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The Storm Legacy 1.1

So i was talking with leenyland and we were discussing how legacys get boring around like generation 6..i mean the simpsons have 2 million in usable cash..i think it stems alot from the FT aspiration bonus, so i decided i would start a new family. This family does have a theme, and its why it has the last name storm...The naming scheme will be Atlantic hurricane names. It has like 80 names which means i also have to curb my population explosion. Also, im gonna try my hand as an ISBI too. Enough with the rambling

This is Alex Storm...hes a red haired blue eyed elf man. Im also playing in a empty Riverblossom Hills, so now we create townies.

Alex: You're gonna build me a big house right?!
Me: Oh yeah and we have to build you your house.

So the first person that Alex meets is the paperboy.

Alex: So do the other people around here live in huge houses?
Paperboy: Dude, you're the first inhabitant of this barran stretch of land.

Alex: WHAT. THE. FUCK. Where is my house? Why am i the only person here!!
Me: Alex has some anger issues

So with his 3 nice points, Alex takes it upon himself to torment the garden club guy.

Ooo and the garden club guy decided to grow some balls and actually fight back!

LULZ the welcome wagon comes and we have me and some chick, Alex has 2 bolts with her though.

While she may have all earthy hugs and everything, i try to persuade garden club guy how safe the community is.

Well the 3 nice points are showing Alex...can you stop abusing the hell out of the garden guy.

Alex: Build my fucking house already, or you'll be next!
Me: Eep!

And the first all out brawl takes place in 7 sim hours. This isn't a good sign is it?

Hello gorgeous!! there's only 1 bolt for them though.

See Christina is the hot one, yet instead of trying to pick her up, he wants to pummel the garden guy.

Blonde: So do you wanna test out my curves?
Alex: oh absolutely.

HAI gypsy!!

Alex's house uses the basic floor plan of simply_home's first magic box challenge.

YAY! another fight, had to break in the new house, didn't you?

Blonde decided to mark her territory, and starts to get her flirt on with Alex. He loves it.

Oooo a Network? what am i gonna get?

Blonde: Dude, i work for a home furnishing store, ill totally give you my discount.
Alex: oh really?!
Me: Where the fuck were you about 10 minutes ago?!

Blonde: So since you moved into this town, the population seems to have doubled in size.
Alex: Why is she in her coat still?

He spent his first night all by himself, poor baby.

Fan service. YUMMY!!! He's soooo dreamy.

I had him call up the blonde...i mean hes not getting any younger.

Christina decided to come by and be his bestest friend. She still hasn't made a move on him. I call bull on those 2 bolts.

STOP IT! I will not copy every thing from every leenyland legacy!!

Hes such the buff man! He loves sports, beer and scratching himself.

She finally decided to step up her game. The fun part is i haven't directed him to do anything just yet, everything has been autonomous.

Deflowering is done. Alex looks very satisfied with himself.

Alex: Oh hey Christina, whats up?
Useless phone chatter to get them to be besties.

And i leave you off with Alex breaking the shower. What will happen next in this house?

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Pass-Outs: 0
Fights: 2
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0

So its a start, next update will be the Simpsons. Bout time for them to get updated.
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