt on.

WTF: how dare you boot, dont you realize how hott i am?!

Coworker: Small world, i heard we work in the same track and i know people.
Me: No shit, you came home from work with him.
Coworker: You is gettin more moniez!!

Me: I hope you vomit up the baby!! damn you getting pregnant.

Invisipop! Well lets just fix that.

Much better, show off that belly!!!

So i decided to open a home business, figuring i could make some money/skills with a fishing hole. Its pretty useful to have to be honest. These two einsteins are debating buying a dollar ticket, when the super cheap tickets are like 16 bucks...its a bargain.

See even GTFO gets the Best of the Best award cuz hes awesome.
Me: You slept with him didnt you?!
GTFO: im not telling you that!

Family gathering at the pond, and skilling level and enthusiasm are going through the roof.

But GTFO wants his 20 loves, so we invite Barrett over. They had a high enough relationship where a kiss would be love.

Hobby chick: Come to the Park
Me: Hes kinda busy right now, but maybe later.

Me: No way WTF!! You will not think your grandmother is hott. No incest in my legacy.

I got a belly rub, i got a belly rub!!!

Me: Hai Aaron Magnolia!! Why its cute that you think DIAF is still hott as a senior citizen.

JACKPOT!! Now FAQ just needs to be an adult and my next generation is set.

I also moved in Trent cuz i wanna see how the babies come out with his eyes. When the babies are born, hes getting the boot.

JAS became a toddler and well FUCK, he has elf ears...guess FAQ isnt my heir anymore. Hes the only one with the ears.

Ooo and GTFO chooses now to go into labor...greeeeeat!!! Random as always.

YAY Only one baby!!

This genetic clone of JAS is AFK, yet another boy.

WTF had the option to move out, so i decided that when everyone hits teen, they get a good swift boot out the door. Bye WTF!!

I also decided to finally download and use these...but i only have the one...i need the dangler (i think thats what its called). While all this is going on, Otis is slaving his way at the Robot bench, which he right now has a bronze badge.

FTW and FAQ grew up into teens, so heres their stats before i throw them out onto the street.

Couldnt have timed it better, cuz Trent went into labor right after..

and i cheated and chose twins. I wanna see if they look great.

We have a boy named James...GTFOs hair and skin, Trents eyes.

And a girl, Whitney with GTFOs hair and eyes, and Trents skin.

a picture of the happy family before Trent gets the boot. He may appear in a future update though.

Hott paperboy!! Just sayin.

GTFO: Ok baby..good baby. Stay!
Me: Umm hes not a dog!

Elias: I know youre married and everything but do you wanna go on a blind date wit someone i know?
GTFO: Sure why not.

Well if it isnt Aaron Magnolia...i guess we play for both teams. Well that just helps GTFO.

Who apparently works fast...making out just met, didnt you?

My house is full of whores..thats all im saying. How else do you move that fast?!

Awww yay!! My GTFO is a dream come true for his date.

Speaking of love, apparently Rivers bedfellow came home with someone, now theyre in love. GTFO has some comptetion!!

Time for new heir to become a real boy!! Look at the sparkles!!!
Aaron: Thats hott

He has his fathers ears..I think i love him.

While GTFO is in love with Aaron. Whata playa.

Apparently theres still alot of animosity between these 2, cuz from nowhere, DIAF attacked Otis. Seriously katu, why do your sims hate selzis sims.

Good thing AFK is sleeping a couple of rooms away and cant hear them. Isnt he precious? no ears though :(

GTFOs career in the education field is really coming up...he got me the super bookcase.

JAS is my little Mozart too...hes masterred like 2 skills already.

GTFO: Hey sweet thang...wanna come hang out in my bed?
Otis: Be still my heart, absolutely.

While i love that DIAF is bringing in money cuz of her financial counseling, id rather she actually interact with her husband. Hes been standing there waiting for her for a while.

Apparently GTFO was starin through the telescope...his sister didnt like that
GTFO: She shoved me, WAH!

FOAD...well hes a teen so he can now go FOAD...arent i witty.

Otis has gold badge, so now hes building me a servo!

River is just made of win...he got max LTA, and now he has sick is that!!!

No GTFO, no abductions with that telescope for you...and NO MORE BABIES!!!

DIAF!! Instead of stalking the damn computer, you coulda taken care of that bladder need hours ago before you peed yourself!!

Well, since i had GTFO activate Bot (yes i named the servo Bot), he didnt get a gold robotics we gotta get Bot working on that.

DIAF: Excuse me, can you move this waste of space...hes in my way!!
Me: Have we not learned about flocking to the computer?

So after thats fall, i closed up the home business and waited its spring and were starting back up...i could use the fish :)

Hai Audrina and Cameron...welcome around the house...glad to see some P_T townies come around.

Haha fucking butler trying to deface the house and give himself work...good old sentry bot!!

JAS: Will you be staying around for my party? Im gonna be a teenager tonite
Michael: Sorry, ive got places to be, but ill see you around.

LOL i dont know what made me ask, but damn if this was a regular legacy, there would be the next spouse...hes loaded!!!

JAS grew up to teen like he told Michael, was platinum too!!

Important stats for you.

Well Otis grew up too, unfortunately though he wasnt platinum. Oops.

DAFK: Dude, my dads fucked in the head
GTFO: AFK, watch your mouth mister. Daddy a little nuts.

Just more info about JAS

JAS got himself a gold badge in fishing..and Otis gets to brag he helped by 'sharing tips'.

AFK grew up and is shoved off to find his home...JAS is the heir.

Me: JAS, you were just named generation heir for the IDKs, what are you going to do now?

JAS: Im gonna kick you out of my house, GET OUT!

JAS needs to go meet people now that hes a teen. So GTFO decided to go with him to Peerless Park, the nature place.

And we only find relatives, well that sucks.

So i decided that maybe he should skill up some more, go searching as an adult for his mate...i havent even set up his preference yet either. I have him go for Pottery gold!!

Me: DIAF!!! How could you cheat on your husband?
DIAF: So Bot, do you think you could top that?
Me: *grabs brain bleach and scrubs*

Well this cant be a good sign, i cant control her anymore.

DIAF: OMG! Youre taking me away from this nut house, thank god!!!
River: So my wife is totally dying, wanna be my new bestie?

Awww shes gone, but she had a nice will...i cant think of other people in the will though.

Otis: I totally need someone to beat up now, are there any takers?

- its a loooong update, i just got addicted to playing
- the late DIAF is brought to you by katu, River was brought to you by leenyland and Otis is brought to you by selzi
- I have everyone but AFK and JAS extracted and hopefully will take care of the request and family tree before the weekend.
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