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The Drunkenmiller Legacy 2.1

So previously in Leeny's Journal, you met Miller Drunkenmiller and his tale of 20 lovers. He knocked up Leeny and she had 2 kids, Alexa and Emma Jean. By popular demand, Emma Jean won the heir poll and hence got shipped to my game, now i get to torment legacy her.

So Emma Jean had very little money when she moved far away from her psycho family. She found the cutest house with a Twikki Island theme since her dream is to go there one day.
Emma Jean: This house looks like shit, i hate it
Me: Shut Up or i'll make a satellite fall on your head!
Emma Jean: Did i say hate, i meant i love it!!!

Well we all know what she needs to do, so why even waste time? I sent her tushy right on down to King's Garden to meet some men!

Emma Jean: Hey, I'm new to this place. Emma Jean is my name.
Diane Simpson: Hey! *whispers* Run while you can, he's holding us hostage!

Well Emma Jean certainly has found her a looker.
Emma Jean: Screw running, hes gorgeous!
Diane: Why isn't she listening to me?
Thomas: Who's that over there?

Well 2 bolts is a great start for them!

Networking already?! Wonder what it will be?

LOL See, why bother looking in a paper when random strangers will give you a job?

But ACR decides to kick things up a notch and Emma Jean just can't control herself.

Old dude: OMG! It's the Charleton!! *cowers in fear*

Emma Jean apparently has also taken to stalking Thomas around the lot
Diane: So you think he'll let her play with his racket?
Aleysa Peet: I don't care, would you move already!

I do want to see what else is around though, I wanna try to get her to stay away from the P_T townies since i'll need them for the IDKs, here is a random townie...i love the eyes though!!!

Thomas: Well i am a business tychoon, but i don't have alot of money saved up right now.
Emma Jean: Ooo he has money coming in!! *is attracted*

She went to the bathroom and shes met by this blonde...Aurora Hale
Me: RUN BITCH RUN!!! Don't piss her off, she is fucking scary.

Emma Jean here is still meeting people, like Dallas Simpson
Aurora: Thanks for the 100 bucks Emma Jean.

Back home because someone was being cranky, I sent her to meet the mailman...he's alien and has great eyes.

Now wtf you slut...i don't mind you starting with one guy but a second is kinda trashy. Especially for a Family sim.

Emma Jean: Hey Thomas, of course id love to go on an outing with you and your friends.

Right before she leaves though, look who walks by...Einstein Brilliantcat.

Emma Jean: Holy Shit!! That red head is gorgeous.
Me: Aidan will not marry into every one of my legacys DAMN IT!!!

I let her meet him anyway...after all, he is the bees knees. Then she got hugely bitchy about being sleepy and complained the whole time, so i ended the group and went home.

Where of course, she had to fish instead of going to sleep.
Emma Jean: Would you let me play with your racket?

And then she decides she wants to go to sleep....damn whore.

Then she got herself up, dressed and ready for work...i was truly inspired...shes like the perfect ISBI spouse for now
Emma Jean: What do you mean for now?

Walkbys while Emma Jean was at work: Savannah Roberts, Random Townie Chick who thinks Evening Gowns are everyday wear, one of River's old coworkers, and Parker Carter-Roberts...very active walkbys.

Emma Jean came home with this beauty...now if our heroine had swung that way this woulda been easier, or if she had come home with Thomas, the guy who apparently runs that business.

Oooo Its Aphrodite Randolph, isnt she looking pretty?

Well lookie here, Emma Jean is being slutty with Ellis...one of GTFOs buddies. Sluts = high reputation.

Emma Jean is getting ready to cougar pounce...I think Ellis likes it.

Whore...she slept with him (she only has a couch)

Oooh now you are trying for baby...geez how much more of a slut can you be (LOL her best match shes met is Aidan)

OK, now you are just a slut...you just befriended the paper boy...no need to sleep with him...but you did anyway.

o.0 LEENY!!! what have you infected my game with?! I have never had this happen in my game!!!

Anthony: Hey baby, ill be back later, i turn 18 today!!
Emma Jean: Awww *im gonna kill myself*

He sure came back..and Emma Jean started gossiping about her neighbors..Anthony is indulging her bad habits though

Wait just a minute, you were being slutty with him and never even made out with him...you really are a whore!! I did send her downtown to meet more people though.

GORDON!!! returning to your old job grounds? Awww cute, but i really need to let you have that baby now.

Awww She wants to marry Thomas...i may let them get married depending.

Haha you just seem to love to make out these days...and everyone is your first makeout too isnt it.

Emma Jean: So i can break the combination on your chastity belt if youd sleep with me..

Alien Cashier: If you get the chastity belt off me, ill skip college and marry you.

Back home, she asks Anthony to move in with her, and finally realizes she may be pregnant, well good for you Emma Jean.

LOL She popped like 10 minutes later....she was quick on that one.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Crayola: This bitch seriously didn't fill the lake with boots and fish did she?!

And i leave you with Anthony bringing home Bot from work.

- So this was my start on the legacy
- to catch up, go to Leenys journal to catch up

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She looks so classy in her business attire, but she sure gets around though! I had to laugh though, after all her efforts... and then the paperboy goes and knocks her up. That was great!

Haha shes a high class whore apparently...i still cant believe how much she got around...i mean even Bevin had more ethics than that


omg! I know you told me about it but it's funnier seeing her getting knocked up randomly by the paperboy.

Great job! This Round Robin thing is super fun. ^.^

LOL youre telling me...i still say you infected my game...its NEVER happened in my game before!! And everyone wants Aidan

Anthony looks kind of worried about having a mostly naked Bot standing behind him in that last picture.

haha i've never seen a sim knocked up by the paperboy either! pure gold! if it's not too much trouble (and doesn't sound pervy....) how did you get your sims to have no censor blur and umm... nipples... etc? and i haven't had acr for very long, but do you need inteen as well for sims to get pregnant to a teen?

I cant tell if it was because of inteen or not, because ACR does let Adults and teens get it on....but i do have both. I have a hack from like nightlife era that actually works for M&G which actually made me happy...and as for the nipples, thats based on the skintone.

he probably was expecting a scantily clad female groupie

I am so heartily amused that she is tramping around more than a romance sim and got knocked up by the PAPER BOY. Awesome.

that definitely made me go wtf...especially since i have never gotten that before

Nuuuuuuu I want Thomas for spouse! Jailbait NTY. XD

lol i havent even decided whos spouse...even if she has one...i just couldnt take the continuality errors if the paper boys kid was his age

HAHAHA, that's the best part! XD

*delivers paper to elderly man* Keep your nose clean, kiddo. *voice breaks* XD

This is starting out to be quite the soap opera! :DD I'm intrigued, haha!

LOL just wait...im typing up 2.2 right now

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