TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

More Sim Experiments

So its been 8 months since i did my last i decided why not do some more

This time, I decided to have some kids with Ares Randolph, Chase Fox, Kirk Emery, Alejandro Valenzula, and Craig Dorsey.

Here I am again.

Here are our sperm donors.

Here is Kirk with our son, Irving

Craig here is holding our son Justin,

while i hold Alex, Justins twin sister.

Alejandro is holding our daughter Aurora.

Trudy, my sim-sister, is holding James...One of my twin sons with Ares,

And Ares is holding our other son Max

And Chase here is holding our son Andrew.

Max and James

Justin and Alex

Aurora and Irving

And poor Andrew hasnt got anyone to take a picture with

Teen time...







And finally Alex...they turned out great...i actually kept them and made them townies in the hood.

And for a little extra fun

These 2 decided to hook up with each other when i wasnt looking.

Tags: experiment, simself

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