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The Simpson Legacy 7.2

Last time, Fox and Fleur decided to pop out their kids, Fleur popped out the first, Garnet with Fox following quickly with triplets...Gabriella, Glory and Giovanni. They decided to take a honeymoon to Twikki Island and got another voodoo doll. On their holiday, Fox and Fleur both got pregnant again, and gave birth both to single boys...Griffin and Gareth.

Fox goes off again, this time going to toddler train Glory...someone has to train them, dont they?

Bevin decides to take this time to come out and haunt...I miss her. :(

Glory: Thank god hes paying attention to me, damn new babies!!

Fox: Come to daddy, hunny!
Glory: Daddy!!!!

So i got a little tired of the simpsons having 2 million liquid cash, See the queue of things for Fleur to do...shes buying community lots to sell at her brand new home business.
Aidan: Wait, shes spending all our money?!

Its the new home business of the house...I picked high price items just to sell at 50% below wholesale cost.

Birthday spam!!!

Fox: so would you like to sleep with me?
Sam: Hmm ill have to think about that.

He didnt have to think that hard apparently.

Just to up his love count, Fox voodoos Sam.

I also had all of the simpsons quit their jobs...bringing in like 40 billion bucks from work doesnt help lower the household funds.

Seriously?! Why even bother? dont you know i have a burglar alarm already in the house?

It really doesnt help though when the cop sucks ass...hes Bevins old buddy for like 3.2 or something.

And with Giovannis creativity maxed, i decided it was time for him to grow up.

Reporter: Would you hurry up already! Id like to get home tonite!!
Emmett: Sorry, its the only time ive been on the register.

Aidan: I wish he would learn to put on some more clothes, walking around in your underwear is tacky.

Garnet: Why arent the babies watching me grow up?! Arent I cool enough?

I dont remember why Emmett is voodooing the hott guy, but there has to be a reason behind it...i think it was friendship so he would get star points and raise the business.

The ghost of Seth is out, and boy is he being a bastard!! He wont stop scaring people.

Not that its stopped Fox any, hes on the quest for yet another love, this time its Marcus Ross of simnelss Ross Legacy.

Eli: YES! You scored, sweet!!
Fox: Shouldnt he be dead?
Me: Ya but hes a townie, he can live forever!!!

And since Fox has absolutely nothing to do, because he has maxed skills and learned all the AL skills like fire safety, i decided hes gonna start earning badges, Start with gardening.

And work on Sales too.
Fox: You totally will be the most popular kid in your class if you buy a community lot, and The Clock can be yours for only 138,000 bucks
Kid: Ill buy it sir if you get your crotch outta my face.

More birthdays, and Fox totally sold Marcus a helicopter and a couple of aquariums.

First up is Gareth...

Emmett: Holy Shit he grew up!
Aidan: another birthday?!
Giovanni: Im outta here.

Britney: Boo!
Gabriella: Dad totally warned me about the ghosts, but AHHH!

Griffins turn!

Hes adorable, and blonde?

And this hottie right here, this is Drews son Piece of Me (their naming scheme was whatever song came on my ipod)

Piece of Me: Would you hurry up Fleur, i do have a curfew you know!!
Fleur: Why couldnt i have bought an easier register to work on?!

Piece of Me: Are you fucking kidding me?! You dont know how to operate the cash register!!!

So Fox was helping the kids with their homework, and was on the last kid, when Britney decided its a perfect time to scare the piss outta him
Glory: God dad you smell, im gonna go do something while you shower.

Apparently, Miraim doesnt like the idea of the house letting people who cant dance, dance their hearts out.


Fox is working hard on his badge skills, he has a silver in sales and a bronze in gardening.

Fox: So Veronica (Drakes daughter), you wanna buy a community lot?
Veronica: Um no Fox, just here hanging out with Glory.

Fox: How about you sir? Would you like to own the Kiddie Castle?
Dallas: Youre coming on too strong. Turn it down a notch!

FINALLY!!! I love Dazzle!!

Fox: OMG! You totally need to buy the Crypt o Night club!! Everyone will be throwing themselves at you!!
Dallas: OMG! Really!!! Ill totally buy it!!!!

Fox: Its probably because of the Best of the Best award and not because of Gabriella that people are coming here.

So Gradys had this pesky make a wish want in his want panel, so i gave into him...after all, the well doesnt have limited quantities. I had him wish for friends and the well gave me...

Nathan Peet,


and this townie named Angelica.

Sam wanted another date downtown, now we come to the stupid cell phone glitch issue.

Fox called the taxi company, but i never got any dialogue.

And then i saw that Sam was actually on the lot. Though Fox wanted more to do with Angelica than Sam.

But Awwww this is such an adorable picture!!

o.0 Really now...well if Fox stood you up, dont you think you stood him up too?!

Genie: Your wish is my command master.
Fox: Well we have this strange chick that Fleur brought home from work once, and well her body is in the family you think you can bring her back to life so she can go on living forever in townie land?

And Thus, Jo Murray was brought back to life.

Haha gotta love having a voodoo doll, you dont even need to cook for him, just tour and schmooze.

So were still working on 20 loves, i think he has like 6 right now. Lets start with Marcus, since hes close enough to it already.

Of course we arent gonna be stupid enough to actually do it at home, plus with going downtown, we can meet alot more people for him to love.

Seriously, when you start going to the lot, the first thing to do is not to go to the photo booth and woohoo your brains out!

Marcus: I love you hott stuff
Fox: Thats nice, i wanna get her number.

After all she is the hottest thing in the damn club right?!

WTF?! This isnt the simplicists sims hook up club, you two should not be woohooing when Fox is lookin for love.

I took Fox on over to the poker place and what should be there but more townies from pixel_trade...its Dionysus Randolph...

and Ares, Hestia and Chase Fox.

There is an issue when hes thinking starving and hes pretty full. Griffin, i think you is nuts.

More bed cuddling for Fox...hes so adorable!!

So its toddler training time again, and all Grady wants to do is interact with know you have your own kid!! In fact...

You can teach your kid his necessary skills.

Fox: You look like you could use a nice counter.
Reporter: Well i definitely need one to lay you on.
Me: o.0 My eyes...they buuuurn.

Fox: You will love me, i will achieve my lifes dream.

Fox: How much longer to i have to be around him in my underwear? its cold outside.
Me: You will stay there until youve gotten a good review, and youll like it!!

Shit! i missed Gareths growing up...Hes adorable.

Griffin grew up too...but apparently hes not blonde, hes brunette!! Was planning on him being heir.

Giovanni: That means you havent declared an heir? I still have a chance!!
Glory: Nice try, but im still blonde, and Gabriella has alien eyes.

Me: If you get knocked up, you will be homeless!!
No pregnancy for Fleur!!

Ha! Now that you have 9000 bucks i guess you guys can get jobs again.

Fox however, doesnt get a job so he can go after his 2nd LTW
Fox: Ferrari, im so sorry that you werent chosen as heir, its not my fault that you were a boring child.

Fox here invited the bartender out on a date. He was very receptive to the idea of getting it on with Fox, but then again everyone would wanna get it on with Fox.

Ive actually never seen this part before...he looks so caring and lovable.

I told you Seth was a bastard...everytime Grady sat down on the piano, Seth would scare surprised he never died!

And a poker game to help start off the transition to teenhood for the kids.

Some important info about the teens

Makeover shots of the torn for heir.

Well this is a nice turn of events...most of them are hetero...thats definitely a plus.
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