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The Simpson Legacy 6.3

Last update, which was 2 weeks ago...hey im getting better!! Anyway..Last update Carter died, Emmett got his LTW, Nora and Edward got pregnant again. Marlon and Cliff tied the knot and moved out sadly enough. Nora gave birth to twins named Felicity and Falk. Then promptly became a moron and stayed out in the sunlight, and died. When Emmett was woken up to save her, he wound up dying in the smallest room in the house. Aidan was woken up and couldnt save him, and resurrected Emmett with the help of the Genie. Edward returned from work to find Noras grave and died while he mourned her. Faith and Ferrari grew up into well adjusted kids surprisingly, Aidan and Emmett got married again, and Emmett got knocked up one last time. Ya thats alot, sue me.

So its the last fall before i send kids to uni...of course their ass is gonna be studying.

While random townies play poker in their house...theyve been around for 2 days...i think there is an issue.

Well screw it...i got bored Time to send them all to uni...well almost all.

Some stats for you, though no one really cares about spares, do they?

They left Fox all alone with his daddy. I was happy he got blonde hair.

Emmett: Fox, come to daddy. I wont bite you

Emmett got sucked into the poker game, im thinkin Rochelle aint liking that too much.

Aidan: Fox, can you say daddy? Da-dee.
Fox: *and these are my parents?*

OK, seriously, even Rochelle is getting sick of the fucking poker game sucking in sims. Hello...toddler needing attention.

Fox grew up into a little cutie, im totally in love with him.

A little homework help...

then to teenhood.

Aidan: Awww my babys all grown up!!
Forest: great dad, but shouldnt you get home to your coffin!!

Move in time, and into some fashion mistakes!!

Thats alot better, now they look nice!!

New dormies, she stole Christines hairstyle...gos what a cowboy whore.

So blondies kinda cute!! As for Fox, well i have no idea who hes on the phone with.

Blonde: So im totally awesome, you should marry me?
Fox: You should totally have my babies.
Blonde: Who said babies?

This guy is actually pretty hott, now if he learned to tuck in his pants wed be set.

Ooo hes like genetically diverse, hes almost like an asian. I could use him if i need to.

OK, so my bi popularity sim has absolutely no chemistry with anyone!! Well, we can fix that.

After class anyway, cuz its always a pile-up when its class time.

Blonde: Oooh that Fox guy is sitting next to me

Blonde: did you meet anyone to have your kids, or will you take me up on my offer?

Fox: You aint nothing but a gold digger. My ass could buy you, but it doesnt want you.

Fleur: Your move
DAD (Diverse Asian Dormie): So you dont have a major?
Fleur: I just started college, i dont need a major yet.

So its time to call up the frat holder, whos the lucky heir?

Well Fox here is chatting up Ethan on the phone, i guess that means its him.

but so is Fleur...oooo duel heirs again...made you look didnt I? I couldnt pass up Fleurs alien genetics, or Foxs blonde both are heir.

Ethan: WOOOOOOO! Youre both in!!! Come move in now!

And this is how i left the dorm as i moved on to the Frat house!!

Fleur decided that she wants her destined to be. Cant say i blame her.

Fox decides to become attached to the telescope,

And Ethan loves to dance with his glitched teeth. And then i unpaused the game.

Foxs scrawny butt got taken by the aliens, he better not come back pregnant!!

Fleur: So do you think hell be back anytime soon?
Ethan: Should be, your dad wasnt gone long, but im not changing dirty diapers again.

Fox: OMG! I was abducted.
Me: OMG! You arent pregnant!!

Ethan: So whats it like being abducted?
Fox: I dont really remember, i think they drugged me.
Ethan: God that sux!!

Butler: If i make nice to him, I wont have to clean another house
Fox: WTF is he lookin at?!

Fox: He better not be thinking about gold digging.

Fleur: DAD soo sorry, but I have a boyfriend. No my cousin isnt going to marry you either.

I guess Ethan was really interested in abductions, cuz he just got himself abducted.

Fleur: Im gonna be buff like Schwarzenegger!! No one is gonna push me down.

Ethan: Ow! My ass hurts like hell! WTF did they do to me?
Me: *shrugs*

Well, they are in college...they need to study at SOME point, dont they?

Ethan fan service for you all.

Fox: Falk, buddy...its not like i had a choice at being heir. i was just picked.

A spouse-hunting we will go, a spouse-hunting we will go. Hi ho the merry-o, a spouse-hunting we will go.

This place kinda blows...i thought it would be more hoppin. NEXT!

I think this is the tinkering lot...ive been around here before (Carters 3.2)...Its not as much fun without Nicky banging all the club leaders.

With the spouse hunt turning up nothing, i went and used the well for Fox...

And he got some Remington wanna be maid.

He wanted to flirt with Fox,

And bed Fox...but Im not marrying him in, sorry.

Awww Poor Ethan...he got a belly...he just cant...back to the course with you!!

I gave Fleur a shot too...maybe shed get someone with more chemistry than Grady.

And we get Gen 2 Britney's son Christopher...Not happening!!

Fleur also wished for friends...they look normal now, but lemme tell you they started attacking each was great!!

And ACR decided that these 2 should get together....dont even ask where that guy came from. But its the same Llama who got into Catalina and Callums pants.

Grady came on over to hang out with Fleur.

Fleur got her first kiss from him though.

See, now i dont even know why i asked...the main Simpson house has over 2 million in liquid cash...why do i care how much hes bringing in?

but apparently Fleur cared cuz she was macking up Grady like nobodys business.

He got her V-card too...and somewhere along this...Fox started wooing The Llama.

Are you serious?! From 1 time....hell Fox has banged the maid 2 ways from sunday and hasnt gotten pregnant yet!!

Since we have to speed up Uni...cuz im a nut and dont want consecutive lets pop out kids in Uni...we get the frat holder ready, cuz Ethan is about to graduate.

*POP* she looks sooo surprised, doesnt she?!

I gave Ethan a shot at the well too, cuz i felt bad he was gonna be a college graduate and not even have his first kiss yet.

Shes kinda cute, but wont stick with him forever...Ethan has some plans going on with him.

Oh YAY!! rikkulidea tries Uni preg with the flu...i have to have duel uni pregnancies. Havent they ever heard of condoms?

Oh Yay!! Its Dionysus's friend he eventually wooed.
Fox: So im totally going to have a kid, do you wanna help me raise it?

Anthony: So this means there will be toys all around the house ill probably get hurt on?

Fox: Totally, some tops in there you can trip over.
Anthony: Forget that shit!!

Poor Anthony...he didnt even see that satellite coming...well he did but you get what im sayin.

Streaker: So you want me to move in with you to help raise your baby?

Fox: It means you have to deal with the toys as well as the baby?
Streaker: I could live with that.

Fleur: So Grady, about that nite a couple of months ago...Im having your baby. Hello...Grady?! You there?

Fox went and got himself abducted again...Fox you cant get pregnant again when you already are.


Fleur: Fox, i didnt know you were expecting too
Fox: Its a fairly recent occurance.

Fox: I totally wanted to have an alien baby
Me: Well theres plenty more time for that!!

*POPPOP* Shit shes huge.

Graduation time...i got really great pictures of Fluer....i should totally make some into paintings!!!

And Last but not least *POPPOP* He got a graduation party too...but all i got was the caps, so it wasnt worth it.

- SO there you have it...the next update will actually be Gen 7 *shock*
- I actually was playing spares for a while...Beta, Drew and Drake all have cute families.
- I have to revamp my downloads page to go with pixel_trades new guidelines, and then maybe ill get around to putting the stats there too.
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