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Stolen from Tysk, who stole it from Levi

Knicked from Ilona, who knicked it from Denise
20 years ago I was... A 4 month old in love with Yogurt. :P

10 years ago I was... Recovering from a nasty burn on my foot.

5 years ago I was... was a junior in high school...nutin tooo fun about that.

3 years ago I was... Planning Senior Prom, finding a date etc.... :)

1 year ago I was... Crying my eyes out...9-11 6 month anniversary happened...:(.

1 month ago I was... counting the days til Easter Break.. :)

Yesterday, I was... Weirded out...yet excited (but that is Tuesday) Monday was a pain int he ass by a nice 4 hour drive to Albany...dumb Fuckin Major Deegan!!

Tomorrow I will... relax....nutin better to do :lol :op!

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