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The Storm Legacy 1.2

Last time on the brand new legacy i started, which would be an ISBI (why the hell did i decide to do an ISBI is beyond me). We met Alex Storm, who decided he wanted to piss of the garden club guy. He gave me the first stats of the ISBI by getting into 2 fights with said guy, and then woohooing Adrienne, with whom he had 1 bolt. My simself made an appearance and everything was grand.

Well last update I left you with a broken shower, this update starts with Alex fixing the shower.

I had him greet this townie because, well, he needs to get a move on...babies don't come by themselves.

Backpack townie: I know we just met, but you are totally awesome.

BPT: Here have a free TV.
Alex: Sweet</i>

Well, after having no chemistry with that chick, i had him invite over Adrienne. She just willingly said sure, be right there. Then by some sort of slut magic poof she appeared.

Alex: You know, my bed is pretty warm
Adrienne: Tee-hee im gonna get some.

And she got some, Alex must be some sort of sex god or something.

And...we get the first fire...Good job Alex...where's the sane legacy that rikkulidea got?

We got a decent looking fireman...We have to keep him in mind.

Well, Alex has shown no more interest in any other woman besides Adrienne, so she gets to become the first idiot. We get some booty!

And then we move her in, Welcome to the family Adrienne.

What better way to celebrate love and moving in, than by sexing her up.

LOL new cut scene. Why do townies get to be virgins again?!

Ahhh, that makes sense now...Alex studies Kama Sutra so he can be a sex god.

Yay, i love cuddling...i'm a very odd individual...i love cuddles and belly rubs, so sue me!

And for 1 bolters, they seem to sex up the house alot. they were in the bed twice and now the couch!

Alex finally rolled the want to get here we are!

Adrienne: I thought you'd never ask! *leaps into arms*

Quickie wedding, Alex only has 2 friends, my simself and Christine...i don't know if she has any though.

So Adrienne ran off to work, leaving her new hubby home. He comes across this bit of jailbait. Hey everyone needs friends right?!

Sweet, he wants a baby now!! We can definitely work on that one! No need to tell me twice.

Oh, i guess he decided to get started without my help LOL.

Sweet another notch on my ISBI list...Good job on you Adrienne.

o.0 Weren't you just sleeping on your feet?! Why aren't you asleep now?!

STOP SEXING!!! Shes already pregnant!!

And we have you know how hard it is to take pictures for an ISBI for me...i mean i'm fighting really hard not to make her do anything.

Obligatory baby shot! This baby is Charlie...dads eyes and hair, and i believe its his skintone too.

And we have twins...this baby is Bonnie, moms blonde hair, grey eyes and a mix tone i think.

*resists urge to make Adrienne put the baby in the crib*
Sorry Charlie (OMG LOL)

No put baby in crib!! Not sex up and get pregnant again!!

EXCUSE YOU!! Don't you be yellin at poor Charlie for pooing his diaper!!

Alex: I just changed the baby, why won't she leave the baby sleep?! *slaps self in forehead*

After cleaning up Adrienne's mess, poor Alex cant even get himself back to the bed for sleep.

So you would expect that Alex's needs would be much higher than Adrienne's, but no, Adrienne is a higher mood than poor Alex...another passout for the legacy

And this is the house that Adrienne left for poor Alex as she went to work. Shes a grade A winner, lemme tell you.

LOL Adrienne is just showing how fail she is. I tried an ISBI because Quinkie made it seem so easy. HDU Quinkie...that's false advertising!!

Oh great...Bad enough that the kids live in a hovel of a house...but you gotta go and pee on Bonnie too...that's just wrong!!

So its like Adriennes fifth day of being in the house, and i already have to have the command for her. I just sent her butt to work...i need money!

And Alex goes and spazzes out, not once...

but twice...seriously!! What the hell!!

Alex: It wont stop...what's wrong with it?!


Adrienne: The money was so not worth it. This is just no fun!

Great, Mr Garden Club guy comes by and kicks the garbage can...and Adrienne has to go after the roaches. Why must they be a magnet?

LOL So you want a kid, and Adrienne caught the flu, and the toddlers are growing up...Ya this is just a recipe for disaster isnt it.

Alex: I'm hungry!
Adrienne: Oooo i'll feed the baby!!! :D
Alex: The baby doesnt need to be fed, it needs to sleep.

So of course, Alex passes out in his food...FAIL!


TRIPLE FAIL! And i dont even know where the puddle came from!!

Oh this is just wonderful...i have 2 flu ridden adults, a toddler and a baby that wont age up for his life...what the hell!

FINALLY! Look at Charlie lookin all adorable! and he has elf ears!!

LOL! And we have a meltdown! Somehow, the rate this update is going, im not surprised at all!

So, i had to use Charlie's one command to play with the damn bunny. They kept complaining about their damn fun, so this is an easy boost. You know this legacy is fun, its just im a horrible sim god!

*slaps* Bad game! Bonnie wants to be asleep right now, she doesnt wanna have social interactions!!

Well, Adrienne is still nuts! Nothing more to say about that!

Wonderful, just to round everything out, this bitch has to show up!
Social Worker: HDU treat these kids this way, they are leaving with me!

Alex: WTF?! HDU barge into my house and tell me how to parent my best friends with them both!!

And with that the first 2 kids are gone!!

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 1
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 1
Self-Wettings: 1
Pass-Outs: 9 SERIOUSLY?!
Fights: 2
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 1
Alien Abductions: 0

- This update was so fun to type up, and actually it was fun to play!!
- leenyland actually picked the picture for the teaser.
- The way im going to number the updates is when the torch is passed, the number will when Alex's hopeful kid takes over, there will be the 2.1
Tags: storm

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