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The Simpson Legacy 7.1

Last time here at the Simpsons, our heirs Fleur and Fox went away to into the family frat and made friends with that hunky Ethan. Fleur fell for her one true love, Grady Heath, while Fox made his way around college. He eventually got pregnant by none other than Randy, the mascot llama that both Catalina and Callum both fell in love with back in generation 3.

Fluer here is looking for her new job, she wants one in her LTW career of Law enforcement!

Fleur: Um excuse me!! Something hurts!!

Fox: Sucks for her :D
Me: Oh just you wait.

And heres Garnet, Gradys hair and skin, and Fleurs eyes.

The computer however offered up different jobs than the newspaper...and now shes a cop...YAY

Fox: OK not so happy being pregnant anymore...

Fox: OH SHIT THIS REALLY DOES HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh YAY! twins.

Heres Gabriella


and Glory, even better triplets o.0 shoot me!

Seriously, you only have 3 grandkids right now, they are not having 16 more...i cant fit that many into a line of the tree.

That want is a little more feasable. but not right now dude.

Fox decided to move in his baby daddy...whos probably feeling a bit like Daryl Grey these days.

Except hes feeling a bit country today...but a lil makeover will reveal him up.

See much better, and also engagement spam.

Awwww cute its woohoo time...also i switched my defaults back and forth in this update, so some shots have body hair, and some dont.

Seriously, the couch? you know you have a good bed upstairs for use.

o.0 STOP TRYING FOR BABY!!! You have 3 of them!!

Fleur came home with a promotion...and Megan Fox.
Megan: Who the hell does this bitch think she is?

Since Grady isnt home, i had Fleur call up Dominick Shaw
Fleur: Hey Dominick, ya you shoulda totally married into this family, were super loaded. Just tons of cash laying around.

Fox: I wonder when ill marry my hott fiancee
Me: well if you wanna marry him, i wont hold you back.

Quickie wedding with Megan as a witness.
Megan: OMG! a gay wedding, now ive seen everything!!

Randy: Damn baby, you are so sexy in your underwear!!

Grady was finally home, so of course he was invited over.

And after he moves in,

He pops the question to Fleur, who of course says yes. She doesnt really have an option.

And Fleur gets the fancy wedding under the arch...

and then she gets swept away with everyone out to Twikkii Island. I did leave the vampires at home with the babies though.

I had Fleur check them into the most expensive hotel, cuz well with 2 million liquid cash, they can afford it.

So i left the house..and i realized that none of them actually had the map to the Mysterious i sent them to dig it up...They actually found it pretty fast.

and off to the hut they go.

Fox: Hey dude, theres a story in my family about how my great grandfather came here and helped out and you gave them a voodoo doll. Is it true?
Witch Doctor: Holy crap! Am i really that old already!!

Randy: OMG! This is such a great time!! *man id like to tap that ass*

So Fox decided to use the voodoo doll on this guy, and well Randy kinda saw them cheating and flipped out. Fox did a bit of sweet talking and saved his behind, but this poor guy doesnt really have the option for that.

Also, look, its Delphinas dad!!

Fox: Oh god! I think im pregnant again, can we go home now?
Me: Sure, im done here anyway.

They got home and Fox went to woohoo in the photobooth. Really? Already?

And then went to join the strip poker game still going on in the house. I guess Fox decided to catch up to the game?

These 2 fatties were sent to the home gym to get back to shape...I mean Randy even broke the outfit he was wearing.

Grady, with nothing better to do, went to skill for a promotion, he only needed one mechanical point, so i stuck him to mechanics and forgot about him.

And well, i miss a glowing witch. Emmett got stuck to a spellbook...then at 7am...the game crashed!! So it went back about ooo 4 sim hours maybe?

Back home, now sporting the new default skintones, Fox once again goes for the photobooth with Randy...i mean sheesh.

And then back to the Underwear poker game. Cant say i blame my little Bi romance sim.

This time around, the gym gets a new companion, Aidan wants to gain body points, so he went to join the gymphiles.

Emmett is back to the book though...i will have a green glowing warlock.

Fox went in the zone...ya its not so much fun unless it follows a Britney...i mean ive had 2 of them already.

Emmetts tone changed slightly...hes now an Evil warlock, not just a mean warlock anymore.

Megan: So my bitch of a sister married a whiny brat of a guy, so i beat them both up.
Fox: Do you think you can beat up Fleur so i can be sole heir?
Me: HEY!! Stop that!

7am arrives without a crash (YAY) and only Emmett worrys about the sun, Aidan was still working out. Aidan has no fear!!!

So Randy wants to be the top of the Entertainment field...yes im not even gonna try to type that...and decides he wants to break the computer.

You think with 8 mechanical skill points hed be able to fix the computer, but nope...he gets himself electrocuted.

Fox: OMG! My husband electrocuted himself *worry*
Jacqualine: Im so scared for him.
Megan: That loser cant even fix a computer *laughs*

Well i wasnt even trying for this one, but its like the third shrink visit in the whole legacy i think...thats kinda scary.

The really scary part is that even Randy cant see the therapist...theres something you dont see everyday.

Fox and Jacqualine decided that what the hell, lets just climb into the probably STD filled photobooth and got it on...Go Fox. (TBH i dont even remember what his LTW is)

The following day, when Fox came home with his LTW and Grady got a promotion chance card, I sent them on a date cuz Fox had one in his wants panel forever!!

Grady: So does it feel like an ocean liner going in or is it smooth?
Fox: God stop with the questions, this isnt fun anymore!

Birthday spam...i kinda ended the date with them because it really wasnt going ended at OK so no one got hurt right?

While we wait for Fleur and Randy to come hime for the party, Fox keeps his family ties close by calling up Fawn and having a good chat with her.

Randy got a promotion, though its not his career path of LTW but whatever, cant compain about it now.

Party time!! Damn walk-bys just inviting themselves in!!

Heres Giovanni,



and Garnet...they all look amazing!!

Random chick that came home with Fleur: OMG! You are totally hott!!
Randy: Thank You! But i know that
Fox: Holy shit i am pregnant again!!

Fleur: When did i get pregnant
Grady: Maybe when we were away?!

Fox: So i was thinking maybe we could add some spice to the bedroom
Randy: what were you thinking?
Fox: well i remember meeting this really hott guy, and well hes game if you are...

Just some Emmett spam, he hasnt been much of a presence this update.

Awwww Cute cuddle shot...i havent gotten one of these in a while i think.

Aidan: I totally got A+s in school!!
Me: But you cant seem to grasp the concept of vampire should not be out in the sun...THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT!!!

So the butler was just standing around doing nothing, i got sick of it when all the plants started to die and everything...thankfully i have Emmett around to clear that out. Bite of Death coming your way butler.

Emmett: That will teach you to take money without doing work.

Emmett: Im a ballet dancer and make bags and bags of money every nite. Im the happiest fortune sim ever!! *LTA maxes*

Fox gets his LTW!! LTW?

HAHA Not gonna happen...if it was woohoo, you woulda gotten it.

LOL So I guess Bevins little present for the family was hungry. Fleurs poor unsuspecting coworker (and skittlebox's FC3 founder>.

Nora is kinda a bitchy ghost, i guess she is kinda bitter that shes, i dunno, DEAD!!


Emmett glows!! YAY!!!


I just missed her, but Rochelle just scared the pants off of Fox. I told you Rochelle was a bitchy nice sim.

Fox has taken on the chore of teaching his kids essential skills, Gabriella is the first.

Fleur decided to interrupt this by getting her LTW.

Giovanni is the next one, isnt he adorable?

Fox: so if you see Pedo bear, run away!
Giovanni: no way, im going with him..

Fox: you wouldnt wanna upset daddy, would you?
Giovanni: not really, no.
Fox: then run away from Pedo bear.

Fox: Oh dear God!!! Labor again?!
Seth: Im sooo outta here!!

Its another boy, Griffin. Randys eyes, hair and a mix of tones
Emmett: Whats the big deal about another boy?

Fleur, not to be outdone, decides to go into labor too.

and she has a boy as well, Gareth. Gradys tone, Fleurs eyes and both their hair.
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