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The IDK Legacy 4.1

So last update, River died, JAS grew up into an adult and went nuts. He met alot of Pixel Trade townies and chose Fairfax Darwin as his hubby. GTFO grew into an elder.

SO lets start this update with something we know happened last update, JAS is knocked up. But im kinda hating having so much clothes without preg morphs, so lets fix that.

Ahhh much better picture to go with a *POP* wouldnt you say?

JAS: Im hungry
Me: Well theres food in the fridge, and you have maxed skills...why not go make yourself something?!

Go cook food, shower?! i dont see the correlation.

Seriously, i dont even know why hes crying. hes platinum and everything.

Fairfax: *it was such a smart move to marry into this family*

Well he got all smelly before work so he needs a nice shower afterwards.

I really love the overlay boxes. Thank you to rikkulidea for fixing them up so they actually stick.

Just because JAS is pregnant doesnt mean he will stop on his quest for his LTW! Funnier part is he actually went to work in his underwear. Now i want that criminal in my house.

River: Boo!!
Cute Townie: I totally need to set him up on a date with my friend!!

LOL Look who her friend is!! Im down with that.

And apparently so is GTFO, its a lil pedo but hey, im not complaining.

Fairfax: Hunny, did you know that there are eggs in alfredo sauce?
JAS: Yes, hun, i read that book a while ago. I can cook you baked Alaska you know!

JAS is a dirty little cheater, and GTFO doesnt even think twice about it. Poor guy.

Underwear Ballet is the new hip thing...and apparently its good for child birth too.

Awww JAS looks adorable just eating his cereal.

and he put on the pounds to prove it...oh wait hes just popping again.

So i decided that if Bot is going to be around super long...he should be a human-looking one. So here is the new Bot

Meanwhile, GTFO is still having fun with his little teenage piece of ass. Not that i mind, Id want him if he were real.

Getting it on in the photobooth where your son is sewing is a lil weird though.

Gordon: OMG I LOVE YOU!! *hes the best lay ever*
GTFO: I love you too cutie.

Otis: Uggh how come he gets the aspiration boost, im almost dead you know.
Me: Bitter much there Otis?

Underwear Ballet claims a new victim...though Bot doesnt have underwear. Is it really Underwear Ballet anymore?

JAS got himself a silver sewing badge...im working towards a gold...he has one in fishing and in pottery, so why not sewing.

So Fairfax has been working in the Police track for a while and i never got around to checking his LTW...Ummm either he is as confused as a mother, or hes trying to see how the police work so when hes a criminal he knows what to avoid doing.

Labor time!!

Twin girls...LMAO and ROFL. Hopefully one of them has elf ears! (hoping more for ROFL cuz she has the green eyes.)

Already?! Geez you just gave birth like 4 seconds ago.

SO i sent Fairfax to hunt down his LTW career...no luck on the computer..

Had him check the paper and he went out into the snow in his underwear. o.0 Major shrinkage there!!

Me: Oh HAI thur Issey Emery. Wanna marry one of my heirs?

Otis, meanwhile, is taking care of the twins, though htey are not in the best hands, at least they are hands.

WTF?! HDU Fairfax...my poor JAS has been cheated on...and by someone i wanted to marry to an heir too.

But woohooing so much that they start to crush on each other....bad bad Fairfax.

LOL He expects sympathy for getting demoted after he cheated on JAS...not gonna happen buddy. I dont send JAS to work so you can cheat!

Birthdays and death...that only seems to happen in rikkulidea's legacys...am i gonna start stealing her stuff now?!

GTFO: Hey Grim, hows it hanging *goes to schmooze Bot*
Otis: but i dont wanna go, im very happy being miserable here.
Death: You will come and face your mortal enemy!
Otis: shit, DIAF is there too!?!

Otis, though, transferred his lot ownerships he got to his hubby, and left a good chunk of change to everyone!

GTFO: I cant believe that Otis is gone!! He was so supportive of my cheating!

JAS: Doesnt this bitch know were grieving..I should smack the shit out of her!!

Time for party!!

Except Fairfax takes this moment to pee, and screws up the damn growing up...wouldnt he be the one to do that?!

Fairfax: I need a shower.
JAS: Hunny you smell like ass!!

Awww dont you just wanna give him virtual hugs...poor guy!!

Finally, they grow up...heres ROFL...no ears

and LMAO...again, no ears...hell she doesnt even have green eyes!

I bought them this statue after reading imaginepageant's Price legacy...and well interest not there for anyone...GTFO made a wish...and got poison ivy!

YAY, JAS is knocked up again! I do love this poster though!! Its courtesy of my_sims_reality...she was a good friend, but she hasnt been very active lately on here.

GTFO: So Clive, have you thought about wearing a pink dress for me yet?
Clive: HELL NO!!! Im still lookin for a girlfriend though.
GTFO: Damn it!

Awww they are making the pregnant one clean up all the messes, how evil!

Fairfax gets all Chinese prophecy thing, and gets chased by BEES!!

and then, he goes and gets himself abducted. Good job on his part!

And wasnt really gone that long...he was back in about a hour and a half.

Well seeing as Fairfax isnt the heir...even though i have basically P_T alien replacements...the alien wouldnt be eligible...and i wasnt dealing with a kid that wasnt JASs so he gets to take the morning after pill.

FINALLY!!! GOD that had to be the longest badge EVER!! Which badge should he get next?

And just in time too, JAS pops again...hopefully this kid has elf ears!!

JAS takes it upon himself, being the only platinum sim in the house, to make the smart milk

and fully train the girls. I honestly think i like him more than GTFO, but ill prolly say that when gen 5 comes along.

Good thing you failed...if this kid doesnt have elf ears..i dunno what im gonna do.

I took this shot, but i totally should have made a video...they were talking about eggs, and as JAS was stirring, his butt shakes. Well it made me laugh anyway!

Fairfax is just being a little whore...well not really whore right now...hes only tuning up Bot.

NOW hes being a whore...its kinda scary how GTFO, BOT and Fairfax all have 3 bolts for each other. At least Fairfax hasnt gone for GTFO yet.

Well at least this counts towards Bots LTW of 20 loves. Does it still count as a love if they die?

Pimp-walking the bottle to the toddler...oh Bot ILU!!

Labor time again...and again i hit random...which gave me...

One boy named FML...the inspiration for his name comes from my coworker!!

- I do have another update played and capped...just have to edit pictures and post it...but thats after a simpson update
- I officially have transferred over the legacy chapters to my own server...no more photobucket issues for me...fucking site.
- The cut line is courtesy of rikkulidea's Laurince Legacy 13.2

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I really think I need to try InTeen again and stick to it. Your updates always make me yearn for teen pregnancies. ^.^

WOW Bot! You are hot. ^.^

She's really pretty! Who's sim is she?

Otis: shit, DIAF is there too!?!

ROFL is pretty gorgeous though, even without the ears. Though I can't preach to you when I'm doing the same thing. LOL.



I know...holy hell woman his genes are like super duper dominant!! I wonder if they will ever breed out

haha, I never bred him, so I didn't know! I know Freda had them, but only gave them to him. ^.^

haha no wonder you didnt pick him as heir now LOL...lets see how long it takes to breed out

LOL Inteen is really good, though teen pregnancy isnt exactly what i want anymore!!

Ya and the best is i could remake him anyway i want when i get bored of his look

She is Issey Emery from Simrenity's Emery Legacy but she has since deleted her journal, i can try to upload her for you if you like though.

I know they are like mortal enemies still...i wonder what the after life will be like.

I dunno, we will have to see if FML has ears first.

I've only tried it like twice and both times I just didn't work it correctly I think. I might try it again, we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Can you imagine them battling in the underworld. ^.^ It would be an EPIC BATTLE.

Well hey, remember GTFO got knocked up his first time!! so i guess it works fine

EPIC...i want a PPV event for it!

The bottle pimp walk made me lol so hard I forgot what else I was going to say.

i know...it was hysterical...i was watching JAS and saw him i was like NO WAY!!


LOL just wait until next update

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