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God what a day...after staying up with Dana all night LOL

Woke up at 2 in the afternoon...chatted online until like 4ish...i took a nice shower...saw that today was the last day of gorgeous weather here for a while. Geez a week of rain...but it was nice so i threw on a pair of jeans, and my new jean jacket i got in Chicago and walked the mile to the mall...bought a whole bunch of CDs and 2 DVDs for like 100 bucks. Now I'm fucking addicted to one of the songs ive been listening to forever today. Came back...did nothing until like 1130ish....Was chatting away with Martini, and posting away :p..then i did my 2 page papers for history tomorrow morning at 8 am (ya its 4 now..this is gonna be fun). I watched the video for N SYNC's "I'll Never Stop" The addiction of the day..and it was just like mostly backstage stuff and them having fun. It kinda made me wanna become famous just to have that...another thought running through my mind all day.

Ahh to be famous and mingle with celebrities...I want that life too!
but now its off to sleep cuz of class

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