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computer issues...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wtf is wrong with my computer and not wanting me to finish a legacy ever!!!!!!

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leenygirl July 24th, 2009

kingmike1224 July 24th, 2009
i got it up and running again, no loss yet

im uploading the IDKs right now

leenyland July 24th, 2009
You had me worried!

kingmike1224 July 24th, 2009
Lol now I'm backing up everything, should work out well :)

quinctia July 24th, 2009
:( I see you say you got it up and are backing up, which is good.

I recently burnt my neighborhoods to a DVD, just in case. Now, that won't help MUCH if I had issues months down the road and have played very far, but it's better than losing everything. (I also backed up my current CC folders.)

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