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The Simpson Legacy 7.3

Last time was toddler training, home business spending spree of 2 million bucks and teen time for the older kids.

Fleur actually decides to be a decent parent for now, actually paying attention to her kids, not like that will change what will happen.

Its time for Fleur and Grady to leave the legacy house...their kids wont be heir so they arent heir lineage.

Gareth: Bye mom, ill miss you
Garnet: Thanks for letting us stay here!!
Aidan: Bye! Have fun with eternal youth

So i sent everyone off to skill...Aidan paints what hed look like in the future (a la leenyland) and Emmett paints the simplicity of Aidan (a la Carters 4.2)

Game: Sorry 3 realitys are not allowed to exist at the same time! Bye Bye!

Emmett: My plan is working perfectly!! I will be the last survivor of my family lineage

Giovanni: Is it just me of is Grandpa Emmett being a bit weird?
Garnet: I think hes lost his mind! I keep hearing him say hes a powerful warlock!

Fox: Bye Fleur! Have fun!!
Emmett: Youre too late Fox!

Well we gotta make use of Foxs gardening bout we make some cocktail and get some badge tips!

Well look, its James kid with Ares Randolph.

Catalina comes by to do some shopping, and arrives in style.

Fox: Hey baby, wanna take a ride on my disco stick?!
Catalina: That was a bad pick up line

Fox: Im totally hard as a rock baby, just for you
Catalina: OMG! I totally wanna see it.

You knew some simpsoncest was gonna happen eventually, at least it wasnt for a marriage.

There is just alot going on in this picture. But at least the business is booming.

Catalina: If you dont hurry up, im gonna turn you into a toad!

So after Catalina pays and flys off, the teens decide to hit the town.

How do they change seats so fast?! o.0

Down in Crypt O Night club, we have Pierce Francis leenyland

Some chick that is trying to take Karens place, and outfit.

and Zeus Randolph rikkulidea

Pierce apparently thinks Glory is the hottest thing ever!! Well she has options.

Oh look, its my other kid with Ares, Max.

I have no idea who he is, but DAAAAMN! hes prime real estate.

Well now that Glory has met people, i sent them back home.

Now you think i took this picture because it looks like Zeus followed the kids home but thats not why...look at the want panel...Glory wants to flirt with Garnet, thats right more simpsoncest.

Fox: OMG you totally want the painting behind you. If you buy it, ill sleep with you.
Customer: Well where is it?!

He did buy it, so Fox took him to that bed still has springs ill never know.

Glory: OMFG! Why does my cousin have to sit there?! Doesnt he know who i am?!

Yes, i do love them alot, so sue me!!

LOL No idea why, but I had Emmett turn Aidan into a warlock. Its not like i want Aidan green or anything >.>

So i got to thinking when Fox started making out with the mailman from Gen 2...the one who banged Britney like a drum, that i havent seen the legacy bike yet...just where is Dean? So i used Emmett to summon his ass to the lot.
*also note the 2 identical chicks in the back that arent named the same.

LOL Dean knew why he was called here, and got right to work. Right to the photobooth with thats 5 outta 6 generations done.

Then Fox whores himself out to the butler...hey 20 loves doesnt come easy enough.

Then he goes to the well, and gets himself Bodie...a CAS townie i made. I think Dionysus or Callum had him back a few months ago...but i honestly cant remember.

OK seriously..i need to turn down ACR...WTF is with this?! Drake you have 2 wives at home!!!

Emmett here is keeping Foxs next conquest occupied while Fox bangs i have had enough with the incest but apparently the game thinks otherwise *shrugs*

Drake: So Aunt Catalina is smokin hott!
Fox: Been there, done that. Banged her drum well, now onto you!

Emmett here is the only heir to not sleep with Dean, so with the voodoo dolls help we can fix that all up.

I do love the voodoo doll, it makes relationships so easy.

>.> Im not planning anything with Giovanni petting the leader of the pack <.<

Finally, Dean is caught up in heir lineage to bang, now he can GTFO the damn house.

So i love Vamps...and well i think Giovanni would make the perfect vampire.

Emmett: Bleh!
Giovanni: BLEH!!!

LOL Vampires dont have reflections...yes its the little things that please me. But it will be a bitch to do his hair now LOL

Meh, while i was at it, Giovanni turns warlock. >.>

Doesnt Emmett look particularly evil. Well he should, its his heir portrait!

Fox: Hey Dean, is it sad that were getting out butts handed to us by a teenager?
Dean: Maybe we shouldnt have agreed to play for clothes?

>.> Still nothing going on

WTF! Where is Emmett? i sent him to paint this thing and its not done

OK Ill be honest...I sent Fox out to greet this guy and his heart farting went with the voodoo doll...

The hot tub was just inevitable!!

The house started to lag, so i started sending people to Uni...first went Garnet!

Then Griffin and Gareth...who had just grown into teens...sorry guys.

Giovanni: The plan is working simgod!! Soon it will be complete!
Me: I have no idea what you are talking about!!

Glory decided to bring Max home from school and proceeded to lose her virginity to him...just what i was looking for o.0 *cough*slut*cough*

LotP: *bite*
Giovanni: That didnt hurt at all.

LotP: wheres the stick dude?!

Ya i hate the damn hair overlay, so now he gets to be awesome with wolf hair. I also had him attack Glory cuz she wanted to be one.

And this is how quiet the house is after all the kids have gone to Uni.

DUDE!! Seriously!! WTF is with the incest?! Griffin rolled gay and wants Gareth, Gabriella wants Gareth...whats next?! Oh and i moved them into Ivan Laurinces dorm.

Oooh Giovanni wanting Garnet, and my heir macking on the cow...seriously?! I think im ready to implode the damn dorm and start with a new baby!!

So with Giovanni being in Uni, the vampire isnt gonna work for him too well, so i cured him for now...and no one asked you if the matchmaker was hott dude!!!

And i leave you off with Garnets high point guy, Dominick Deline. GOD DAMN IT!!!

- So as you note, Glory is heir...Giovanni will be around.
- This update has taken so long because i was watching the AMAs where Taylor kicked ass!!!
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