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The Simpson Legacy 6.2

Last time which was almost 2 months ago, wow i kinda suck...these pictures have been sitting around forever. Anyway, Last time, Emmett and Edward were named heirs and married Aidan Roberts and Nora Snyder (a la leenyland). Fawn Forest Fleur and Fallon all grew up a little bit, Cliff and Marlon sexed it up alot while Carter sexed up half the hood. Nora and Emmett gave birth to Faith and Ferrari respectively. And Karen moved out.

And well these two will not stop sexing each other up, they want to drive me nuts!!!

Cliff: Oh isnt it just a lovely day.
Me: Ummm Cliff, youre in a bathroom with another guy using it. Nothing lovely bout that.

Family study time...Everyone has something to learn.

Cliff: So are we gonna do it?
Marlon: Grim said hed be here in a few minutes, we can wait.

I guess Marlon was right. Carter is about to see his mom and son again.

Carter: Awww why couldnt it be hula men?
Fleur: Ok, so im outta here.

Wow he had almost as many people in his will than Bevin...she still edged him out. Has anyone had any over 48?

Me: Edward, its not exactly a good day, your grandfather just died.

My Emmett got his LTW!! And he carpools with Marlon!! I think im jealous!!!

Totally forgot, I guess Nora is pregnant again. I really should type my updates when i play them.

The ghosts are out in full force tonite...Cliff got the piss scared outta him. Faith, dont play in the pee!!

Ahh Its Dionysus whos doing the haunting this time around....why is he such a vengeful ghost?

We knew this was gonna happen, Cliff is proposing to Marlon.

I forget where but someone was saying how they wished that the guys would leap into the air, well i guess they do in some games.

They had a cute small ceremony, which was basically just them. I love them together!!! They totally are OTP!!

STOP GOING AT IT LIKE RABBITS DAMN IT!!! No more pregnancies!!!

And Cliff here is pickin up the paper, we know what this means.

The newlyweds are goin out to find a place of their own.

I think ill miss Marlon most of all!!

The butler looks kinda sexy with those blue eyes!!!

Look, i know Aidans hott and all, but i dont think he set off the smoke detector for you to come Mr Fireman.

Edward: I'm home!! i sooo rock!!!
Fawn: Thats nice Uncle Edward, I got my report card, all As again!!

Well its time for more kids for Private school, so Edward breaks out Mr Mickles!!

And after the tour of the house of many ugly blue vases, the kids get in...hell who needs food anymore!!

Emmett: Do you need any more help with your homework Fallon?
Fallon: Nah, im good Uncle Emmett
Fleur: I wonder if i can fund Uni by hustling pool?

Dionysus: OMG Ferrari is such a bitch!!!
Me: Dude, shes like 3!

Awww my first Dave haunting!!! I think i may cry!!

Fleur: Im gonna marry him one day!!
Me: Well he is a dreamboat isnt he?!

Ahhh 2 reasons to oh shit!! Fire and birth!! which do you prefer?!

Its Nora giving birth...and the fireman is back!!!

Its...well its a baby...i dont remember the order they came out so :p

One of them is Falk, a boy, and the other is a girl named Felicity.

Nora: Ummm im hungry.
Me: well if you got your ass to the coffin like i directed you hours ago, you wouldnt be.

River: *steals paper*
Nora: If i wasnt so hungry, i would so kill you
Me: Bitch get to your coffin!!!

Well serves your ass right, ignore me and you die!

Emmett: Uggh what smells?
Butler: Great more to clean up!!

So i woke up Emmett to save Nora and ya she wasnt saved.

Then Emmett pulls a Nora and ignores me and winds up dying. Seriously...brain transplant needed for them.

So i jeopardize vampire #3 to try and save #2...except he couldnt get to plead cuz Emmett had to FUCKING DIE IN THE SMALLEST ROOM EVER!!!

And...Emmett is dead :( Well fuck this!!

Aidan: Oooo its Purpley

Aidan: I wish my husband wasnt dead.
Genie: Your wish is granted

Aidan: You can really do that?!
Genie: Turn around and see.

Emmett: Oh shit! Im back, and not even a scorch mark!!
Aidan: Thanx so much Genie!!

Awww Edward came back to find his poor Bella Nora dead...thats gotta be heartbreaking!!

Edward: Why didnt you listen when you were told to go to your coffin?!
Me: Why arent you listening to it NOW!!!

Well I guess youre going to join Nora in the great beyond.

The poor kids...though they creepily looklike pokemon kids standing around like that.

Well with one set of parents down, these 2 need to pick up their game and train all the kids.

Birfday notifications...which also means party time!!

Drake stops by for the party, doesnt he look so enthused.

Forests Stats...and apparently he wants to be of asian influence.

LOL hes straight, and apparently stuck up

And off to Uni he goes...or at least i think i sent him off to Uni

Emmett finally teaches the little bitch Faith to talk...isnt she just a little ray of sunshine?!

Time for Faith to grow up...and Ferrari to get her learnin on!!

Fawn: Uncle Drake, did you like going to Uni?
Drake: I loved it, so many women, so little time
Faith: Uncle Drake is a pig.

Ferrari is ready for the road!! Im so pun-ny!!

So i decided to check the relations panel...and noticed that Aidan and Emmett werent married anymore...well we need to fix that!!

More birthdays...didnt i just get rid of the toddlers...and now im getting more.

Felicity...shes a little cutie pie

And Falk...well that hair hasnt been done before, well in this family anyway.

And Emmett finally got the relationship high enough to repropose to Aidan, so he did.

And a quickie wedding sealed with a kiss.

Wow the vampires are actually in their coffin...thats a good thing!! Told you they had brains.

Ooooo Hai man candy!!

Hottie headmaster is back...and the kids got in again.

Fawn grew up, and nice stats for her!! Though thats the second knowledge sim this generation.

And her birthday present is Man candy!! Go to work Mr Mickles!!!

First kiss is outta the way!! Arent they adorable!!

Man Candy: Nuh Uh Bitch!! I dont like creative bitches.
Fawn: *is sad panda*

Man Candy: But id like to have a party in your pants.

Man Candy: Im a loaded computer geek!!

Well that was a quick way to get Fawn into bed!!

BAH! Fawn is trying to get pregnant and Emmett apparently got knocked up!! Fawn, you are off to Uni...adios!!

Fawn: Awww Dad, but im too old to have a new little brother
Emmett: Well GTFO then, we need your room anyway!

Well, with Emmett pregnant, Aidan has to pick up the slack of parental duties!

Emmett still likes to cuddle up to his little niece though.

Warning: 2 days til age-plosion!!

Emmett: So your mommy and daddy went to help the three bears fight the little blond intruder that went into their house.
Felicity: LOL *claps hands*

Another day closer to yet another ankle biter in the house.

Me: Rochelle, stop being such a bitch!!

You would think he woulda known that when he got pregnant the first time.

- Sorry the update was sooo long in caught up in other things and the IDKs.
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