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Pairing Fun

The object of this is to get as many pairings as possible...like you are the jack to my rose or you are the shane to my nicky. Im just intrigued to see what i get for replys

"You are the ___ to my ___!"

Comment please LOL ;)

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blipintime December 6th, 2009
Nicky to my Shane! lol

boolpropbea December 6th, 2009
Oh man, I could give you so many!

You are the Doctor to my Rose.
You are the Draco to my Hermione/Luna.
You are the Irie to my Kotoko.


simplyn2deep December 6th, 2009
Jack to my Ianto
Will to my Grace (classic!)

give me time, I'll come back with more!

dolphinchic December 6th, 2009
You are the Nathan to my Haley

You are the Pacey to my Joey

You are the Luke to my Noah

You are the Angel to my Buffy

You are the Dean to my Rory

I could go on but I'll stop there

so_goshable December 6th, 2009
You are the Jack to my Rose!

You are the Jack to my Lily!

You are the Jack to my Sally!

You can see I got on a roll with the Jacks here.

so_goshable December 6th, 2009
I didn't even comprehend that you gave Jack & Rose as the example, no wonder I had Jack on the brain. See, this is why I shouldn't even bother typing before I've had at least a half a pot of coffee. :oP

trudyblue December 6th, 2009
"You are the 'fingers' to my 'instrument'!"

...........Oh wait...this isn't guess the missing lyrics.........

...........don't mind me..........

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