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The Storm Legacy 1.4

So last time we saw Alex and his beautiful wife, we saw them very emotional for the loss of Bonnie and Charlie. Adrienne had gotten pregnant again, and spit out 2 girls...Danielle and Earl. Alex felt left out on being pregnant, so he got himself butt probed a couple of times and wound up having a baby, a green skinned lil cutie named Frances. Upon revealing that Alex is more of an idiot than anyone, he then knocked up Adrienne again, and we left off right after she gave triplets, Gaston, Hermoine, and Ivan.

Alex just can't get any sleep anymore..with 3 crying babies, a toddler and twin girls fighting. He just shows off that he can pass out anywhere, still.

I just had to call up a nanny!! Even if she's shitty, she will at least improve the statuses on SOME of them.

Meanwhile, I just had to cheat on this one. Alex really needed a boost on EVERYTHING! I find it sad that my genius is a retard. At least its an honest cheat, and i didn't maxmotives.

I also gave him a few extra days...I'm gonna be psycho and actually try 10 kids in an ISBI at generation 2.

LOL Well never said that the nanny would be smart, but she did manage to defy the laws of physics.

And Adrienne apparently pissed herself too...just what i need, a blubbering mess.

Alex is in charge of education, which i may be scared to admit, but is the wiser of the choices.

YOU FUCKING SHIT!! You are gonna drown your sibling (Ya cuz i have any fucking idea whos on the ground).

Oh this is just going to end well, i guess this is what i get for letting them grow up red...not that i had a choice!

Really?! I just had to put up with your blubbering wife and now you are gonna start that shit too, HELL NO!!

and the stupidity just continues

and continues.

OH! Then we get pre-pubescent rage! i picked the perfect family for an ISBI.

Guess who got abducted...again >:D

*squee* Aren't they just super adorable...they huggle on their own!!

round 2...already?! sheesh!!

WOW we train the stupid young, dont we?!

Alex: OH SHIT! Its gonna come outta my chest this time?!
(Yes i was watching Alien v Predator)

OK so apparently that other guy was a random townie. This would be Asparagus Crayola.

Haha, Alex got promoted by lucky am i!!

Wow i think my stats may be competing with some ISBIs in the like 6th generation by this time.

Alex: So i think i got pregnant by drinking outta a can of soda.

Asparagus: HOLY CRAP!! You are having a baby!! *nerves*

So Danielle and Earl grew up...well...WTF?! And Alex is passed out in the back...oh fun.

Oh well someone is pleased with growing up, arent we Earl?!


I got a belly rub!! Screw anyone who doesnt like it!

OK well, he was all red, and im not losing the challenge on him, plus its the last one on this energizer.

*thumbs up* Good job on your part Earl!

*pop #2*

LOL So Hermoine is playing in the toilet that you desperately need, this should end well really fast.

So you went to the girls room to pee in front of your son?! I guess teach them young.

For teaching your kid to pee on the floor, im sending your ass to work!!

Dude, wtf?! I didnt know you were cooking food?! Son of a bitch, well there goes that house and family.

And Hermoine grew up...and peed herself. And Earl and Danielle apparently are still getting along great.

WTF?! Who the hell is Frances fighting with?! Hermoine? Ivan? Gaston?

Hermoine: GOD! I can't move because my stupid brother passed out at the table.
Poor Ivan.

LOL Gaston passed out in the bathroom, Adrienne was like move bitch i need to shower for a while too.


And we have a cute baby girl, named Jeanne. Her father is Hung Hooker by skittlebox. (I love my PT set)

But that one kid, well it still leaves me one shy of 10 so more elixir for Alex.

And with more of his points, i bought the family a counterfeiting machine cuz they need cash....except this machine sux ass and i only got like 40 bucks before it went up on fire.

And apparently i missed Adrienne's birthday. Shes an elder now...and she didnt have a mental breakdown. i may be in shock.

GOD! Take some fucking Prozac!! there is no need to keep fighting.

Your poor mother just cant take the constant fighting anymore! She also just passed out.

Hey Danielle...think you can put your baby half-sister down and take care of the RAGING FIRE behind you?!

SMUSTLE TIME!!! And Hermoine is doing it wrong.

I really just give the fuck do i get stats like this and people get genius sims?

Last baby of this generation, probably not the last abduction though.


Alex: *cries*
Ivan: Well if you are gonna be a pansy ass bitch, ill go do my homework myself!

And I'll leave you with Danielle and Earl doing what they do best, and a pregnant Alex.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 1
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 9
Pass-Outs: 25 (at this point cant i just change it to an infinity symbol)
Fights: 10
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 1
Alien Abductions: 7
Tags: storm

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