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The Storm Legacy 1.3

Last time, Alex finally settled down and got hitched to Adrienne. They humped like rabbits and had twins, Bonnie and Charlie. After a horrible experience where my genius turned out to be the biggest idiot, the social worker came and took Charlie and Bonnie away.

So we start off with 2 very emo ex parents.

Alex: OMG! Simgod how could you let her take our kids?
Me: Well its not my fault dude, She says its your fault.

Chance card...lets hope i pick the right one!

Oops! Umm ya they don't have enough to pay that chance card!!

Abduction pregnancy though.

Woohoo! We have money!! Hey its something!!

Greeeeeat! Just what we need, another chance card.

Hey, we need the money, of course shes gonna keep it.

BAM! and promoted too! do you know how much of a bitch it is to keep from peeking at her shit.

More abduction...more no pregnancy.

So Alex greets this dude...i think its supposed to be Asparagus Crayola but i cant be sure anymore...its been like 2 months.

Oh goodie!! So I do have a chance at continuing the legacy.

Random Townie: You are so fine when you're knocked up!!
Adrienne: *ignores*

DAMN! It looks like she has a bus load of kids in there o.0

abduction again...(here is about the time when i realized that there was a problem with my polli techs.

and again...after i fixed them.

LOL Kinda like his first gay sex or something with the sore ass.

o.0 OK sexing is not the end of the world!! Please you can stop...she is pregnant as it is.

Well we gotta meet some people for the kids. Plus, he has a want to meet someone new.

Isn't Alex just the best company for him? Passing out in his chili just screams awesome.

Fun, another multiple birth!! Because that worked out so well the LAST time!!

Here is Danielle,

and here is Earl...twin girls. Poor Earl :\

Alex though cant be happy with 2 babies to take care of, no...he has to have an alien baby too.

My genius, and boy do i use that term loosely, takes care of the kids, gets her into the crib, and THEN passes out. at least it was the correct order.

*alien pop*

Adrienne: So can you tell me again how you wound up pregnant, and why we aren't selling the story to the press?
Alex: I don't know how i wound up pregnant, and if i told the press, i would probably be committed.

Adrienne: Well I guess that makes sense.
Alex: *passes out*

Birthday spam!! twin toddlers soon...again.

Alex: Twin toddlers again?! i don't think i can take that

Then he passes out...AGAIN!!! JESUS CHRISTMAS!!!

So he gets up, normal people/"genius" sims go use the bathroom when they need to....not Alex...he goes to check the baby and pees himself!

He pops again while eating...and instead of returning to his dinner...

he HAS to go outside and build a snowman...seriously dude!! You are making me wanna just make it an idiot challenge.

o.0 YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! What a good influence you are to Earl behind you!!

I...i just have no words for him...stupid doesn't even begin to cover him!!

*laughs* Like i would choose anything else but RANDOM.

Just one baby this time...Frances...his "father" is PT Scarlett Laroux.

Earl: WTF Bitch, i just shit my diaper, change me!!!
Adrienne: Can't i get any sleep?!
Alex: *ignores both*

Really?! Alex is starting to piss me the fuck off now!!!

Cutie!! We can keep him in mind for the future!!

So has anyone actually done 10 kids in an ISBI generation? Just curious.

Birthday spam...and a naked Adrienne!!

Danielle (whos apparently bald): OMG! Pay attention to me!!
Earl: get over it kid, we gotta fend for ourselves.

Everyone grew up...LOL Both horribly too may i add, and no skills at all!

o.0 You are complaining about the smell, yet you are bringing more kids into the damn house?!

Earl goes to show she was born in the right family!!

*pop #2*

While Alex butt wiggles at me

...what was i saying?!

and Adrienne is showing Frances some good habits...i wonder why they are teaching the kids bad habits?!

Alex: Hey kid, wanna meet some kids?
Teen: Not from this family dude.


After hitting random, i get this...*nervous twitch*

We have Gaston,


and Ivan... Thats right, triplets! Well im screwed.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 1
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 1
Self-Wettings: 3
Pass-Outs: 18 Holy Hell!!
Fights: 2
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 1
Alien Abductions: 5
Tags: storm

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