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The IDK Legacy 4.2

Last time, JAS gave birth to ROFL and LMAO, who became toddlers. JAS was dead set to achieve his LTW of being a criminal mastermind, going to work heavily pregnant to do so. GTFO went out on a date with the cute cashier and hit it off so well that he was bangin the kid in front of JAS. Otis died, leaving money to all, and some lot ownerships to GTFO. Fairfax got down with his Romance side, and started having affairs left and right. He started with Issey Emery, and then got it on with Bot. We ended off with JAS giving birth to FML, his first son.

Since Otis died, and GTFO wants some man candy, Bot gets a new outfit. Underwear model-esque?

And then i said, ive had the run of bad luck with the asian fountain thingy...lets try again. Well it wants to be punny!!

FML grew up into a toddler, and well, its a reason to say FML. Damn it...3 kids and no elf ears!! I do not want 6 kids this generation again!!! I know one way to rememdy this!!

Sweet!! Autonomous potty training!! I love it!

Plan B! I will get an elf eared heir!!

JAS: So Michael, you look absolutely breathtaking today!

Wow thats all it takes to get them in love...wish i knew that sooner.

Isnt this romantic?! How cute of them.

JAS: So its just for tonite right?
Michael: What? What do you take me for?
JAS: Come on baby, its cool.

I think Michael got over it being a one night stand.

JAS: Oh Hey Rocko...ya im kinda married now, but i can totally give you some digits.
Rocko: *hangs up*

So i do rounds around the house and WHAT. THE. HELL. is this...Fairfax and GTFO getting it on. Seriously its a circle of lets sleep around with each other in the house!

ROFL and LMAO grew up into kids, and well ya im not interested in them anymore. They have no shot at heir anyway.

Fairfax finally got into his LTW career after forever in the police world.

OK seriously, why is the robot eating food?

Woohoo! LTW for JAS!! Perm platinum for him!!

ROFL: What do you mean, "I cant buy my way into heirship!"
Me: You dont have the ears!! No chance!!

LMAO: Daddy youre home!!
JAS: Ya you have a less shot at being heir than your sister and brother.

JAS: so x is 4, do you get it now hunny
ROFL: Why do i have to learn algebra at 9?!

*adultery pop*

I think JAS is trying to see which kid would make for good pictures.

JAS totally loves that he gets to toddler train. Just look at the face. Dont you love him?!

So since GTFO is roughly just enterring into his elder years, i decided that he needed a spouse. Enter Gordon. I wanted to get him into the family. So BAM! perfect!

And a quickie wedding. After all, GTFO isnt getting any younger!
JAS: I cant believe that dad is getting remarried so fast.
Me: Dude, its been a while

*adultery pop #2*

JAS: Im happy to see that my dad found love again.
Gordon: Hes just amazing, i love him.

Bot: Damn boy is fine!
Gordon: *pop*
Me: Damn GTFO has super sperm!

GTFO: Awww im gonna be a dad again!
Gordon: Are you happy about that?
GTFO: Absolutely!

Me: Excuse me!! When the fuck did this happen?!

FML grew up well. And his whole family who was home is there to celebrate, but hes not even an issue for heir. So say goodbye so many pictures of him.

Adultery baby is here! Woohoo!!

Here is LOL, yes, finally there is a LOL in the family.

She has both her dads green eyes, both dads brown hair, and a nice tan skintone.

Gordon pop #2, and apparently FML is trying to get grandpas attention.

Well you knew i wasnt gonna have just one shot...gotta make sure of it. So we ask Michael on a date.

And then apparently JAS decides to hop in the photo booth with Bot. I seriously just give up. If everyone wants to sleep with everyone, im not gonna stop it.

JAS finally realizes that Michael is outside and goes to woo the father of his adulterous child!!

...and Bot moves onto Gordon. like i said, i give up.

So i invited the headmaster over cuz even the kids that have no shot at heir deserve a good education! And he went and stole Bots hairdo. Not to mention that all the guys are strutting around half naked.

Fairfax, however, came home in the middle of the date and well, all hell broke loose. He can cheat all he wants but apparently JAS isnt allowed to.

And Bots getting into it as well. its all HDU cheat on me. Bot isnt anything, and why after Fairfax comes home...not while they were standing around doing nothing.

Well fair is fair for Fairfax, LOL but it looks like all hell is gonna come loose, and GTFO, the one with like 6 loves, is the only one not involved.

Everyone is gonna get all bitch-slappy and Michael and the headmaster are like whut!?

Fairfax: OMG! what have i done?!

JAS: Michael, will you marry me?!
Michael: OMG its sooo big! Of course i will.

So after the new proposal, we still need to get the kids into private school.

DIAF: WHAT. THE. FUCK! What happened to my family lineage?!

SO the time ran out and yet the kids still got in though i wasnt at a 90 o.0 weird ass game.

SO heres Bot...i tried to get a picture but missed River scaring i wanted to show that River is also haunting tonite. But lookie there...the Romance bot has a want to get engaged to Fairfax...I can do that.

Bot: So since youre single now, how bout you marry me?
(Yes in my game he talks human-like)

Quickie Wedding!!

And well, GTFO had to rework the woo on Fairfax...he wants 20 loves you know.

So lets see, theres Gordon, Bot, Fairfax, Mercedes, Trent...does Otis count?!

JAS: You totally dont have 2 best friends!! Youre a lying whore!!

And the pregnancy hormones have gotten to poor Gordon...he wants that baby out NOW!!

and it works! Labor time!

Single baby..I forget the sex, but its FYI.

Bot, though he gets tons of loving, still winds up getting a social bunny visit. How the fuck?!

GTFO is trying for another baby!! I wouldnt complain about it.

Michael is showing promise...hes getting promotions...though its a cheap ass field..if he didnt get a promotion id think he was a lazy piece of crap!

Well theres a bun in JASs oven...Thats one good sign.

Michael: Hey guys, i know you hate me and all, but can you help me out, i dont know why its crying.
Fairfax & Bot: *ignores*

Social Bunny: *hops*
Bot: *laughs uncontrollably*
Me: *scratches head*

Michael here decides to be the next Mozart. He isnt completely horrible either. I was thoroughly impressed.

Now, who needs a bathtub to play priate. JAS can play it on the porch.

JAS: Congrats on pissing me the fuck off you loser.

JAS: And you piece of garbage, Why the fuck you gotta steal my man!


Ok, so i would understand if it was JAS or even GTFO or something, but seriously, WTF did Gordon ever do to you?!

Haha Michael is getting better at being a good dad. Look not one problem.

JAS: Great, now if only it was our daughter and not my sibling.
Me: Good point

BAD FAIRFAX!!! You will not buy off LOL with 50 bucks...shes worth a little more.

Cake time...Now isnt that a picture for the wall?!

SHE HAS EARS!!! Im happy as a clam now!!!

She, however, wants Fairfax dead! Seriously?! Is this a sign of explosion?

Im a sucker for romance...That and im still happy i got Gordon to do something with this family.

But even GTFO has some patching up to do, it never fails...i guess thats why you dont have 3 loves living in one house.

GTFO: Now that youve given me grandchildren, you need to get a better paying job. Something that will support my son.
Michael: Umm hes a criminal mastermind...he does tons of counterfeitting.
GTFO: OK i guess we dont really need more money.

JAS: Say sweetie, wanna go out on a date?
Michael: with you, any day!

Bad Gordon! Dont pee on the baby!! Poor FYI!

JAS: OMG! I wish i could have grilled cheese but it makes me sick when im pregnant.

JAS: I hate carrying around all this excess baggage too. I cant see my feet at all!

Fairfax came home from work with a friend and is running somewhere >:)

OOOOO!! Jazz Crayola. I will keep the family in the crime field if i can get him home alot more.


Awww someone found out my little surprise (i took a page from rikkulidea [ie Go here to look more into it])

GTFOs relationship with Mercedes was like drastically low, so i invited her on over so try and up their relationship.

Pops just going on everywhere?!

o.0 no idea who this is or why Gordon is against it but whatever.

JAS goes ahead and answers the door for Mercedes...she doesnt look like someone whos still knocked up.

But GTFO is doing stupid things...he woohooed his hubby, and Mercedes, Bot, Fairfax and the chicky from work all flipped their shit. Ive never heard more BONG sounds before in my life.

LMAO and ROFL grew up into teens

Then i aged them to adult and shipped their asses out of the house...they can live together though.

And we start with the repairingof the relationships...starting with Fairfax...and i think i also had him smooth talk Bot, but at this point i cant remember to save my life!

- I was upset i figured that at least one of the kids woulda had elf ears and i coulda saved Michael for another generation.
- That cheating scene with JAS just made me laugh my ass off.
- Storm updateS coming soon...i was playing and got addicted to playing...i have somewhere like 300 pictures.
- Im in search of Elfs from people i havent used. If you can recommend any elfs, feel free to post em here.
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