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The IDK Legacy 3.4

Last time on the IDKs, the family moved into one of the M&G houses for more room, River got old, and DIAF died...GTFO grew up crazy, and Otis grew up crazy too. The house got a servo named Bot, and GTFO had a surprise come. JAS, AFK, James and Whitney all joined the IDK blood line, and everyone but James and Whitney aged to teen. JAS was named heir and everyone else was kicked out of the house.

As we left off, River was playing the piano in the zone.

JAS was skilling...

GTFO was sleepin...

and Otis wasnt even getting along with the animals.

I had River close the business for the night cuz quite frankly, the only people in the house were family members, and they werent leaving at all.

Aleysa: So you wanna buy this picture, dont you?
Random townie: who me?
Me: Dont you dare sell my Best of the Best award!!

Random Townie #2: You are so hott, i wanna be your new BFF!!

River: Ya, im pretty damn hott!! Id so do me!
Me: why are sims weird in my game?

Ok hes just sooo adorable, and he isnt pregnant!! Hes so cute!!

Having a home business is really great for a P_T legacy...they just come for your effort to chase them LOL. Here Einstein Brilliantcat and Shane Roberts have a debate as to who is more likely to stay a townie forever. Shane already has a lock on it...only one sim per creator.

LOL River and JAS almost simultaneously max a skill, River was logic..but i have no idea what skill it was that JAS maxed.

Me: OMG! Its Jazz Crayola
Jazz: Oooo i can plot her murder.
Me: Good thing he cant marry in, no quads in this house.

Demotion =/= amazing. What crack is GTFO on?

LOL JAS is doin ballet in a leotard, but whos that in the background?

Why its [Bad username: selzi"]'s Mario Larkins with a bit of a makeover. Damn hes out of spouse running too.

So GTFO has the LTW of 20 i started going through his phone book...and i realized he wasnt in love with we invite Barrett over so we can fix that.

Barrett just looks so enthusiastic about it, doesnt he?

Sweet, JAS maxed all his skills, but he has a bit more time to adult, and he has some AL skills he could learn.

Seriously? who the hell are you in there with this time GTFO?

Oh shit, its River and his new love interest Savannah Roberts. Seriously..there arent even that many Roberts in the hood, why do they all find their way here?

River: Hey babe, how bout you and me go take a vacation to Twikki Island?
Savannah: Oh my! I would love to, youre so romantic.

Needless to say, while those 2 are making googoo eyes, Bot is kicking some losers but, not once...

but twice!
GTFO: Awesome Bot! I will totally sleep with you tonite!!

JAS actually finished all the skilling he possibly could...hence why hes been so absent this its time for him to get a job.

Holy shit!! LTW career first search...and since no Uni...sweet!!!

JAS: Im a knowledge sim, why the hell are you sending me to a sports lot.
Me: well now that we have everything done with you, you need to find spouse material.

Here we have Ava Laroux and SUZI SOWHUT, but he wasnt into them.

So I sent him to where his dad found his hubby, the grocers.

OK so Einstein isnt your cup of tea, not like i asked you to check him out, but hey you want a man then.

Its Cameron Roberts, another now unmarryable. But i love him enough that he can stay.

JAS: I need to meet some people...someone has to help me carry on the blood line of my family!
Einstein: I wouldnt mind helping you out with that.


OMG!! ITS FUZZY WUZZY CRAYOLA!!! *everyone crowds around her*
And mmmm Alejandro Valenzula...I have been wanting him married into a legacy forever!!!
And apparently, I sent JAS to Kings Garden, but he didnt want anyone here.

I finally got pissed off, and used the magic crystal ball...found out 2 things...1 JAS is bi, yet again a bi heir. and 2. the only p_t townie with good chemistry is Fairfax Darwin.

JAS though decides, he can be a kid for a little longer and starts playing with the telescope.

Savannah: I totally wanna have sex with him again

LOL Mutual love!!

I C U thur sneaky gypsy...YAY lamp.

WTF!!! is this because i had them max enthusiasm. I have a backlog on lamps?!

River really does love that damn piano...even more than Savannah...thats just evil!!!

JAS: Hi there im JAS
Rocko: Rocko Rose...would you mind helping me...someone gave me this horrible hairdo, and id like my old one back.
JAS: Sure.

Rocko: Ahhh much better.
JAS: Damn you are hott with your real hair.

Rocko: Well your hott buff body turns me on.

So its here where i evicted them from this hell Maxis house...they had gotten enough money thanks to Bixby Rabbit and the 48000 i got. I moved them into this house by rikkulidea

The first thing that happens? River goes and dies!!! What the hell is that?!

River: But we just moved in, cant you give me a few more days?
Death: No, now go join your wife in the afterlife
River: I thought i escaped her forever *is depressed*

18 people, that isnt bad for a Gen 1 person.

JAS: OMG i totally just got an inheritance from my grandfather!! I can go shopping now!!

GTFO fan service for you all!!

GTFO: Well hey there good looking, and what may your name be?
Clive Dork: Clive, i just moved into town. Do you know where i can go meet girls?
GTFO: Ooo a straight guy, ya no clue dude.

With River gone, JAS has taken over the painter spot. Masterpiece after masterpiece being sold people.

So i got the birthday notice for him (and GTFO), so i had JAS call up each of the guys i have for him...and when birthday comes, he gets to pick. Unless he picks and the kid is ugly :p

OK. So I go to check on Bot and it says Run i spent a good 10 minutes just watching him run around...he shocked this kid...

shocked GTFO...

shocked the teen again...

and one more time just for good measure.

JAS: OMG poor kid i brought home got electrocuted!!
Me: Ya so lets jam your head through Bots arm!

Fairfax: Baby, you may be jailbait, but Jean Claude Van DAM youre fine!!
JAS: That was a horrible line.

And its time to pick...and we get...Fairfax...duh!! Better luck next time guys.

Seriously though, Michael Peet is a seriously delicious dish!!

JAS: Hey stud, do you want a massage?
Fairfax: From you, ill take what i can get babe!!

One last shot of adult GTFO...

before he goes all grey and old!

LOL this would be all the sims sad is that?

And JAS grew up nuts! YAY another freakout.

Fairfax and Rocko: Dude he lost his mind!
Therapist: SO when did you feel you were going to snap?
JAS: What?!

OK so hes definitely a hottie!!! I made the right choice.

Haha wow, three-bolters...this should make things interesting around the house.

JAS got his first kiss...awww hes totally adorable!!!

And a little slow dancing for the new couple...i think they are adorable..JAS is sooo cute.

o.0 Dang already with the sexing and trying for baby?

JAS: I think i love you!
Fairfax: Im so happy to hear you say that!!!

So they sexed, then Fairfax moved in...

And sexed it up again...they go at it more than GTFO!

The picture has been added...we have our heir portrait!!

Generation 4 is on its way...poor JAS.

Engagement spam...Awww Fairfax looks like a total queen.

And a quick bastard children yet.

GTFO: If you go a little lower, Bot will be putty in your hands
Otis: like this?
Bot: *sparks fly of love*

Otis: *sings A Night To Remember*
Fairfax: So thats what you do with a screwdriver!

- Generation 4 next update!!
- Thanks to katu_sims, leenyland, selzi and stakeit_uk for the use of their married in sims.
- This is the first update ive hosted on my new site, so please let me know if anything is missing.
- Request Posts are going to be moved to my website to go along with the new pixel_trade guidelines.
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